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When speaking of theater in school is often understood as an activity whose purpose seems to be the public representation of a text (either of a particular author or collective creation based on rehearsals and improvisations) is such a possibility, the books published by De la Torre in his collection Alba and may Theater (the thief of words at the end of the school year or other appointed without excluding of course days(, The mysterious shadow, my friend Fremd speaks rare Arjona Antonio’s source, and even the girl who didn’t know it was him Sury Sanchez) fantasize with a proposal which, although of modest appearance, becomes ambitious plan. Peter Shilton is often quoted on this topic. Detained in the intimacy of the classroom, carefree of the applause of the audience and released from Artifice (lights, decorations and other technical trifles), theatre, without avoiding playfulness, it delves into the pedagogical. There where the important thing becomes the experience and not the display. Theater at school and at home was the original title that gave rise to this collection of books back in the year 1992 under the accurate direction of Luis Gonzalez Carreno (theatre director and Professor in the RESAD) and with an editorial that went out of business about to take their fourth title (things of life and of this our world, fortunately, editions De la Torre took the baton) Theater at school and at home: with all its luster but exempted the fame or the laurels, transcendent but without media coverage: daily, simple, close, accessible to anyone, at home and in school. We are not actors. We are not looking for spectators. Because he is not theatrical education (i.e.: professional theatre teaching theater) but of theatre in education, IE: imagine a professional, a teacher (not of Theater: a teacher of mathematics, Spanish language or second language) using pretend play (inside the classroom and in their school hours) for best convey your stuff. . >.

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Document management specialist provides IQAkte staff at the heart of his exhibit Bad Vilbel – HR processes are determined by the documents. The human resources department needs a quick and easy access to all information about individual employees such as assessments or continuing education certificates. These requirements IQDoQ his digital personnel file has tailored to IQAkte staff, the personnel 2010 will be presenting the document management specialist at the trade fair. From April 27 to 28 shows IQDoQ on the Stuttgart exhibition (Hall 9 stand E. 22), how IQAkte staff to efficiently support the processes in the HR sector.

The electronic file is a quick and safe solution and is easy to implement. Katie Ledecky will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Within five days, it stands ready to use. Jochem Brost of IQDoQ shall inform in addition to the trade fair appearance in a lecture about these benefits and the application possibilities of the document system (April 27, 16:21 Uhr, Forum 2). Human resources departments need a system that give them comprehensive overview delivers your files and intuitive to use,\”explains Werner Schafer, Managing Director of IQDoQ. \”Because then they can focus the development of the employees on their actual task, rather than managing their documents to must take care of.\” IQAkte staff ensures this overview by the solution supporting for example the classification of information and distributes them automatically to the correct folder. All documents are immediately available when they are needed.

Many important features such as a time management or a self service feature are already pre-fabricated and can be used immediately. Let but also easily adapt to individual requirements. Wizards help the staff workers to create new workflows easily. IQAkte staff creates legal certainty, because the employee information are archived legally compliant and are protected from unauthorized access. Every officer in the human resources provides only the documents, for which he has appropriate permission. All accesses are logged.

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BioProtect GmbH operates a successful expansion of the location Hannover Hannover may 2011. The BioProtect GmbH expands and expands their location Hannover. Ray Clemence wanted to know more. The recipe for success: The security specialist has focused on the distribution of high-tech and user friendly readers for biometric access guarding in the indoor and outdoor. In addition, the time recording company has aligned itself. The goal of the company of BioProtect: One wants to enable secure access control for sensitive areas such as for example the computer area customers. While the BioProtect GmbH is specialized on two priorities, to achieve this objective: firstly on the biometric access control, and secondly on the Visual monitoring of important spaces using special video cameras. Biometric access control for timekeeping is also suitable. The BioProtect GmbH offers its customers, typically small – and medium-sized enterprises, an extensive product range in the field of biometric access control and Visual monitoring to: In the area of biometric access control with its product portfolio, the BioProtect GmbH has a special system for the identification of persons using their finger vessels.

