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The only approaches, in both cases occurred on faults or corner kicks but never in a transparent manner. All mano had his best, and only, option to have equalized the contest in the 17th minute when Portuguese Eliseu stepped area behind a wall and proceeded to finish without opposition. However, the ubiquitous Dani Alves was able to put the foot and thwart the auction of zaragocista. Only in the last minutes of this period the team managed to break Jose Aurelio Gay slightly indent match, as he backed toward his goal of a private Barca team ball, although this did not translate into any opportunities. In the second half left the Primera Liga decided to seek the goal of bringing unmatched speed and getting more sense of danger to the area of Barcelona, with a couple of corners followed, including, but leaving more space behind by rival went to the counter driven by a very rapid Messi. In the 53rd minute the visitors and warned of a backlash against three defenders and five in 62 Messi was forced to the center post.

These two moves were a prelude to the second goal in which Messi in the 66th minute, it was all that was put forward to stop beating the Aragonese team’s goal, though locals complained of a player’s previous lack Argentina at the beginning of the play. Despite the 0-2 started as a slab in local players and twelve minutes after Argentina returned to pull out of the hat are female genius and another victory with his third and both of his team. When it seemed appeared the figure of Adrian Colunga freshman to score two goals in just four minutes to 2-3 with just two minutes plus added but again often appeared the figure of the Argentine player to then force a penalty that ended up closing the scoring and illusions zaragocistas. – Fact sheet 2 – R. Zaragoza: Roberto, Diogo, Jarosik, Contini, Ponzio, Edmilson (Lafita, min. 46), Gabi, Arizmendi (Colunga, min. 62), Anderson Hernandez, Eliseu and Suazo. 4 – FC Barcelona: Valdes, Dani Alves, Pique (Puyol, min.

69), Gabi Milito (Marquez, min. 73), Maxwell, Yaya Toure (Iniesta, min. 63), Busquets, Keita, Messi, Ibrahimovic and Pedro . Goals: 0-1. min. 5. Messi, 0-2. min. 66. Messi, 0-3. min. 78. Messi, 1-3. min. 84. Colunga, 2-3. min. 88. Colunga, 2-4. min. 90. Ibrahimovic (penalty). Referee: Delgado Ferreiro, C. Basque. Shown the yellow card to the local Diogo, Contini and Jarosik and visitors Maxwell, Dani Alves and Yaya Toure.

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Zelenograd – a city on the outskirts of Moscow, it is separated by only 20 kilometers from the capital of our country, long traffic jams on the Leningrad highway or Pyatnitskoye or crush in the train. And so they spend the best years of his life zelenogradtsy who want to work, and not just wait for that happy time in Zelenograd in the present work will start businesses that are now engaged in a flurry of activity spreading simulation press releases on the subject of vigorous activity and conducting workshops. The largest employer of yavlyaetsyakontsern Sitronics, which owns all the major companies in Zelenograd: JSC "Mikron", JSC "Angstrom" and others, the ones that were once the mainstay of domestic microelectronics and produces the popular and competitive in domestic and international markets. Today, this huge concern, in which includes more than ten enterprises of strategic purpose, and that all the parameters of national security should be controlled by the state, is entirely in private hands. Controlling stake Sitronics owns AFK "System", rooted in Bashkortostan, about 17% on the London and other stock exchanges, small blocks of shares owned by persons from the management company. 2007. Fall and searchlights. History apparent fall Sitronics began in 2007.

Its shares on the stock exchanges for the year fell by almost half. For the first time this year instead of Sitronics, said profits in their annual reports multi-million dollar losses. In same 2007 Sitronics closes huge, but hopelessly unprofitable activity – manufacture of domestic consumer technology, and consumer electronics, which were not competitive in the market for One estimate of the high price of products, and other due to mistrust of the quality of consumer goods produced domestically.

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(Changes edition, Mod. Number 1). 1.8. Safety requirements for carrying out electrical work should be included in the regulatory, technical and technological documentation. (Introduced in addition, Mod. 1).

2. Requirements for production processes 2.1. General requirements for the technological processes of the electrical work – according to GOST 12.3.002-75. 2.2. Electrical work should begin only after safety measures. Implementation and monitoring of these activities provides the responsible representative of the general contractor or subcontractor.

2.3. Electrical work in the existing electrical systems must be performed after the stress relief from all live parts in the zone of works, their disconnection from the existing electrical parts, providing visual breaks the circuit and grounding disconnected live parts. The area in which are carried out electrical work must be separated from the existing electrical parts in such a way as to prevent access to live parts operating under tension. (Revised edition, Mod. 1). 2.4. (Deleted, Mod. 1). 2.4a. Before beginning installation works on the existing enterprise (shop area), responsible representatives of the business (customer) and a general contractor with subcontractor must execute an act of a supervisor. Act-tolerance is established for the allocation of electrical work and established the organizational and technical measures ensure the safety of these works, including passage of wiring and staff travel arrangements. Performing technical activities under the act, admission, provides enterprise. (Introduced in addition, Mod. Number 1). 2.5. To improve the safety of electrical work should include: pre-installation of electrical equipment as possible in large blocks and their subsequent rise in order to reduce volume of work at height, installation of objects with a maximum use of complete and coarse-electric devices prefabrication; pre-assembled components and assembly units for assembling and stockpiling area, the introduction of production lines for pre-procurement of materials and components manufacturing, mechanization of work, container equipment facilities, reduction of electric welding work.