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For the lacaniano, ' ' not existe' ' the personality upheaval borderline the trend would be to consider it one would histeria serious or perverse. (Hengenberg, 2000, P. 37). According to Winnicott, to become related can be with a subjective object, to the step that when using implies that the object is part of the external reality. The sequence can be observed: 1.

The citizen if relates with the object; 2. The object this in process of being placed in the world of the citizen; 3. The citizen destroys the object; 4. The object survives to the destruction; 5. The citizen can use the object. It is in the analysis of the case of the bordering type that if has the chance to observe the delicate phenomena that point with respect to the understanding of esquizofrnicos states. The bordering expression in case that means the type of case where cerne of the riot of the patient is psychotic, but where the patient is of ownership of a psiconeurtica organization enough to present one psiconeurose, or a psychosomatic riot, when the central anxiety psychotic threat to burst of raw form. (WINNICOT, 1969).

For Anzieu (1985) in I – skin, and after Bick (1968), formulated a theory of ' ' envelopes psquicos' ' of its patologias. Anzieu has left of the hypothesis that all psychic activity if bases on a biological function (the skin), and that the child, from its experience of the surface of the body if represents while I delimited by one ' ' I – pele' ' capable to delimit its psychic contents. The skin being the double face, interior one and exterior one, the pathology of the state-limit would consist of a twist of the faces having produced exterior an interior confusion/. 3 disgnostic Criteria for the personality upheaval borderline Even so all these classifications that had been cited finish functioning as a mooring cable to the disgnostic questions when we are in the front of the practical clinic, we reflect in the necessity of a common language, that can allowing in to say them of the same processes and phenomena, either as psicopatolgica understanding and establishment of a diagnosis, either as for the clinical research.

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On the other hand are interesting efforts of David Bohm and Basil Haley trying to develop mathematical structures that describe the preespacio or an algebra of thought and how we create external and internal reality. This is how theories arise as the implicate order of David Bohm showing a new relationship between science and spirituality framed within a holistic vision of the world. A new world with Isabella Colalillo Kates. It is very important to mention the relationship of holistic education to the evolution of consciousness. In a process of evolution of consciousness, we need a paradigm shift to a new vision of education in the evolution of human consciousness.

This new view gives a more human face to education. We need to change systems, not just one person or group of people, we must evolve and make education prepare students for the type of integrated body-mind-spirit achieving an integrated education. It must change systems and paradigms to create a new paradigm of integration. Spirituality is understood as the participation that contributes to the transformation for the benefit of all beings, not something isolated or out of the world. It is important to consider the holistic education as part of the curriculum in order to achieve an appropriate and integral development as part the learning process. The spiritual journey with David Fontana This dialogue raises instrumental conditioning as a constraint that we human beings in our development, in childhood we were always subject to conditions that were gradually shaping our behavior that greatly influences our personality.