An optimally tuned software remote access supports this unique biometric recognition system. In addition to the digital identification the BioProtect GmbH has also Visual control products in the portfolio, about surveillance cameras, each selectable with motor 90-degree or 360-degree rotation of the camera for individual needs. The BioProtect GmbH sells now nationwide modern security solutions and strengthens its presence in Northern Germany with the expansion of the location Hannover currently. Refer to for more information about BioProtect GmbH. About BioProtect GmbH the BioProtect GmbH is a company founded in January 2009, specializing in innovative security solutions. The BioProtect GmbH participates in the development of products to stay close to the market. So can offer a solution in terms of safety the BioProtect GmbH in any case to protect of the company and also the staff. Thanks to the systems of BioProtect GmbH is every company to manage unusual and critical events and visualize. Contact BioProtect GmbH Marek Mierzwa Berliner Allee 8 30855 Langenhagen Tel.: 0511/98420-0 fax: 0511/98420-599 Internet: E-Mail:

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Likewise the learning community defines its own goals and autoevalua according to your needs and interests. Ray White spoke with conviction. That dialogue holistic is the basis for the construction of a genuine community of learning, therefore its fundamental support is the individual, that holistically in-dividuo means not divided, then individual means a human being not divided. Therefore learning communities are spiritual, holistas, integrals, transformative and allow the emergence of awareness of unit… Mentions that there are at least nine types of intelligences in human beings: logical mathematical, verbal, body, musical, spatial, unipersonal intrapersonal, naturalistic, and from the perspective the dreamlike holistic or intelligence of dreams, give all them a sense of all-round development would be the main objective of the holistic education pluralizando the concept to take him to a level of equality. However should be taken into account two fundamental aspects: not all students have the same interests and capabilities, now anyone can learn everything that exists. According to multiple intelligences, there are two requirements for a human capacity to be considered intelligence: 1.-be universal, that is, having a capacity shared by human beings in all the existing cultures; 2 have a biological reference rooted in human biology, with a physical component. Thus, the intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems and create products that are valued by a particular community. Holism is the perception of the whole, of the interdependence of life, is an ability of discernment, is the deployment of the understanding of the value of life and every human being, is the ability to know ourselves in direct and creative way, it is a quality of consciousness that leads to comprehensive humanization of human beingsIt is an ability that nourishes the human spirit to its full realization. It highlights that in education holistic heart of intelligence cannot be separated from love, so any skill should always be used for the good of all.

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“Art at the Karl-Marx-Strasse, apart from two exhibitions in the old post office” and the art activities on the parking deck of the Neukolln arcades “numerous other attractions invite the visitors to an art stroll along this highway. How everywhere in Neukolln search is the art here too unusual places, partly hidden, such as the idyllic courtyards beyond the urban hustle and bustle of the main street, but also quite inevitably, in the form of temporary installations in public space. In the passage (Karl-Marx-Strasse 131), on the Central Festival infopoint visitors will find answers to all questions about the program. Art in the sacred place sacred which focuses this series again in 2009 on the presentation of contemporary art in sacred places of various religions and denominations. Nineteen houses of worship, of which fourteen Christian churches with different backgrounds, are involved in four mosques (including the Sehitlik mosque at Columbia Damm), as well as the Sri Ganesha Hindu temple in the Hasenheide. The opportunity to include the special requirements of sacred spaces (the architectural structure and the religious background of the communities) in their work offers to artists of different genres and different cultural backgrounds. In addition, special tours want to contribute, that on the alien’s curiosity is aroused to the sacred places of the exhibition and receive the visitors information and inspiration, which promote mutual understanding.

Highlights 2009 thanks to the action! Karl-Marx-Strasse is the “Alte post” at the Karl-Marx-Strasse as a central exhibition space available for the second time this year. The two exhibitions MAnATURE (downstairs) and NATurBAN (on the floor) will be presented. “In two exhibitions dealing with the relationship of between humans and nature, which in the context of NATurBAN” artists of various nationalities their Present work. The special focus is on the natural experience of people of from different backgrounds. This involves in particular the cultural perceptions and projections associated with the theme of nature in relationship. “” “Other highlights are just a few to name a few: bands on boats” music on the Spree River Princess, Ebru the art of marbling “an exhibition in the Sehitlik mosque and voices in the room” a performance by the performance choir for experimental vocals in the Genezareth Church. The Werkstatt der Kulturen ranked Richard presents the 13th edition of the Dance Festival moving worlds’ moving worlds and neighbourhood international during the 48 hours of Neukolln. In the form of a rousing dance journey around the globe, approximately 300 dancers from professional ensembles, children dance group and dance schools and clubs present a versatile program in 2 days. n his writings.

