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D. f. Bono reduced from 80 to 55 days of discussions. They already have four months of vacation. All the political groups are opposed. If the trial of the President of the Congress, Jose Bono, cut the workday of Honourable Members finally becomes habit, members become attend an average of annual full 80 to about 55. Bono made on Thursday this decision when he had only 29 of the 350 parliamentary plenary.

You must still dnderla in the Bureau of the Congress, since no political group supports it. All agree that the proposal transmitted a bad image to citizenship in times of a crisis so hard. Bonus already tried dnder the full reduction in Christmas of 2009, but the parties rejected it. Members already lie in July and August (summer holidays) and from mid-December to mid-February (winter holidays). Without forgetting to Semana Santa (this year only there three full days in the month of April). In the months of labor, the first week always also 6To, by the that it is normal that Honourable Members have full some nine days on average per month. There are still eight days plenary in this parliamentary exercise. The same salary now session begins on Tuesday at 4 p.m., interrupted at 21; It continues Wednesday at 9, is interrupted at 2 p.m.; and it follows on Thursday at 9.

If finally bond comes out with yours, legislative discussions only occur on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thus, members that do not have Committee meetings will enjoy a working week of twelve hours, as with attend the plenary will have complied. Honourable saved a hotel, food and travel day: Ave, of gasoline from the particular car or flight ticket are entirely borne by the Congress. His salary will not change: 3.683 to deputies for Madrid and 4.636 to outsiders. Without supplementary pension bonus reported Thursday to the parliamentary groups which is determined to suppress the supplementary pension to those members who have occupied seat can accommodate during at least seven years, to give the widest possible publicity to the heritage of Deputies and senators (not from their families), and hinder the compatibility of the seat with private activities. Source of the news: deputies shall be twenty-five less than full days in the next course

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I did everything I could with faith in the Lord Jesus. I grew up, I matured, I stood, I walked, I helped, I worked, I prospere. But your case may be this one, perhaps your year just ended was not so good, can seem you took no advantage so much time, which were too many trips and the miscues, that you feel the same or worse in terms of your spiritual maturity. Perhaps you tried to get to the end of the year in victoria but you could not. Some are naively trying to the last weeks of the year remedy or achieve goals desperately and they pray to enforce before year’s end the truth is that this rarely happens. Whatever your stock of the year that happened, this new time that begins must be literally new, the question you have to do is this: is this a new year for me? Don’t allow your year to be only the continuation of old and bad stories. While the calendar will inevitably change, our internal calendar must also change and it must be a new time, a new beginning, because although it has been good as we live equally things have to renew, we have to go for more, things that God has for us are new and surprising, let’s use this slogan: No to stagnation. It is an excellent moment to propose us a great goal: begin again with wit and wisdom of God.

Tips practical to start year: I give you a few tips that my particularly have served me and have given me good results. The first thing the Bible says that the Lord grants our heart’s desire but before that says also delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37: 4 first thing is also a delight in the Lord, first thing is to love God, be with him, put him first in our plans and in our whole life.

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I will describe my spiritual, educational, professional and personal process within two years that hard mastery, and it is a real challenge, since it will be difficult to capture in a certain amount of pages both of which lived, learned, grown shared, pursue master’s degree has been a very enriching experience. The masters in holistic education has had great significance for me, it has been a great opportunity to learn about another way to view education, broaden my vision towards the holistic, has allowed me to differentiate between schooling and education. Schooling is to provide courses, materials to advance academically, to prepare the students need to pursue a profession in a future, scale in academia to be prepared for the battle of everyday work, to get money and to give satisfaction to the biological and psychological needs that seeing it well there is something wrong with it, the problem with this vision is that you fell short because schooling left aside the part of the formation of the human being, its spiritual growth, being and their interrelationships that ultimately is what gives meaning to life, human development. Education on the other hand, means the formation of human beings in an integral manner, whereas the philosophical principles of the man, according to current needs, promote education that allows you to generate a new culture of sustainability, considering this as the care towards the environment in full, to nature, towards the animate and inanimate, towards the human being itself, since in recent years it has been staying behind the essentiallove your neighbor, love of the planet, which is our only home, and above all, the importance of practicing every day universal love. It has confused the spiritual part of human beings, with professing a religion, this has been one of the significant learnings of the master; spirituality is the Mystic, the contemplative that has to do with being itself, with the subjective acts man, on the other hand religion is worship making certain deities, all within an institutionalized organization, with dogmas of faith, with disciplines to comply, according to the religion that is exercised. .

