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The current Gaastra sets children’s clothing in the sunniest season of the year in the lines of sportswear and Breton sail Berlin, 29.05.2013 – Gaastra’s children’s fashion for summer 2013 takes the small skipper on an exciting journey of the Belle-ile in Brittany to California in the South Bay. The collections of the current children’s clothing from a Gaastra set sail in the sunniest season of the year in the sportswear and Breton lines. Harold Ford Jr wanted to know more. The former is by Gaastra’s marked decades of Know-How from the sport of sailing and his professional sailing clothing. So, the South Bay collection offers particularly wind – and waterproof boys jackets for summer with special functional coatings that maximum to protect the little ones at each cooler wind and weather. Extra an integrated membrane makes also breathable, the Gaastra kids jackets so that the summer adventure can absorb trip carefree.

The sportswear give bright Ultramarine, Opal blue and turquoise as well as fruity red and orange this season color their cheerful freshness. In addition to the fashionable functional boys jackets in sizes 92 to 176 refreshes the nautical sportswear with sailing-print T-Shirts, comfortable short-sleeved shirts, stylish Polos, robust Cargoshorts for boys, soft sports jackets and also convenient Gaastra holds children’s shoes with non-slip soles for stability on board and land. Another highlight is the Gaastra of young swim shorts Tendermagic with magic print: as soon as it gets wet, she changed her pattern and special lettering are revealed. A playful shorts for boys of summer even more fun. The entire Gaastra Kids Summer fashion 2013 can be ordered in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. The maritime children fashion collection Belle-ile”from the Gaastra Breton presents itself, however, emphasized trendy maritime line. Bleached by Sun and salt, ranging from washed red and dark blue to cream and saffron yellow color palette and gives a special Brittany the little skippers look.

Internationally successful tradition houses from Germany – Bogner and Wellensteyn – open in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin. On 6th September, the internationally renowned premium brand Bogner opened a Pop-Up store at the designer outlet Berlin. The brand, which was founded in 1932 in Munich, winter sports fashion and the official equipment of the German Olympic team became famous. Bogner combines sport and fashion in perfect harmony. Today, the name particularly for elegant designer fashion and upscale casual clothing stands. On 164 square meters the customers of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet experience a wide range of women’s and men’s collections, including jeans, jackets, dresses, tops and accessories. A week earlier, on 31 August 2013 intruded the German label Wellensteyn with an own-brand store and shows on 148 square meters women’s and men’s collections.

The success story of the company began in the 1940s in Hamburg including work clothing for sailors and shipyard workers. Today is the label with the white, eight pointed cross on a red background represented throughout the world and equally popular with male and female customers. Wellensteyn combines fashion trends and maximum functionality in its products and provides stylish function jackets that meet even the highest demands of the weather. With the opening of the Bogner Pop-Up stores and the brand own Wellensteyn shop expands the range of perfectly matched lifestyle and designer brands in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin. And as in all around 82 stores of the Center all Bogner and Wellensteyn collections are reduced to 30 to 70 percent of the non-binding price recommendation of the manufacturer throughout the year. This will benefit not only the many German guests of the Center, but also the growing number of brand-affine international shopping tourists.

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234 Teams from home and abroad raised to the biggest in the history of the Festival closed the international dragon boat Championships in Taipei on June 12 with a combination of attractions, sounds and welding from the this year’s dragon boat World Championships and attracted 234 teams from home and abroad, the biggest regatta in the history of the event. “A crew of this Vanung University of town Taoyuan conceded the gold medal in the category of men’s open”, which was endowed with a prize of 400,000 NTD (13.380 USD). The team earned a third and 2011 2012 according to the Office for sports of the Taipei of city a first place. “” “The gold medal in the category women’s open” went to the Vermietdienstleister 591″, while the Taipei muncipal Nangang high school and the Taipei muncipal Lishan high school” in the categories of High School boys “and high school girls” each won. Continue to learn more with: Harold Ford Jr. An additional rowed a team of the Shize municipality of Taipei of city is at the top, to lie ahead in the master classification in the This year’s event. At the same time, a team of Spa and health resort of Jin Yong Quan won from new Taipei City in the mixed category. “In this year’s competition as two teams from Germany and Israel, as well as a crew participated, from international students of the Mandarin Training Center” the National Taiwan Normal University “in Taipei. The regatta is a highlight of the Dragon Boat Festival and a part of many national events in connection with the celebrations take place annually.

