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In the truth it is not only acquired with comments, and yes, through a constant search of resources and actions that make possible this practical. Here the mathematics professor cannot leave to use analogies, demonstrations, experimentations, examples, against-examples, representations, also the sequence that of to the contents and the ordinance of a subject in different topics, as pedagogical tools. The curricular knowledge says in them that the depth and the language used for different groups, being one same content, is different, that is, must be different: Therefore it must worry about the understanding of what it is taught, through practical reflections on used. Each mathematical planning that if makes, also has educational objectives and contexts of education. The planning of the lessons is a search of resources, aiming at to improve these and to fulfill with the idealized objectives.

The same it happens to each day, it is a moment of reflection, critical analysis and of what the proper educator, made, is making and goes to make, referring to the specific one of the classroom, didactic subjects, contents, methodologies, resources and evaluations. An initiated time the practical one, is needed to reflect on the same one. It is basic that the reflection is used as a tool to all improve practical in classroom and relation the surrounding pertaining to school. The mathematics professor must be constantly reflecting on what he makes in the interior of the school. On this Frizzo he argues that: it is necessary to revise our resumes, our language and practical social, in a reflection challenge on the conditions and way as the knowledge is produced in the school. For in such a way, the operacionalizao of any action requires that if it understands the pedagogia, contends vises of world that they make possible to produce and to reproduce this world. (FRIZZO, 1998, P. 63) the reflection must be the identity of each professor of mathematics.

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The child did not arrive at this term through the repetition, however of an adaptation of the verbs of 2 conjugao that it incorporated in its grammar, that is, of constructions of the type ' ' I corri' ' , ' ' I comi' ' , ' ' I perdi' '. ' ' She perceives yourself with this hypothesis, the children possess the proper rules of speaks that they pass perfectioning in accordance with the counted one with ' ' language madura' ' of the adult. Being thus, the theory if opposes the theory of that to acquire and the development of the infantile language it is a reproduction. According to inatista vision of the language, child apprehends certain grammaticality of its language materna, is this makes that it to be capable to generate sentences in accordance with the effective rules of its language, exactly that never has been heard in that way, thus developing a characteristic that always was present in its mind, that is, the process of the transformacional gerativa grammar. Second (Kaufman, 1996, P. 58) As Chomsky the attainment of the language materna occurs of the following form: The Theory of the Principles and Parameters estimates that it is by means of the language which the child is displayed in the linguistic community, that is, of the parameters that will be selected and activated by it that it will cause to the variation and origin of the differences between the languages and the changes in one same one. This dumb theory the conception of universal Grammar, also defended for Chomsky, therefore this is formed of invariantes principles, that can be applied of equal form in any language. The form which occurs to the attribution of the values to parameters possess three different proposals: Maturacional hypothesis the parameters is programmed genetically and in elapsing of the acquisition of the language they become available.