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They had initiated thus a guided, directed research to the comment in used spaces, as bathrooms, refectory, classrooms, room of video, library, patios, dressings room, where it is possible to identify the ambient problems that happen in the day the day of the school. Beyond the comment photographic registers and interviews with the responsible pupils and employees for the cleanness had been made, aiming at to analyze its perceptions concerning the ambient problems and to consider projects to be developed for the proper pupils, becoming them responsible and fazedores of its proper ambient education. RESULTS Through the comments and photographic registers carried through by the pupils, some problems had been identified: bathrooms badly used, dirty classrooms, laboratories and patios, scratched out walls and tables, water and food wastefulness, sonorous and visual pollution. It was evidenced that the classrooms, place where the pupils pass seven hours per day on average, is one of the places where more problems happen, as dirts, sonorous pollution appearance. Already in the bathrooms and dressings room, the situation if becomes preoccupying, therefore the correct use of the equipment is not made that exists there, thus making it difficult the work of the employees who are responsible for the cleanness. In the refectory some problems had been also evidenced as dirt (remaining portions of foods, napkins spread for the tables and the soil), wastefulness of foods, plates, places setting and cups deposited in improper places, generating the visual pollution, as well as also sonorous pollution (use of electronic devices).

In the interviews carried through with the employees and pupils we could evidence that the practical one of the ambient conscience on the part of some pupils is the biggest problem, therefore they do not perceive the linking between what it is studied and what if must practise in the day the day, thus generating the problems in the pertaining to school environment. FINAL CONSIDERAES qualitative and empirical Research on as the pupils and employees perceive the existing ambient problems in the school they do not allow definitive conclusions, therefore they perceive one same problem of different form. The great majority of the pupils if does not worry in using the dirty spaces or at least they do not complain of the conditions that the same ones offer, a colloquy on ambient practical education and if it becomes ackward, therefore the great majority does not make a linking between the ambient education and its day the day. Ahead of these problems it is necessary that if it thinks about projects that are developed by the proper pupils, supported for the professors, who lead to an reflection-action, a time that the professors make a directed work the practical one of youthful protagonism and stimulate them to inside raise it questionings and contradictions of thematic the ambient one of the school. Thinking about small actions inside of the pertaining to school environment we will be acting local and thinking globally, diminishing in the distance between the theory and the practical one of worked sciences

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