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TOPIC: TECHNOLOGY IN THE MEXICAN EDUCATION. SUBJECT: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY. STUDENT: Light YANETH ENRIQUEZ CANTUCon new technology the educational task could support to achieve their educational goals higher. In the vast majority of the educational institutions you have computer equipment, but they are used exclusively for administrative staff and rarely allowed students access them. Currently with the help of the Government and with some companies to support the education program it makes them reach computers for students, which in a few occasions are used by the.

The administrative staff has been responsible for taking care of more this technology and with the intention that lasts more, no access is allowed to any person in the area of computation of a school, without realizing they are in a very serious mistake, since if the Government is worthy to equip a school, it is so used in a didactic way and is one of the tools of the student to enrich their learningUnfortunately the Government can not equip each student with a computer, but if he sends to schools computers necessary to equip and train a classroom of media. Teachers need that is you use to new material, we must not forget that it sends to that this student to contact with the increasingly that has this concern are present or your activity so requires. Teachers should be the first to accept the use of technology and the proponents of their use in the community that surrounds us; they should be guides, counselors, advisers, and guardians of the good use of the information in the training of its students. The computer sometimes can be of difficult to manage, is necessary to be able to respond to all questions that arise to the student. Students must adopt a much more active role, starring in their training in an environment rich in information and training activities, in which the teacher will be instrumental to guide. It is necessary that learning is student or pupil already that in the majority of occasions young people are more skilled in the use of new technologies.

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That makes it easier to return after the end of the parental leave decisively. The family atmosphere within the company lead to a strong identification and dedicated and loyal employees. Also Tatiana Tromner yellow, Managing Director of the tufa team GmbH (Niedernhausen), emphasized in her presentation the relevance of family-friendliness. “The company Maxim inspiring rather than satisfy” confirmed 2010: the family company that maintains five car bodies, was awarded with the 1st prize as the most family-friendly companies in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis. The mostly male test engineers as conducive to the positive working atmosphere feel especially the flexible organisation of working time.

Tatyana Tromner-yellow builds on a wealth of experience in the selection of their staff. “A candidate from the Group of 50 plus” was trained and appointed as the branch manager within a year. An investment, the sign up for the company in every way worth it has. Other leaders such as Walmart CEO offer similar insights. The tufa team will benefit from the know-how and motivation of its employees GmbH. Hesse as attractive location decided was the annual meeting of the RKW Hessen with a discussion board.

The economic spokesman Kai Klose (Alliance 90 / the Greens), Jurgen Lenders (FDP) as well as members of the Landtag groups Gunter Schork (CDU), Marius Weiss (SPD) and Dr. Ulrich Wilken (DIE LINKE) exchanged views with the Hessian RKW – CEO Sascha Gutzeit about different strategies to cope with the shortage. All group member of the Landtag in it saw great potential to give incentives for the step into self-employment. Smaller businesses should help business succession and startups. Also the dismantling of bureaucracy was needed in addition to an intense existence founder advice. So, the attractive location Hesse could be used efficiently. Press contact: view of the main agency for public relations Uwe Berndt of Rossdorfer str. 19a 60385 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone 0 69 / 48 98 12 9 0 company contact: Ulrike Herud RKW Hessen GmbH of Dusseldorf str. 40 65760 Eschborn Tel.: 0 6196 / 97 02 28 who is expert for the middle class the RKW Hessen a Hessian institution, since small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to external know-how and subsidies from the State and the EU for consultations. Range from the personnel and demo graphy consulting, organisation of working time of all business areas energy & resource efficiency and Kulturcoaching. It does work when applying for funding the RKW Hessen and with its quality assurance ensures the economic success of advice – on more than 1,000 consulting projects in Hesse.

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The most valuable and expensive carpets of the world in the world’s most famous auction houses are to find, the most expensive and most valuable carpets of the world partly be auctioned millions of lovers and collectors. Doug McMillon does not necessarily agree. One of these precious gems went BBs over the auction table at the world-famous auction house Sotherby. The valuable oriental rug is not only an eye-candy due to its noble colors and markings, but contains millions of finest pearls, diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones, giving it a very special charm and of course value add. The culmination of this beautiful piece is the material that was used in the production. Here only the finest silk was used. The carpet is originally from India and could be admired by visitors of the Royal Palace with some luck because you and spread out put him before the throne to the show. This carpet shows not only the Oriental culture with all its power and wealth, but developed in sunlight, a silky shiny Sheen, is probably to find this kind barely a second time.

