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He integrate concepts spiritual intelligence and holistic education, is understand to navigate our own being, is to see with the heart our true state of nature, is a path to inner peace which leads us to the true essence of being human, the spirit. The aim of this ensayote, is demonstrate that spiritual intelligence is the heart of holistic education, is understood in an integrated manner, to evolve the consciousness is inescapable spirituality requiring this because humanity is already tired of a mechanistic modernism, which generated stress, hate, envy, etc., contaminated your body, mind and spirit, so a holistic vision is a great alternative in search of a hope of a humanized society with an awareness of love and compassion, to evolve our planet in a sphere of light, which involves a philosophy of life for a spiritual self-realization (Ramon Gallegos, 2004). For this reason, this essay within the field of intelligence Spiritual II of the doctorate in holistic education, and guiding us to the educational work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, taking on the basis of the book of spiritual intelligence, instructs the main universal teachings, transmitting that there is only a single immanent reality we all have to experience in a direct manner, which is the source, the substance and the true nature of everything that exists, and this is possible through the spiritual intelligence and this is the heart of holistic education. Intelligence spiritual and education holistic in this twentieth century as at the beginning of the 21st century, has been a vacuum in the human being, by ignorance and unconsciousness because of a vision cientificista1, which has been continued by subjecting the humanity and the enslaved in a supposed progress and development without awareness of the true nature of the human being, is to abused the knowledge to lose the importance of the spirit, so it is this destroying the environment leading to humans to a predatory race of if same of everything that the it surrounds.

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Its economy is come back toward agriculture with the culture of beans, maize and cassava, the cattle one with bovines, goat ovinos and, the predominant vegetation is caatinga and the ground is dry. In the City it possesss 54 schools divided for nucleus, adding itself 17 nuclei, (5) five schools are of Basic education II (6 to 9 year), ademais of Basic Education I, a Particular School with Infantile Education, (2) two Polar regions of Average Ensino and more two extensions of the same education. The present project will be developed in the Municipal School Dom Avelar Brando Vilela, situated in the Av. Antonio Carlos Magalhes, s/n, center, Rafael Jambeiro-BA. This school was established in 21.05.1990, is the biggest school of the City with 1,100 pupils approximately registered, functions in the two turns: diurne Basic Education of Nine Years (6 to 9 year) and nocturnal with offers of Adult Young Education of e. The body Administrative Technician is formed by a director, three vice-directors, a coordinator, a secretary, two public agents, the faculty is formed by 63 professors, the support staff is added approximately in 30 components (storekeeper, administrative, agent technician of computer science, doormans, librarians, assistant of services, merendeiras.). The school is composed for 15 classrooms, a library with a rich and multiple quantity, a canteen, secretariat, room of the director, room of the vice-directors, room of the pedagogical coordination, room of computer science, bathrooms for pupils and employees, deposit, a small patio and a external area.

Not it possesss squares poliesportiva, nor audience. 7. OBJECTIVES: 7.1. Generality: Promover in the pertaining to school environment not prejudiced attitudes showing to the origin of the ethnic relations racial gifts in the state and city where it inhabits, making use of the literary knowledge gifts in books and the culture of a people through studies, research, readings, productions, among others didactic-pedagogical activities, with intention to mobilize the sense critical-reflexive valuing and assuming the identitrias expressions afro-descendants.

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What will allow us this? That the customer type you at the precise moment that know about your services. In a printed notice, customer agendara your data and, later, if you remember, will call you. It involves another effort, other more indirect and slow process. On the Internet, if you have the ability, with a simple click, send you a consultation, there is no way that doesn’t do it, because it has nothing to lose (or even time!). And you will have another opportunity to seduce him with your services. Do you want to deploy all your tools, knowledge and belief to attract your potential customer? Another advantage of the web above a graphic reminder is the amount of information.