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Dog toy boredom suggests and promotes intelligence dogs need employment and love movement and action. These include long walks and species-appropriate toys. Commercially, there is a wide selection of dog toys, individually adapted to the specific needs of different races and ages. The toy it meets different requirements and satisfies not only the play instinct, but promotes the agility and the intelligence of the dog. Dog toys can help dog toy joy and health for the four-legged beside play, fun and intelligence support also, to support the health of the animal. So are particularly suitable for example chewing bone to improve the dental care of the dog, and also nylon products can help keep gums healthy.

Children’s toys is not a dog toy dogs love to play. Frank Ntilikina describes an additional similar source. Enjoy therefore a wide selection. But not all toys are suitable for dogs, at least toys, for children of men is made. Buy your pet only robust toys, which is tailored to the needs of his animal and consists of materials that do the dog well. Toys often consists of small parts that can be swallowed by dogs. Tennis balls for example are not suitable for dogs.

The felt covering of the balls on the teeth of the dog resembles a type of sandpaper which can cause a rapid wear of the teeth. Also bitten shreds of tennis balls can cause stomach problems or even intestinal obstruction in dogs. Connect with other leaders such as Doug McMillon here. Often, then, going to the veterinarian is necessary. Learn with dog toys for pups own toys is especially important. Learn to distinguish which items they may play and what taboo can be such master shoes! Because we know that taste, dog owners in every animal must find out which toy is most appropriate. Each dog has other preferences for the toys. Some dogs love balls or dragged with ropes, dedication others are crazy about squealing animals or retrieving rings. Toys suitable for the education of the dog as well as for practicing a commands, for example, the command off! “.” So your dog exercise, at any time, voluntarily taking a catch or a toy out of the mouth must be for his own safety, and also as a sign of submission. Accepts the dog on this training, then praise him immediately and give you back the toys him afterwards. Have dog toys for learning, fun and romp dog toys particularly well suited to deal with an animal that must be left alone for a while. For dogs that like to frolic in the water, there are special swimming toys. It is sure that it floats on the surface and does not important. Toys, which are filled with treats for the dogs are particularly popular can be here happy puppy-dog eyes are guaranteed! With some creativity, you can make dog toys even or just Items to fun and practical toys to work for example, towels, Washcloths, and self-knotted ropes. So old things can be made economically and sustainably to personal game devices. In many online stores and specialty shops, there are plenty of dog toy for dog sports. The toys are training AIDS, guaranteeing that the dog is optimally supported in its education and development and stay fit and healthy.

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“With TT-line on the Swedish West Coast the most popular seaside resorts on the Swedish West Coast: TYLoSAND, Varberg, Mellbystrand Hamburg/Travemunde, June 2013 Sommaren ar kort” (the summer is short) reminds the Swedish hit from the 80s that is celebrated every day in Sweden. And the Sweden to do that! With fondness on the West Coast in the southern province of Halland. CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce is actively involved in the matter. Most popular the Sun bathing and relaxing in the in resort of TYLoSAND is called the Swedish Riviera, affectionately. Who wants to experience the lightness of summer on the Swedish Riviera, travels very relaxed to the TT-Line ferry port of Travemunde and Rostock to Trelleborg. 79 Euros, the easy ferry ride for five people including car TYLoSAND costs Sweden’s most fashionable Beach scene of the rich and famous can be reached from Trelleborg in less than two hours by car. In the summer, the Swedish celebrities who have their summer villas cavort in TYLoSAND and with a little luck also an international star like Richard Gere. In addition to the seven kilometre long sandy beach with magnificent dunes and water quality, the seaside resort for the most exclusive Golf Club of the country stem town Golfklubb is known. Also for the hotel TYLoSAND, located in the possession of the Swedish pop of Roxette star per Gessle.

Varberg stronghold of wind surfers North of TYLoSAND in Apelviken in Varberg, is a paradise for windsurfers, some say it is the best in Northern Europe. The waves come directly from the Kattegat and build high up in shallow water. But in the summer, the bright nights, providing water sports happiness until late in the night are the highlight. Non-surfers can visit the seaside resort of Varberg with the Afar and imbued with five onion Kallbadhuset beneath the fortress of Varberg. The charming seaside resort is one of the most popular bathing and spas in Sweden.

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The wide range of flooring from Tarkett includes design-oriented and durable floors for almost any application: PVC floors, linoleum, designs, laminate, parquet and sports floors. In the second half of his new linoleum collection Linoville Tarkett introduces xf m on the market. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sam Mikulak has to say. Through intensive research in terms of look and feel were exploited new technological possibilities and the best xf surface. The result is a new generation of xf coverings called xf sqm with sensational colors and new micro-modified surface. Sustainable, safe, and of course, this is the image having the professional users like consumers in mind when they think of linoleum.