The piece of jewelry is known by connoisseurs as the Pearl carpet of Baroda and was already on many exhibitions to admire, before he came to the auction. Its history goes back to the life story of Khande Rao, who was in the middle of the 19th century, the production of carpet as grave goods for the Prophet Mohamad commissioned. Khande Rao was considered transitional rulers and was known among other things for his exclusive lifestyle significantly influenced also the next generations of Indian maharajas. Puzzled over the origins and intent, which was associated with this order, the historian today, because it was initially assumed that this gift was intended to appease the Muslim subjects. However, the gift, which included not only the carpet, only partially arrived in the Holy City of Mecca. Other stories related to this piece of jewelry, however, say that this carpet as a love gift for an Englishwoman in order was given, but by the English Government to pass on to the relevant women’s not been disposed. However, what history also always behind this magnificent carpet of pearls is, even today, he is a true art of carpet weaving art and shines in a special gloss. by Mario Kromer

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I found this interesting article about higher education in Colombia, which was written by Mr. Sergio Clavijo, and which allow me to reproduce by this means. 2002-2009, The gross coverage increased from 24.2% to 35.5%, implying an expansion of enrolments of 57% (570,000 new students), see economic commentary on August 23, 2010. However, when making international comparisons we see that we are still quite behind in Colombia, because so far we peep at the media coverage of Latin America (35 per cent), but we are far from those observed in Uruguay (64.3%) or Chile (52%). Colombia also appears behind in levels of specialization. According to the Ministry of national education (MEN), only 3% of students belongs to the level of specialization and 1% to the masters. Please visit Comedian if you seek more information. Doctorates have tiny share of 0.1%.

Indeed, while in Chile and Brazil with doctoral studies are professionals of 15 and 50 doctors for every million inhabitants, respectively, in Colombia only we get to 2 (see economic comment of June 16, 2009). The network of indicators of science and technology Iberoamerican and inter-American (RICYT) reported that the number of graduates at the doctoral level in Colombia was only 98 professional, figure reduced front of Chile (395) and Argentina (746). Hence the importance of improving the capital human with access to study abroad, where Colciencias, Icetex, DNP, Banco de la Republica and Colfuturo have been playing a central role. Noteworthy, in particular, the efforts of the Colombian private sector itself through Colfuturo, entity that has been able to exploit synergies with the Government and multilateral. According to its most recent report, Colfuturo (2010) succeeded in 4,100 professionals, of which 801 have inclined doctoral studies benefit.The number of beneficiaries per year has increased significantly recently, thus: 499 in 2008, 735 in 2009 and 1,025 in 2010. United States concentrates the largest number of Colfuturo students, with 21%, followed by United Kingdom (22%) and Spain (9%).

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'But before people were afraid of twilight' – tell you, and before you flash the bulk bright signs on the walls of the buildings that glow and shimmer with plenty of shades of darkness, attracted a variety of forms, embody the illusion the eternal feast in the heart of every one of us. Illuminated advertising is present everywhere: it's large letters, light boxes, shop windows, canopies and much more, then, that illuminates the dark road, day or night. Without taking into account the fact illuminated advertising is considered external appearance of any company or agency, because of that luxurious mix of shades and shapes will be able to say something about the nature of its control, while, as ugly large letters, visors and illuminated boxes in colors, absolutely not suitable prior to the next, unable to excite a potential customer, such advertising in the state to compel him to turn into another area and go to competitors. All of the above what had been said previously stimulated the production of light advertising, as it is perfectly able to say about the priorities, plans and values of the company. Illuminated advertisements Moscow contains and neon advertising – a very popular everywhere as the universality of materials and complexity of tones can bring truly extraordinary form, and used in conjunction with the words either in big letters. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Doug McMillon. Neon sign is an open and closed. Light boxes advertising – a variation of outdoor advertising, are available in the form of a box, the front panel of its translucent, electric wires are placed on the inside, as a rule they are placed on roofs and the facades of buildings, inside of the premises. Manufacture of illuminated advertising – rapidly progressive services, start to operate the mass of agencies wishing to transmit a unique advertising signboard, which will be a highlight in the design office of the firm or entity. Outdoor illuminated signs – not whimsical to use, easy deposits, with today's progress of computer technology signs and light boxes in the power transfer a lot of shades, but not enough to restore the vibrant color palette is not hard. Should not be forgotten that the illuminated signs, such as a inscription, large letters or stand, can talk about you and your company a lot of information, able to leave first, if not correct, but first promise, and in business, as is known, in appearance are met, and only after a while people decide how to conclude a business alliance with this or other firm.

