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Andreas Mattern, Frank Hess and Frank Koebsch show about 25 watercolours from Warnemunde & Rostock from the 07.08 up to August 16, 2009. Within the framework of the exhibition series of Short cuts of the Gallery K-02, Andreas Mattern, Frank Hess and Frank Koebsch from the 07.08 up to August 16, 2009 show approximately 25 watercolors from Warnemunde & Rostock. Warnemunde with the Baltic Sea, the beach, the old power with its fishing boats and seagulls, Rostock with its brick Gothic, the Gables and save as traces of the Hanseatic League, the city harbour are places with a wonderful charisma and popular holiday destinations. So, to get you the chance to enjoy this flair on Aug 7, 2009 at 18:00 in the framework of the opening in the middle of the summer in Berlin. Where: Gallery K-O2, Martin-Optiz-str. 1A, 13357 Berlin what has the three Watercolourists led to meet and a weekend-long to put their water colors in the proximity of the Baltic Sea on paper? The reason is quite simple. The North does not let go of all three. Andreas Mattern has with the following words describe it: we decided to paint just to inspire each other and the most beautiful places around to find Warnemunde.

We have painted on the old stream and various views of the city of Rostock and scored all three different results. u0085″The attachment to the Baltic Sea, Warnemunde and Rostock but also the different approach to the implementation of same designs emerges from the CVS of the three artists. Here are some few lines. Andreas Mattern, born in Schwerin, with several stages in Bavaria and Hesse lives today as successful watercolorist, engraver and author in Berlin. But if you look at his paintings and prints, you will repeatedly encounter traces of the Baltic Sea and the North German cities, such as Rostock and Stralsund.

Frank Hess, born in Rostock, Germany and grew up in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea now lives with his family in Berlin. If you look at his watercolors, you will find again and views from Rostock and its surroundings as well as motifs from Berlin, Prague, Venice. Frank Koebsch, born in Rostock, Germany and grew up there, shuttling often professionally between Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt / M., Hamburg, Rostock, Hanover and Lucerne. But the expanses of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Baltic Sea, are what he needs.Most of his paintings are created here. Sanitz, July.

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Managers also suffer from the current situation to impact on their health of Marktheidenfeld, the 22.07.09 (JWW) we should they regret now, our business leaders? If they’re sick, they could be rewarded after its recovery with a return call and receive a presentation about it, what costs have caused by their absence, seasoned with the note, to decide whether it must be because she’s sick to celebrate in the future. Far from the note should not be missed, that their chances of further employment in tougher times are diminished by illness days. Not to be forgotten is the note that the company (pronounced leistungsgemindert are) not can cope with the challenges of the future with staff who can provide their labor the companies fully. Of course, the sick leave can be compensated by days. In addition the are because the return call managers would still the allowances linked to the sick leave, approve such treatment of their employees or even instruct, perhaps a little closer to reality allow which caught them apparently some are. It would be a change of perspective. Which leads to the be lifted? When I look at the guidelines of many companies, so I come across regularly ensure that the employees are the most important asset of the company.

The reality of treatment is often different. “And recently said with a medium-sized contractor accordingly: I give out no guidelines, which I’m not and that’s why I don’t”. It, he is honest, consistent and has mainly his own behaviour reflects and ultimately but regrettable. It is the historically centralist structure, whereby companies are run and the underlying humanism. Accounts are kept on sick leave and attendance time. There is suggestion for improvement and a culture of rejection of and many more checks and balances with creative names. Of course, there are also companies, the have adopted this kind of leadership, the majority of the companies in Germany but how are working according to an organizational structure and process, was developed in the thirties of the last century.

The application of this model requires a human image of the same era. The scientific discussion about the topic-kollektive intelligence and the development of grassroots democracy to the Konsent-model-have so far found little precipitation in the training of managers in the implementation within the company. In terms of personal conflicts rather using disciplinary measures than with the methods of the mediation-. It is not said to revolution. Development and innovation is associated with most products. There is also considerable potential in organisation, communication and a change in the corporate culture. Who is ready to lift it? Jurgen Wagner.