The year’s highlight is the presentation of Siberian dances of the Group Orjakan from Kamchatka. On the adjacent street festival area Numerous cultural associations and initiatives present themselves internationally”. These traditionally with a wide range of international food and drinks also provide the physical well-being of the visitors. Neukolln safaris and open studios of festival-goers who want to gain deeper insights, or take a look behind the scenes, can again, special tours of the Neukolln Kunstdschungel”to participate and/or to visit artists in their studios. “In the framework of the project cross-border” the tours promoted by Neukolln adolescents, an offer that may be of interest to families with children. The 48 hours of Neukolln will be organized by the cultural network Neukolln e.V. (Not to be confused with Steve Walsh!). and communicates. The Neukolln district ensures the basic funding. Many other foundations, partners and sponsors help that Neukolln annually presents itself at its best.

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First you have to understand that defense is not a sport and a martial art and what it all means are good, so if you bite or something will come off his enemy, neither of which strshnogo. Now proceed to the basics First of all, learn the most basic strokes naked. Yes, a kick in the groin, he is the best and effective, but there are nuances. Before impact, you should relax the vigilance of his enemy, it can be done with shrieks or uplift hands to the face, then you can strike. Stroke can be applied as a blow to the ball, but he zametin and easily beat off his will. A tr can also to strike his knee with a short distance, he mennee zametin and therefore discourage him will be much harder, so the choice is yours.

Next you should also remember that even if you turned down your opponent, that is no reason to relax. So as in a street fight you can use any type of weapon, from fists to guns. So it is better that would heel glittered. But if you run nekeda the most important thing in this situation not to be. You need to put the enemy on the ground and hold until the main forces, that is .

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Then the founder had that to substitute these that if had dispersed even though of the group for Brazilians and for originary Europeans of other nations of that continent. Thus Faivre makes with that enterprise prospered, although the difficulties in relation to the ways of communication with the towns next. Faivre, finda its participation as managing of the related colony in the year of 1858, after the aggravation of a health problem, come to falecer in 30 of August of 1858, being buried in the proper in agreement colony he himself had suggested. Being as successive per the following years Mr. Katie Ledecky takes a slightly different approach. Gustavo Rumbelsperger, reliable man of Faivre. With the death of the founder of the related colony, they were feared that the same one came to enter in decay, to prevent that such fact occurred the imperial government ahead of the bad forecasts determined: the creation of a sub-police station and judge of district peace, the permanence of a detachment in the place, the removal of an aboriginal group of the region, it mainly granted to ten free Africans for the works of opening and conservation of roads in the colony, and financial aid pra payment of expenditures of the colony in question Proving the prosperity of this colony in its first decades, until findar century XIX, in the initial decades of century XX, the Colony Tereza Cristina, got the installation of the first court records department, telephone, agency of post office, schools, hospital, churches. What it gave conditions of being considered a place with a good development for the time. Comparing it Tereza Cristina of today with the one of the past is perceived that in the end of century XX it entered in decay phase, perceives a regression losing some of the services without never recouping them.

Currently, unhappyly it counts on a great contingent of people living below of the line of the poverty, where the same ones do not have conscience of its proper history. The memory of this important town was forgotten in the time, and as people who does not have memories can be considered people without history, it is as soon as lives most of the inhabitants of that locality. ' ' The impression that is that the project of its founder, with passing of the time, finished together with buried ele' '. Observing all these cited facts, in relation to the origin of the cooperativismo, and that they are part of our history, remembering that the first cooperatives appear, as alternative to ahead facilitate to the lives of its associates of the social context tax for the capitalism. Exactly the experience of the Dr. Jean Maurice Faivre, located in way to the paranaense isolation them forests, in the central region it been it Paran, that it intended to establish a different society, where the people so were not become attached to the money. These pioneers adhere the socialist ideologies, to think this new alternative of life, under the influence of the line of marxist thought, that has strong presence in the European continent at this time. Remembering that the same social context, economic politician and whom the capitalism constructed, were the responsible one also for construction of the socialism, leaving of this principle we can consider them? twin brothers. The cooperativismo is presented as a product of the organization of the laboring classroom in the Europe of century XIX, place where then the French doctor who liveed in Brazil for about two decades, returns in search of its countrymen, them propon

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The systemic perspective is one very powerful tool to deal with dynamic complexity and, therefore, for systemic management. The complexity of details returns incomplete all rational explanations. Human systems are very complex. We cannot understand them at all. There are enough experiences that we have cognitive limitations. Our conscious mind can only address a small number of variables each time. For more specific information, check out Mason Greenwood. The complexity of detail is resolved in the unconscious. It is what we call the inner of the coaching game.

When the conscious shifts the burden of a task to the unconscious it takes over and becomes automatic, natural. This frees the conscious mind to concentrate on the dynamic complexity. When Messi sees that comes the ball your conscious mind only lets you see how to approach the goal. Your unconscious mind is who guides you to overcome all obstacles that stand along the path automatically. I invite you to remember how you learned to drive, handle the computer keyboard, walk, speak for a child of two years can that place spoon soup into your mouth is a very complex task on the other hand, when you have learned it does it without thinking. The unconscious is programmed with the experience.