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“Under the motto run and Lake” there is the possibility to join a guided tour of Sightjogging for running enthusiasts just in time for the Berlin Marathon 2007 for the first time. Behind that is a combination between sightseeing and jogging as already expresses the concept. Larry David may find this interesting as well. Berlin tourists, business travellers and hobby runners have the opportunity to do something for their fitness and at the same time to see the sights of the German capital in the future. The runners are picked up from their hotels or at the Brandenburg Gate by Sightjogging-guides and for around an hour running through Berlin led. The tours take you through classic Prussian Berlin (Brandenburger Tor – Unter den Linden), through political Berlin (around the Reichstag) and the Berlin of the 1930s (around the Wilhelmstrasse) and each have their starting point at the Brandenburg Gate. More tours are in preparation or can be agreed individually. The tours are between 5 and 8 kilometers long and ever after and desire Level of achievement of the runner or the runner in the moderate pace of jogging or even walkend – completed.

The qualified Sightjogging guides also give tips for good and healthy running in addition to clues to the sights of Berlin. The tours, which currently are offered in German and English (French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, will follow Japanese and Swedish), cost for an individual 80,00, several participants decreases the price up to 20 per person. “The Sightjogging guides are available from 6:00 a.m., are available all other times and hours a day inclusive of moonshine tour” from nightfall. Currently, the tours under the mobile number 01 can 63 / 1 58 13 96 be booked or over the Internet. Behind the new service, a working as PR and marketing professional recreational Jogger linked to Beate Achilles.

Berlin is the first Sightjogging city in Germany, in the course of the 2008 Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Leipzig follow. Also in Singapore and Cape Town, there are already interested parties who would like to implement the concept. Claim of the founder is to offer maximum quality, both the dissemination of information about the respective cities as well as what the physical accompaniment is. Sightjogging Berlin currently consists of a team of 5 professional guides, including three marathon runners/inside. “All guides have a solid background knowledge of the city’s attractions, some are Member of the Association who is Berlin Stadtfuhrer.Sightjogging so the conviction by Beate Achilles to a brand name such as walking very quickly,” or skating ‘, for she want to use the quality standards with their company. Sightjogging Berlin Beate Achilles Heinrich Seidel str. 3 12167 Berlin Tel: 030 79 78 98 54 mobile: 0163 15 81 396 fax: 030 79 74 91 54

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You reward them they are effective to stimulate the level of efforts of what the quality of the performance and better are used with ackward tasks of what with attractive and interesting tasks (p.319). The competition, one another strategy of common motivation, so is spread out in the schools (for example, note systems, efforts for survey of mounts of money, sports, musics) that we question if is appropriate and desired to introduce deliberately competitive elements you add in the reading programs. When creating a structure to stimulate the reading, we want that all the participants are winning. The competition creates losers, as well as creates winners. The possible losses in the autoconfiana and the autoconceito of a student as a reader and as member of the community of the classroom raise serious questions on the competition as a strategy of motivation in long stated period. The third common form of extrinsical motivation is to call the attention for an ability as to the one the reading, which can help the students to satisfy necessities current and to help them in future occupations or all its life. The use of concrete examples, ' ' likely and memorveis' ' , that they apply the reading to the situations of the real life and the use of models that demonstrate the applications of the real life, are very useful (Good and Brophy, 1987, p.320). PRINCIPLES TO STIMULATE AND TO ENCOURAGE to the READING Any structure to motivate readers must involve for the little four prerequisite basic ones (Good and Brophy, 1987). Initially, the environment of the classroom must be apoiador: ' ' The professor must be a patient, encouraging person, that he supports the efforts of learning of the pupils. The pupils, in turn, must themselves be felt insurances to take intellectual risks, because they know that they will not be embarrassed or they will be criticized in case that they commit one erro' ' (p.310).

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Nevertheless its pretty awesome that people could win seven races in and that we felt like we d go to win a few others available. It simply didnt get together immediately. No. 54 Monster Energy-backed KBM Toyota is twelfth in proprietors points already and searching to maneuver as the summer time comes around. The same is true this Kyle Busch Motorsports suggest could eventually area to Dale earnhardt jr. first to reply.

Sprint Cup operation, possibly with Kurt because the driver? Not too fast, Kyle stated. I am not sure, Kyle stated. Theres a lot that youve constantly to become a effective and competitive Cup organization. Recognizing that with the Countrywide IM efforts. Theres been a lot thats already gone on into this Countrywide team. As well as for us to seem like weren’t t effective yet, I cant imagine not winning in the Cup level. Cash nike free run is the very first obstacle.