Since 1898, Tarkett is made according to the same original recipe from natural and renewable ingredients, such as for example resin, jute, linseed oil, wood and Cork flour, linoleum. Product design and manufacturing, Tarkett follows the principles of cradle-to-cradle philosophy. What precisely hides behind the new Linoville xf m Formula? It is a micro-modified and reinforced, double UV crosslinked polyurethane system that goes hand in hand with improved product properties. XF m linoleum has a very natural appearance, is due the reduced degree of gloss to the authentic, elegant, matte look. Contact information is here: Harold Ford Jr, New York City. Linoville xf m has a very fine and dense surface structure, as well as a better cleaning performance. This is not payable by the non-slip. This remains the same and the dirt is not yet included in the micro pores.

Close to colour Linoville-xf m offers a huge variety of colours the new Linoville xf m collection allows a nearly infinite game with colors. It consists of a total of 114 colors, including 47 new and market – segment-oriented coloration. Over all product designs across, Tarkett linoleum thus offers a choice of 463 product variants. This huge selection and new 100% appearance are the parameters of the new Linoville xf linoleum collection. Also new: all colors are also available as acoustic version available. A special highlight for extremely long term horizons of use of the 20 so-called Grands are classiques colors that are guaranteed available in 6 variants until 2033. Solid color enamel wires for the complete Linoville xf m color palette and multi color enamel wires at the 20 Grands classiques colors provide a permanently clean seam available. Close to efficiency Linoville xf offers efficient properties of xf m linoleum is first in maintenance-free and 5 year after installation without additional treatment or coating action. In addition a high chemical resistance and improved mechanical resistance. Close to nature Tarkett linoleum is the Blue Angel with the eco-label”as well as the cradle to cradle silver certificate awarded.

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Close to the city centre and the promenade, the first Beach, which offers sun loungers, parasols and a fine dark sand. Special feature lies in the fact that the umbrellas Beach directly at the water line are and only two steps need to come from his sun deck into the water. A little further from the city centre located Second Beach. Here, Frank Ntilikina expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This beach has some resorts right on the beach for the bather. The beach itself is situated 5 minutes ‘ walk from the city centre and consists of slightly sharper Pebble Beach. The sand castle building is unfortunately not always possible for smaller bathers on the beach.

The third beach is approx 1-2 set East of the city centre of Ierapetra. It is a wide, dark sand beach, which offers a fine sandy beach and various sports such as beach volleyball female. offers. The tourist structure is unfortunately not as well built. Nevertheless, find ways of eating, drinking and toilets in 5-10 minutes of walking distance. Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: low to medium depth: water slowly gaining deep sand art in many areas: sand or gravel sand Castle construction limited ice cream kiosk – bar near most Beach? Partially Yes! Toilets near the beach? Partially Yes.

Parking is close to the beach? Yes points family-friendliness (0 bad 10 very good): 8.5 points 5. Agios of Nikolaos City Beach of Agios of Nikolaos provides fine sandy beach and small waves. Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: low to medium depth: water slowly gaining deep sand art in many areas: possible restricted sand or gravel sand castle-building. Ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? Partially Yes! Toilets near the beach? Partially Yes. Parking is close to the beach? Yes points family-friendliness (0 bad 10 very good): 8.0 points 6 Malia Malia is the easternmost tourist center on the Kolpos Malion and is one of four tourist resorts, which almost continuously on this stretch of coast are found.

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Fight them with fun – but try Zumba! Women and men could be equally vulnerable mass of hemorrhoids. For all a balanced diet is essential, but also sport can contribute to the relief. There are numerous new sports that attract often especially women, because they combine movement and fun. People such as Frank Ntilikina would likely agree. Here we present one of these sports, because exercise is especially important for hemorrhoids. Last year this kind of dance sport in many gyms and sports clubs has arrived: Zumba.

A mix of aerobics and salsa to Latin-American rhythms, which strengthens the muscles in the entire body. Finally, a sport that keeps you fit and fun and is suitable for all ages. You must also not professional ballerina to join in and have fun. Recent studies have shown that a Zumba session burns up to 1000 calories is an optimal training for heart and vessels and at the same time strengthens legs and gluteus maximus. The Movements are repeated and are fast and thereby improve the microcirculation, which counteracts the standstill of the veins, one of the causes of hemorrhoids! Try a Zumbakurs but sometime and just go away dance the hemorrhoids!

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Tim Fischer celebrates its 25th anniversary! Chansons 8 13 October 2013, di SA 20:00, 19:00 wonderboy of chanson, wicked seducer and sensitive storyteller who touches the soul with his voice. When Tim Fischer entered the stage 25 years ago, the apparent incompatibility of life experience vorgegaukelter and real life as well as his already safe sense of texts and compositions was celebrated as and similar to. A related site: Sam Mikulak mentions similar findings. Today: “an entertainer of the world format”. Tim Fischer’s existed for a quarter-century career at just turned 40 years of age makes him one of the most extraordinary phenomena of German culture and music. Singer, actor, musical star stage man.