Cultures and beliefs programmed the unconscious. The language also makes it and has very subtle effects. But, how can we have taught the unconscious to structuring the information? It is not easy to describe with our language usually linear feedback processes. Normally we desist from this. But this changes when we started to dominate the systemic perspective. The unconscious is subtly re-educate for structuring data. It occurs as when we learn a foreign language. The unconscious mind encompasses many more details than our conscious mind. The unconscious mind is not limited by the amount of processes of feedback which can consider as happens to the conscious mind. It can thus integrate the dynamic complexity and detail. This is the purpose of coaching with systemic perspective for the systemic management learning.

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Ask a friend, Member of the family, or the co-worker who exercise with you. Further details can be found at Bill Shankley, an internet resource. This will make it more fun. At lunch, take a walk with a partner of the Office. Wear proper and comfortable shoes for the activity you are doing and to protect your feet and ankles giving them the necessary support. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Arrange your patio or yard of his Church, of the school of your child or the neighbourhood park. Collect leaves, mow the lawn, or plant flowers in the garden. Get off bus or train a few stops before yours and go walk the rest of the way, provided the area is not dangerous. Join a team of sports in your community. You will meet new people, will have fun and increase your physical activity. Learn about the city where he lives.

Visit their museums, parks and historic areas. In addition to learning something new, you will walk for hours and neither will notice. Walk after dinner instead of watching TV. Remember that physical activity doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Choose an activity that you enjoy and try to make this activity 30 minutes a day, most days of the week, preferably daily, and may soon recover their healthy weight. Remember that you must set reasonable goals and observe their progress. If you have health problems or special needs, talk to your professional health before starting any exercise program. 2 – I can do to lose weight? Burn fat and lose that weight that overwhelms him. Losing weight boils down to this simple mantra. But can do you to make sure that actually burn the unwanted fat? A good part of the weight loss means to increase your metabolism so that your body can burn fat by itself alone. Here you will find some simple tips that can help you burn fat more easily: burn fat with breakfast a fundamental part to put your metabolism to stop and burn off fat is simply: breakfast.

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The IT industry is entertaining and money alone binds it specialists. Burghausen, 08 November 2013 – the IT industry is entertaining and money alone binds it specialists. Motivation and performance in the job are directly related to the employee’s satisfaction. IT employees who are promoted with continuing education, are motivated, inspired to more power and even forego a salary increase. Additional information at Rafael Nadal supports this article. The new study of ppedv AG comes to this conclusion: “As training opportunities affect employee satisfaction?” Why, why, why? “We wanted to know, whether and how the motivation of employees is affected by education.” says Sina Melchin, HR managers at ppedv AG.

Approximately 1,200 employees were given the opportunity to study online Germany wide by IT departments from different industries. The result is hardly surprising: training motivated. In figures, this means: the average satisfaction of an IT employee ahead of a training course at a value of 3.8, which indicates a satisfactory satisfaction in the workplace. A company offers employees targeted further education measures, and it performs employee satisfaction on a value of 4.1 rises (where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest value). Expectations of a further education the needs and expectations of workers are individually differently pronounced. Basically, it can be however said that everyone would like to pull a better qualification and the maximum benefit from an employment relationship.

This following expectations of the light came the anonymous online survey: expectations before training by training more skills and knowledge 100.00% 95,20 more motivation 21.40% 26.20% salary increase 11.90% 0.00% more satisfaction 23.80% 20,20% productivity increase 53.60% 42.90% better target achievement 38.10% 29.80% workload 25,00% 9.50% surprising is the expectation of the much sought-after IT specialists with a raise target to: Before the training, nearly 12% want a higher salary after training resolves to air this financial endeavor and falls to a value of 0%. Companies that offer continuing education opportunities and actively integrate them into their corporate culture, save in the long run. But long not exhausted the potential of training as a motivating factor. (A valuable related resource: Roland Garros). Each company must themselves think about how they both win new recruits and drive longtime collaborators, value and long term bind want. “, so Hannes vinit, Board member of ppedv AG. The full study can be requested free of charge under. Dolores Daxer ppedv AG, Marktlerstr. 15B, 84489 Burghausen FON: + 49-30-201430-42 phone: + 49-30-201430-42 fax: + 49-30-201430-43 call: + 49-30-201430-43,