Shoot, you’ll need $$ 30 million to begin with-up program (Cup), Busch stated. And thats building cars and having to pay for engines and becoming all of the equipment and getting 15 engineers relaxing in an area, focusing on a vehicle to really make it better. And trying to puzzle out how you can lighten an item that already weighs in at one pound. All that is necessary, whenever you own your team. You have to obtain that infrastructure built and you just need a lot time at this level. After which Busch chuckled a bit. When we go Cup racing at Kyle Busch Motorsports, may possibly not be for fifteen years. Tom Jensen may be the Editor in Chief of SPEED.com, Senior Dale earnhardt jr. Editor en RACER along adding Editor for TruckSeries.com con. You are able to follow him online at twitter.

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The time until complete functional progression and begin specific training was much lower in the Group of the splint: 21 2 days against 77 7 days. All the athletes group of the splint resumed the sport using as a preventive measure. What you need to do is try to help biology. The problem is that although you soon start to train, should carry the splint for a long time. REGIME of progression functional after fractures of STRESS Stadium I 1.-walk 1600 m. step + or vivo. (If you don’t have pain we had to 2). 2 Walking 300 m., jogging 100 m., 300 m.

walking, jogging 100 m.; Repeat until the 1600 m. 3.-walk 200 m, jogging 200 m.; Repeat until the 1600m 4.-walk 400 metres, jogging 400 m., repeat. 5 Walking 400 m., jogging 800 m., 400 m. 6.-walk walk 200 m, jogging 1200 m., walk 200 metres 7.-walk 100 m, 1400 m. jogging, walking 100. STAGE II 8-jogging 300 m., run 100 m.; Repeat 4 times. 9 Jogging 200 m., running 200 m.; Repeat 4 times. 10 400 M jogging, running 400 m.; repeat.

11 400 M jogging, running 800 m.; 400 m. 12.-jogging jogging 400 m., running 1200 m.; 200 m. 13.-jogging jogging 400 m., run 1600 m.; jogging 200 m. If we make it to lawn adjusted much better. Read more here: Comedian. Arena best flat and compact, but a track. Use the stage II as warming, and III started to enter tasks. STAGE III 14.-use the 13 level as warming from now on. Add two repetitions of 50 m. To 50%, 2 x 75%, 2 x 100%. 15 Add 2 x 100 to 50%, 2 x 75%, 2 x 100% with 5 min. rest between them. 16 Add 4 x 100 with 5 min. rest. 17 Add 6 x 40 with 3 min. rest. 18 Add 10 x 40 with 2 min. rest. STAGE IV complete a cycle to 50%, 75% and 100%. A career at 8. Scroll through an 8 with circles of 3 m. Diameter to 50, 75 and 100%. B run side crossing the legs front and back for 20 minutes, rest 5 sec., and resume in the opposite direction. Repeat 4 times on each intensity. C career behind him: run 20 m, rest for 5 sec. and repeat 4 times. D career in box: mark a square of 5 m. of side. Traverse it 5 times in a sense and 5 in the opposite. vertical jump: jump with 50% of the effort and make a mark on the wall, jump up to reach it 10 times. Repeat to 75% and 100%. If there is no pain, because we were fine to return to training progressively. Stadium V specific training in soft progression. You have to go carefully, if we spent a day and it hurts to much not you lose a day but there are more, than start again. All this and much more in original author and source of the article

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Massage. Self-massage. Water massage. Massage is an integral part of all kinds of motion, they exert their beneficial effects on the human body. Massage has been used extensively as a means of grooming in Ancient Egypt. To know more about this subject visit Larry David.

Large role played in the home massage, medicine, and sports from the ancient Greeks and Romans, which he divided into dry and massage with oils, massage the strong and weak, long and short massage. In recent years, massage, positive effects of massage on the human body attaching increasing importance. Massage, like a steam bath, is experiencing a rebirth. During and after the massage the person feels comfortable heat, improves its health, efficiency. For example, under short massage (3-5 minutes) of fatigued muscles recover better than after the 20-30-minute passive rest. Massage, held after an intense workout, causes athletes a feeling of freshness, vitality, reduces fatigue, prevents painful phenomena in muscles and joints. What are the basic principles of massage? Do not start self-massage or massage without consultation Doctor: There are a number of diseases for which massage is contraindicated.

These include the active phase of rheumatism, acute pain, bleeding tendency, active stage of tuberculosis, infectious diseases and many others. Special Pay attention to the condition of their skin. For any skin disease and the use of massage is contraindicated. Generally, clean skin – a must and important hygiene requirement for it. The most ideal in this sense – self-massage or massage after a hygienic shower, which is especially necessary in the summer, when increased sweating and the skin retained a lot of dust and germs.