On your own page, you can include pictures of your work, benefits, information about the company and how they work, and much more valuable information when that customer makes his decision. In addition, if you choose a flexible and modifiable web format, you can very easily update it by changing your details if necessary, by adding new services, examples of other works, etc. Today, having a website is to open up to a world of potential clients. Maybe you think that you already have a comprehensive portfolio of clients, you don’t need more publicity. Then, do not need a website? Nothing more misguided. Large companies always reaffirm their importance in the market by adding more and more advertising, marketing campaigns and, mainly, Internet presence. A paradigmatic case is that of Coca-Cola, one of the most important companies of the world for decades and yet, one of the companies that invest more in advertising and image. That is the true secret of its success and its permanence in the market. Want to know more advantages? There is another point that we have not mentioned yet: have a web page, in the 21st century, is almost a required point for having an important business image.

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THE 07 L.D.B ' ' it establishes goals and parameters of the organization of the education nacional' ' , (Saviani, Dermeval.2008.pag.1), I teethe of it we find sancionada Law 9394/96 in 20/12/1996 that it guides the education. In the article 1 prayer that: The education encloses the formative processes that if develop in the life familiar*, in the convivncia human being, in work, in the institutions of education and research …, the too much articles and interpolated propositions is fit inside of the C.F, and already mentioned. In section III, of Basic Ensino, article 32 interpolated proposition IV prays ' ' the reinforcement of the bonds of family, of the bows of solidarity human being and reciprocal tolerance where if social.&#039 seats the life; ' (pag172), the LDB, C.F, come to corroborate with the professionals of the education, being traced goals and assuring the full exercise of the profession, also it standes out that the family is co-responsible for the education of the child. The ECA, under the Law n 8,069 of 13/07/1990 goes up Heading I of the Preliminary Disposals, in the article 4 prayer: ' ' It is to have of famlia*, the community, the society in general and the public power to assure …, the freedom and the convivncia familiar* and comunitria.' ' (pag.7). We observe that in all pertinent legislation the education, the familiar seio is salient as the biggest supplier in the act to educate, State has its well established abilities, the professors, and pupils inside have of the Laws its assured rights. (GRIFOS OURS) 08 Aproveitamos to insert the stretch of the report of the teacher Isabel Sandalla Grispino, removed of the Internet, where it explains through statisticians, the variety of factors who today take the children to this emotional disarrangement, and generators of violence, having as base a research carried through for (UFPR) the Federal University Paran.

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This drug is used in several countries as method of termination of pregnancy, is allowed in some and in others it is sold illegally by Internet originally created for the treatment of gastric ulcers, misoprostol is a drug that is also used for termination of pregnancy in the first four weeks of gestation. In many countries the use of this drug as abortifacient pills is punishable, however in Cuba since 2008 is administered as an abortifacient method. In Cuba, abortion is legal and free since 1965, and with the use of this drug on the interruption of pregnancy, the authorities of the island projected to reduce fertility problems resulting from elevated traditional abortion practice, as appropriated the local press. In Granma, the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, explained also that the Cuban authorities expected to make 80 percent of interruptions of pregnancy with the use of misoprostol, which only managed in hospitals under the supervision of qualified personnel. 60 Percent of women experiencing infertility has as antecedent the fact has been carried out an abortion or more, pointed out in the journal, it also established that the majority of Cuban women had a low perception of the risks associated with abortion, for example, obstruction of the fallopian tubes of the uterus and infertility.

Today is considered the volume of voluntary abortions – by free decision of the woman – is high, he was added in the note of Granma. In other countries like Mexico, misoprostol has been offered illegally over the Internet. Before the void regulation in the sale and control of risks associated with the use of this drug without medical supervision and abortive purposes, Mexican health authorities have insisted that it is practically impossible to trace the people who sold the misoprostol by Internet, which has opened an important debate on the legislation of this medicine for purposes of termination of pregnancy. In contrast, the (Food and Drug Administration) United States food and Drug Administration approved the use of misoprostol for induction of abortion under medical supervision in September of the year 2000. The World Health Organization (who) estimated that around for 22 percent of the millions of annual pregnancies end in abortion induced, and that some 20 million women are practiced abortions illegal and unsafe, what triggers in some cases consequences ranging from problems in health as infertility to death.