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The “Journes du patrimoine” by Karl-Heinz Schabmller, Paris unforgettable insights into the architectural treasures of the city to grant each year in the fall of the “Journes du Patrimoine”, where many public facilities such as For example, ministries, embassies, offices and town halls open their doors to the public. Many of these institutions are very important in art-historical city palace, the so-called “Htel particuliers” accommodated and, understandably, the possibility of visiting every year, is perceived by many interested visitors. A particularly interesting example, you can tour through the so-called “Faubourg Saint Germain” make himself of “Saint Germain des Pres” over to the Esplanade des Invalides “extends to the outside and hide behind their unassuming facades are often so many great monuments . For example, particularly worth seeing is the exquisite palace on the banks of the Seine 37, quai d’Orsay, which in 1855has been completed and which now houses the French foreign ministry is housed. Inside, a broad staircase leads to the prestigious salons and apartments on the first floor, while in the large hall on the ground floor the reception held the Foreign Minister. Typical of the construction of the Paris mansion is the beautifully landscaped park behind the main building, where freak on “Journe du Patrimoine” many visitors a little. Many Palace have very highly detailed facades, such as the Htel de Rochechouart “(110, rue de Grenelle – Paris 7), which was built in 1776 and now houses the Ministry of Education. Many Paris-ignorant visitors who are surprised to walk the area around the “rues de Varenne”, “de Grenelle” and “de Babylone” along the surrounding gardens and luxury apartments that are hidden behind the walls and the one example here at the Htel de Villars, “the town hall of the SeventhArrondissement can visit. Further information can be found on my blog: blogDE.cfm

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Fetichismo: Sexual pleasure only in contact with some close part of the person of its sexual fancies. Necrophilia: Uncontrollable desire to keep sexual relation with corpses, not importing the age. These individuals frequently look for to work in places or professions that facilitate these types of contact, as funerary, in the cemetaries and the justinian codes of medical jurisprudence, in the autopsy rooms. Masochism: Term created from the name of Leopold Von Sacher Masoch, romancista of the end of century XIX. is characterized for the search of the suffering caused for the cruelty, to reach orgasmo.

Sadism: The capable one to reach orgasmo inflicting pain and or suffering to if the sexual partner. Pedofilia: Sexual compulsion for children, being able to occur sexual violence until the homicide. Nymphomania: Sexual compulsion of character mrbido for multiple sexual relationships, or with some partners of the masculine sex. Essentially feminine characteristic. Masterbation (Masturbation): When in excess it can bring physical and mental consuming, feeling of guilt, etc., depending on the familiar, social and religious established concepts. In some situations of anorgasmia in the relationship with vaginal penetration, where orgasmo can be obtained with the simultaneous auto-stimulaton to the act of the penetration. Voyerismo: Sexual satisfaction only in the condition of observer of couples in full sexual relation. Froteurismo: Term that comes of the Frenchman (Froter) and that it means to roar, to rub; practised mainly against women, but for homosexuals in places also pressed together of people, mainly in the collective conductions.

Zoofilia: Sexual preference for animals, common fact in the interior when in regions or places where a bigger difficulty exists to find partner sexual men or women. Narcissism: Irresistible sexual attraction for the proper body or image, that is, the impulse does not move to other people. It is of utmost importance that more people take knowledge of scientific form regarding its sexuality. Thus the reason of as many questionings without answers can be understood, almost always confusing sexuality with promiscuity.