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For those who taught me that I’m not wrong profession. Let me express to you with this writing how important that are in work and professional life. Opportunities granted to nobody, right enough to follow; corresponds to each in search of dreams. (MGRoLy). Now in this day for many of you is very important, so it now enshrines a new stage; for many, they will experience new ways of life, ideas, customs, beliefs, ideology and most important take the truth what is now their working tools by which will be reaffirmed in their experiences and actions. This truth is not your children to read, write and which performed to perfection the basic operations; rather; the truth teaches your students diversity of strategies so that they face the constant changes in the context where they operate these actions is enclosed in an only concept: synonymous with education of teaching-learning.

Making the decision to join this beautiful task of EDUCATING was by three simple things: restlessness, curiosity and get to know other contexts different from where I lived. To be collaborating with the trainees and persons of the locality was added two new perspectives the desire to know and grow professionally. Now performance educational activities with the same restlessness, curiosity, the desire to know and grow professionally in the course of time have learned the role of the educator and thus the teach man as become a human being.During this experience I’ve learned that nobody gives opportunities, everything that is required for the family, personal and social well-being this based on decision-making and no opportunities. The more interezante of this work is that I have that professional: to perform work optimal required patience, constant support, time, disposition and that also believe it or not is still required of affection these I have been teaching students. Original author and source of the article

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You have the opportunity to pursue Masters in holistic education with Dr. Ramon Gallegos has had great significance for me. Professionally it gives me now the opportunity to perform my job from another perspective. I’ve noticed account who has encouraged and activated my creativity, as well as it has also improved the relationship with my students and co-workers. Studying holistic education has increased my desire to share what they have learned, I can now have better job opportunities and even generate them myself in the light of the holistic education. I lived unforgettable experiences to participate both in the inauguration of the IV Congreso Mexicano de education holistic dialogue Panel spirituality in business and learning communities, as well as having participated as a moderator in the XII World Forum of education holistic.

This has left me a great sense of triumph and the security that I will be able to carry out any activity that thereon I propose and in each one of these activities I can keep learning. I take this opportunity to give infinite thanks to Dr. Ramon Gallegos by the confidence placed in me to carry out these works. The higher meaning that has been this mastery is that it has made me a woman happy and free. Happy because happiness is in me; free because I had much attachment to generate thoughts that made me suffer. Today I achieved making me aware of it, what has been reflected in greater control over that kind of thoughts. The meetings of most significant within the master were those in which I felt contact me be inside: 1. at the first meeting of masters, the third day of work had great meaning since we do a guided meditation that led me to feel full because I realized that I am much more than a simple emotion. In this session I remember that I cried a lot, but the crying had relationship with having given me has that in me had more strength than I recognized.

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With the advent of the computer was, it has opened a whole universe of knowledge that were previously inaccessible to humans. Simply place a few words on any topic of interest into a search engine and the Internet puts at our disposal a flood of information that is almost impossible to Wade. Effect will have this offer overwhelming information about humanity, more specifically, on the education of humanity? Until recently relatively, during the Industrial age, humans had no access to knowledge as it has today. Why the possession of specific knowledge in any area was a very large comparative advantage and the traditional education systems focused on preparing their students with as much knowledge as possible. However, things have changed. Knowledge remains important, with the difference that today is literally at our fingertips. It is true that there are certain areas of science and knowledge that only can be learned in a context of classroom study, but there are many others that do not. Why the mode of e-learning or online education, it has become increasingly popular.

Courses on any subject under the Sun can be found on the Internet. Five great advantages of e-learning or education online 1. In many areas of knowledge is no longer necessary to go to a traditional educational institution. The student can study in any place of their choice, even while you’re traveling. 2.

In addition student can search for the specific information you need and do not have to be subject to the curricular design of an institution to be able to finish its course. Each student designed their own education according to their interests and needs. 3 E-learning puts at our disposal areas of the cutting-edge knowledge which are not available in traditional institutions, such as for example, courses taught by experts in the field, assistance Internet marketing virtual, courses of investment in the stock market of USA, etc 4. The student can study on a schedule established by him or her. This acquires greater significance even in people who work and want or need to continue educating in his free time. 5. There is a great variety of offers available, there are no geographical limitations. The student can learn from an expert who is thousands of miles away and thus access your specialized tutoring program. Have we fully recognized the true potential of online education and the impact that will have on current education? Traditional education in large part still using a methodology of the Industrial age. Perhaps it is time to open up to new choices available and thus be at the forefront of the tremendous changes that lie ahead. Because the Internet came to stay.