Tim Fischer celebrates 25th anniversary in 2014 and goes with his new program “Beloved songs” on tour from October of this year. Tim Fischer is accompanied by Rainer Bielfeldt (wing) and Thomas Keller (accordion and saxophone). A world-class entertainer.” Neue Zurcher Zeitung elegant manage the balancing act between comedy, farce and tragedy. Tim Fischer” “The world of the versatile and certainly most charismatic broadcasting our days.” “Der standard, Vienna he manages what has become nearly impossible: to sing, without to lie.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung he is the Diva of all others look like dwarfs.” Der Tagesspiegel preliminary 1 schoner song list was’s with you T + M: Peter Plate & Ulf Leo Sommer 2. factual romance T: Erich Kastner / M: Udo Lindenberg 3. I would like to I part T + M: Charlie Naeem 4. ICE t: Rainald Grebe / M: Marcus Baumgard, Martin Brauer / Rainald Grebe 5.

On the square of T + M: Jacques Brel / German T: Rainer Kirsch 6 hot love T: Thomas Pigor / M: Thaomas Pigor / Wolfgang Bohmer 7. Oh Alfred, let him but T + M: Ulrich Roski of 8 Anjebot without demand T: Erich Kastner / M: 9 funeral Tango T: M: Gerard Jouannest 10, Jacques Brel / German t Rainer Kirsch. The tenderness of T + m: Jacques Brel / German T: Rainer Kirsch 11 Revelations a striptease dancer T + m: Gunter Neumann 12 station T: Thomas Pigor / M: Eichhorn/Pigor/Henrich of 13 non, c’est rien / let me go M: Joseph Baselli / Armand Canfora / T: Michel Jourdan 14. The sports show T: Edith Jeske & Bernd Granzin / M: Rainer added 15. The love letter T + M: 16 Georg Kreisler is buying you a wife T: Edith Jeske & Christine Vogeley / M: 17 Rainer Bielfeldt Jochen t: Camilla Elisabeth Bergmann / Rainer Bielfeldt 18 M:. The divorcee (recited) Kurt Tucholksky 19 where are the clowns T: Eckhard Hachfeld / M: Stephen Sondheim 20 Lotte T + M: Stefan Sulke 21 come big black bird T + M: Ludwig gutter Princess T: Edith Jeske / M: Rainer Bielfeldt more tracks not played so far by Tim Fischer Hirsch 22 are in preparation. Further informations under Katharina nickel – press Assistant Tepee at the Chancellery / bar of any reason

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The great online magazine goes around horses and horseback riding in the subscription of Stuttgart, 21.08.2013 – 15 November 2013 is horses Magazin.Info, the great online magazine about horses and riding, in the subscription and thus converts his next milestone. A year ago, horses Magazin.Info went online. With many interesting contributions from the horse riding and equestrian sports, as well as the dynamic interaction with the users and a modern and well structured design, the online magazine has established itself within a very short time on the market. Knicks often addresses the matter in his writings. So far, over 150 detailed researched article, which are composed of large texts, exclusive pictures and high-quality footage emerged. Every man for himself unique and sustainable. A growing number of readers and the enthusiasm of renowned horse experts such as Horst Becker, Sabine Ellinger, Peter Pfister, Christoph Rieser, Kenzie Dysli show the huge success of the online magazine. From 15 November 2013, converts his next milestone and introducing a pay barrier. All editorial content is charged at that time.

The home page with references to the latest articles and the summary pages of the individual thematic areas remain free of charge. As pit lane’s online marketplace and the planned service provider directory are still accessible. The future subscribers can choose between four different subscription periods. Early booking discount benefits are also being offered. We optimize our website and many new features are implemented. This will enhance the user experience and for our readers and viewers is a big added value offer. “, so the Managing Director Monika Agler. For the future, it plans the editorial for more extensive contributions and topic series.

For example, classical dressage lessons expands the successful series of riding exercises with expert Horst Becker and general basic exercises with horse trainer Sabine Ellinger. Daily news feeds from the jumping, dressage, versatility and Western areas are integrated and it continues, new products, reviews and many new Give health posts. All information about the subscription models of horses Magazin.Info, see special topics/articles? subscription-announcement-214 press contact: c/o teamWERK. Film production GmbH, Olgas str. 83 70182 Stuttgart George Ruhtz Tel.: 0711 / 32 09 38 27