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The professors of Physical Education are constantly if coming across with the necessity of if bringing up to date regarding one or another esportiva modality. To each day that passes becomes clearer the necessity of the human being for the accomplishment of this practical, therefore, the same one is a temple of health, leisure and education. Perhaps he is extraordinary a half one of expression that discloses, for opposition, the limits of each one, and supplies basic necessities of the human being, either is the explanation phenomenon to be perpetual in the time and the space. The trainer must above all be an educator, a formador of people. To obtain itself to form a good player, it is necessary to have the athlete before, and it they have that to have conscience of its obligations and rights, therefore we do not know where area of the sport the same goes to dedicate itself, and going more far as we will know which pupil will become a professional athlete? what it will make its career after to finish? It is for these reasons that we must forms the person before everything, therefore if not to make right who will be distinguished in the esportivo world, will make right in a formation: the man. This relationship between professor-pupil or athlete-trainer is one of the points most important in the process of formation of the individual, and the professor becomes example for its pupils, therefore if you will have bad habits or vices will be stirring up the pupils to carry through the same ones, therefore, sociabilizao, emotional and moral balance, loyalty, sincerity, team spirit, search for the overcoming, are all concepts that must be infused in the young. The relations between the players also must be worked, therefore if the same ones to grow in collective will develop better more and for the world. .

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Although to be applicatory one of open code (open source), to have access it in its totality it is necessary to carry through the payment. – Stability – As software offers to permission on the code source, the final user has the possibility to modify it in the vision most diverse boardings and to verify possible existences of bugs (errors) decurrent of the imperfections, can thus bring up to date them and test them. – Testabilidade – the tests of alterations on its code future source for alterations in the program can be carried through by the team or the user that has programming knowledge to modify the code. 3.1.6 How much to the portabilidade In the site – it is available for download versions for the operational systems: Windows and Mac, this makes with that the adaptability to some systems is conditional to the fact of that stops each operational system has an exclusive version of the Gcompris being that the version for Linux cannot be installed in the Windows and vice turns. – Capacity to be installed the Gcompris is very simple, does not need to be configured and its installation is extremely simple, having as efetivao not the inquiry in the platforms Mac and Linux. Although that some educational systems already come integrated with the Linux system, such as: 4,0 Educational Linux and Kurumim.

– Capacity to substitute – As the Gcompris presents some applicatory ones integrated perhaps and with well defined objectives easily it can substitute with more excellency softwares you equalized. It sees figure 2 in annex. – Conformity This in accordance with the standards of the portabilidade, in view of that it presents versions for each specific system. 3.2 Some pedagogical analyses of Software for dislxicas children to evaluate an educational software are not easy, therefore we have that to consider beyond the characteristics cited for the one mechanical system, beyond them, it exists some pedagogical inherent attributes on the learning theories that reflect vises deeply different on as it occurs to the learning and these vises have impact in softwares educational.

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The specialists are lead to the position in accordance with its qualification (art. 64), being able to be pedagogos with formation in educational orientation or course of after-graduation, that is, for the force of the law we are all professors in lower court and later we are called to act our specialty in accordance with, and only believe that thus he must be so that let us can assume our responsibility in the pedagogical questions of the school as being part of our function, and not cairmos in the temptation to deviate our performance for the fields of Psychology and of the Social Assistance, confusion common good in the practical one of the Educational Orientation of some professionals that they are acting has time more and they do not make the reading of this reflexiva pedagogical source of the linking with the questions biggest of the education properly said, what he is explicit in speaks of Grinspun (2006) on what the Educational Person who orientates is not in terms of professional formation: (…) Afirmo that Educational the Orienting professional belongs to the group of the teaching and not to another group that acts (or not) in the schools, even so its work, in determined moment, if relates (or even though if it bases), as for example, in Psychology, Sociology, the Administration, the Social Service etc. Therefore, the Educational Person who orientates is not Clinical or Pertaining to school Psychologist; it is not Psicopedagogo; she is not Social Assistant; also is not administrative technician; another category does not belong to any that is not part of what we call to be the field of the teaching. Being, therefore, the objective of this study to pontuar the presence of the Educational Orientation in the school under the light of the legislation and, more specifically, to ressignificar the practical one of the Educational Person who orientates, from adjusted formation, so that this if becomes a basic partner in the improvement of the process teach-learning.