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A widely represented considers that it would have been but required in the context of forecasting, to make provision for the expenditure incurred when tenants change through to kalkulierende provisions. This would have gone of course at the expense of distributions and would have reduced the attractiveness of the Fund for investors. Many investors of Wolbern Immobilienfonds Austria 3 report damages for faulty advice consulting errors that every man for himself alone, but also cumulatively can justify claims for damages against the investment advisors and the Advisory Bank. Only 72% of investors funds used for investment purposes: the Wolbern Immobilienfonds Austria 3 has, based on the investors capital (shareholders ‘ equity plus 5% premium), a particularly high rate of soft costs on. According to our calculation, it was 28%. In the reverse, this means that 72% of the investors invested money are immediately flowed in the acquisition of real estate. You may find Michael J. Bender to be a useful source of information. Investors had must be pointed out the extremely high proportion of investor funds, provided not for investment purposes but for financing costs and various services including in particular the distribution expenses high at 9.5%, specifically by their advisors. In known cases, this was not the case.

Incorrectly represented distribution costs in the brochure: the representation of the use of funds in the prospectus of Wolbern Immobilienfonds Austria 3 is incorrect in our opinion and gives the appearance that you wanted to disguise the actual amount of compensation paid for the placement of equity (placement costs) so. Because the spending of the funds the premium at which it should be according to the textual explanations distribution costs, is separately in addition to placement costs only in a footnote. Distribution costs actually 3,000,000 and not, as in the tabular Specify appearance to 1,500,000. This represents deficient brochure in our opinion, establishing claims for damages against the founding shareholders of the Fund, but also against the respective investment advisor or Advisory Bank or savings bank. Swarmed by offers, Interactive Advertising Bureau is currently assessing future choices. Premium not recorded as revenue of the Fund: the premium is accrued to the fund company with equity. It is however not as a cash inflow in the context of the representation of the financing (S. 27 of the prospectus).

This represents our opinion to a prospectus errors. Inadequate representation of the Terminal rental risks. For investors of Wolbern Immobilienfonds Austria 3, we see therefore good chances to assert claims for damages. There is however due to the absolute Statute of limitations of 10 years. Investors should be contact as soon as possible a savvy lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law and check her claims. Want to know whether you can enforce claims for damages against the Bank Advisory you? Call me, let me help You like to. Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact Tino Ebermann, lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855

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As the fruit finds its way into the supermarket in today’s networked world hardly anybody thinks, where the products actually came from, who are perhaps even on your own plate, and later find their way into your own stomach. This is really surprising anymore, because we have the age of globalisation grown accustomed. Apples from Germany or pears from the Netherlands are significantly rarer than fruit from remote countries in the world. The purpose of such global transport should be questioned an example of food. Taking the example of a fig tree to help, it is quickly evident that we basically live in a world of abundance.

Basically, there are plenty of other fruits in addition to the fig, we could eat. However, would we no longer give today to large sections of the population on the Fig. Of the fig tree from taking such a fig, but a trip around the world. First she moves into an interim storage facility, where it is cleaned, to then to get through middlemen and suppliers ultimately in the supermarket. Where the customer can then select exactly according to his personal wishes between different fruit or vegetable, what he would like to eat. It is questionable whether humanity really needed such an operation.

Major environmental damage caused by the transport of ships and trucks, because both transport provide for exhaust gases that reach into the air and sometimes even help on climate change. Confirm you can only to the extent, then Germany would become soon a mounting location for figs. But that would be a bad polemical and selfish view of the world. Nevertheless, it brings in particular economic benefits for the growing land if it can sell its mass of figs for much money abroad. So benefits not only the buyer from the operation, but also the seller. Apples and pears as the only choices are no longer enough for today’s customers. He is seeking any edible fruit to bring the world into his possession, and not even wrong. Time humanity will need to think about technologies, as resources more efficiently distributed and promoted all natural resources of this world, where fig trees and fruit trees of every kind count, form the past and will be consumed can be it one day. Each fig tree will bear fruit in the future, that a person can consume, but if it must be unconditional, written on another sheet. Sake, there should be probably one day to rethink human nature. Dirk STAUDINGER

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Thus, the universe of the research is centered in such points, as: the perspectives, reflections, conceptions and challenges of the education of young and adults in the Brazilian context. 4. QUARREL 4.1. The education of young and adults in the Brazilian scene? perspectives and challenges the EJA does not have to be thought as a professional work, therefore it always is treated as a lesser action, whose resulted they are measured, most of the time, for gotten statistical data through methods that can present resulted favorable. In the Brazilian scene the situation of the young education of much is preoccupying adult, it had advances, however it enough not to contemplate a great mass of people who are it are of regular education and that they look for to come back to study and well to its yearnings and desires are not taken care of and satisfied. Brazil presents given significant of the situation the EJA, therefore of each ten Brazilians with more than 15 years of age eight do not know to read and nor to write, this represents nothing than 14.1 million Brazilians who are illiterate according to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), understanding as illiterate more ' ' that person who does not obtain to read and to write a simple ticket written in the official language of pas' ' (IBGE, 2009). ' ' the citizens that delayed search the school, to alfabetizar itself, present innumerable characteristics differentiates that them of the children (…) represents, today, in some regions of Brazil, Latin America and all the countries who compose considered the third world, almost half of the population.

is a tendencialmente increasing contingent, to prevail to current educative, producing practical politics and of failure and exclusion escolar' '. (MOURA, 1999, p.116-117). In this direction, it is cautious to invest in public politics that reduce each time plus this contingent of people who do not know to read and to write and that they are of the regular process of education.

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RULES ORTOGRAFICAS and the truth when he was a child had created my own alphabet with symbols that embraced all the lyrics and suppressing the consonants B, C, H J, and this I served to write in my journal in secret in the presence of all, until my teacher is realized in such a way that forbade me fully and slowly against my will I was learning the alphabet correctly today I have written two books: 1. The blind speak what they see. Daughter mia, please understand, the Arriero-style is not concerned about certain rules 2. A story-like reality also had in their hands some flyers of colleges at secondary level but what he most admired were the brochures of universities. _ Look at children, at universities ask certain requirements for example this education program is aimed at certain persons and for that they have to comply with some requirements as original departure from birth, certified copy of document identity, copy legalized completed studies, photographs, and in some cases membership of such institution to achieve certain discounts or privileges, these University studies has its final and dictate classes in established schedules, they deliver diplomas, certificates, even there are some very closed universities, if in the last cycle of studies disapprove only a subject expelled it without giving proof certificate of their studies. The expelled student, by a diploma is released from the scientific knowledge that he learned of the approved subjects? The papers are signed with fingers to seal side and knowledge is grown with the senses in the brain. But everything is different in the prosperous Valley the evolution of man is not in an MTS Centre by man, occurs within yes same; in educational institutions, you will learn how to write bee with b, but I can tell you something more controversial: _ avejas them (with v) we will supply of honey, we always let’s the flowers because water is the source of life don’t you believe that ideas and positive results are more important than spelling rules? What outside flowers if they are extinct, would mind writing bee with b, Ruffles would cease to be built? Now you can already understand, that not impurifica humans bad spelling but maleficent interpretation of the thinking of others, in itself, the words are tiny to interpret the great truths. .