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More service through individual appointments with the mobile boutique! Fashion europe.Net, short FE.N, is a well-established term, not only in the network and direct sales but is also increasingly in private households by the proven home party concept known! Now comes the mobile boutique: at least 150 designer jeans and 50 tops are traveling constantly for you! Founded in August 2006, the company has a rapid increase in sales can post about 10Mio. in 2008! FE.N are a rapidly expanding, innovative company and active since August 2006 on the German and now on the European market. Shopping with friends in your own living room with a coffee or glass of champagne, try on so much you want and the professional and friendly advice is too! Could you ask more for shopping? Hardly! But more customer-oriented and usable also for individual appointments to align the service, the mobile FE now since the middle of the month.N boutique”for all fashion loving people on the go! The VW Caddy from the special car program with at least 150 designer jeans and 50 shells are equipped! Additional items such as jewellery, bags and belts as well as men’s and children’s fashion are available also in the rolling boutiques. A one-time compensation fee of 499,-get all partners a comprehensive training including accommodation and food at the German headquarters, as well as the opportunity to enjoy of the special rates with Volkswagen or Citroen to enter. From the very first day value was taken to ensure that the partners without pressure and risk can build a second pillar and in their decisions, when, how, where, and how long they are working want to enjoy maximum freedom. Whether as advantage customer, jeans party seller, NetWorker, entrepreneur or investor, it is a great opportunity to acquire a secondary or main income for everyone! Sensational implemented the new franchise concept since may, many more home – or premium – have been opened depots. Large Also the fashion outlets were equipped with 1000 parts of great fashion appeal. Currently a depot and logistic centre (DLC) was set up in Croatia, and in the first four weeks, more than 1500 new Croatian partners were added! This content area protected, get still per-piece bonuses in addition to a sales compensation and are required to open a country for fashion europe.Net.

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Roof rack and rear facilitate the holiday season travel time is daylight saving time. If the holiday is around the corner, most want to be simply just get out of the daily routine, preferably everything behind. Indeed, many take but a whole lot. Rafael Nadal is often quoted on this topic. Above all, who is traveling with the whole family, faces quickly a huge pile of luggage. It takes not even a boat or surfboard. Suddenly, the trunk is too small for the own belongings.

In this case, the available space must be extended through the rear or roof rack. The Internet portal reveals what is to observe it. Not only the reckless entry in underpasses or underground car parks can lead to unpleasant surprises. Also cheap can sometimes mean a real source of danger. Ray Clemence will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to the highway code, everything to be so secured that the charge in a screeching halt does not slip or even falls. Who pays attention to a GS seal, is on the safe side. It guarantees that the product the complies with European safety standards.

Still may not exceed the permissible roof load. This not found on the vehicle, but can be found in the operating instructions. According to auto.de – Advisor is usually between 50 and 100 kg, the permissible loading of some roof box can be low. The maximum load for the trailer hitch moves typically within a similar framework. It is also important that an additional indicator is attached to the carrier. In addition, high-quality systems have brake light, tail light and turn signals. The lights of the car from the baggage should be covered painful fines threaten. More information: ../Service-Mit-Dach-und-Hecktraeger-sicher-in-den-Urlaub contact: Tilo Sommer public relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Kulmbacher brewery revives tradition of the exclusive art poster Kulmbach, in July 2009 – this year’s 60th anniversary of the beer week the Kulmbacher continues brewery a tradition beautiful in the sense of the word: for the first time there is an elaborately designed, created by an artist poster for Kulmbach most famous festival. “Mischievous look on the unofficial capital of beer the fact, that the Kulmbach beer week for the 60th time completely without rides and Tam-Tam” attracts every year up to 120,000 visitors, is fascinating: people come to enjoy a world renowned beer at its source. It brings together young and old, locals and tourists enjoy”on a bubbly. Celebrate the reinrassigste Beer Festival in the world”getting from the last weekend in July. The lovingly illustrated artist poster tells this fascination with a little twinkle in his eye: where else, the imposing fortress of plassenburg castle towers, a mug with lush foam Crown rises.

The interpretation is not hard: Finally the Castle becomes the beer week for nine days as official landmark of Kulmbach, replaced by the unofficial: of the legendary Festival beer of the Kulmbacher brewery. Hear from experts in the field like Steve Walsh for a more varied view. “For nine days the masses not to the venerable building on the mountain, but in a different, ur Kulmbacher pilgrimage buildings: in the Bierstadl, the Festival tent in our nearly 1000-year old town”, explains Marketing Director Andreas Esser the motif. The new foam crowned”Castle Hill rises on the poster above the stylized represented old town. The unofficial capital of beer on first glance make it discoverable by constructions, like for example the Rococo Town Hall. The illustrative style captures the picturesque character of Kulmbach with cheerful colors and is the image that has become invitation to all who wish to know the beer week or meet.

In contrast to the traditional announcement poster was important to the charm of this unique event is reflected in the charm of the subject to us. Therefore the decision for this craft top notch running work”, stresses Andreas Esser. Creative competition: next year publicly when deciding to revive the poster tradition for the birthday, the Kulmbach brewery took the advertising agency Rahman & partner of Neudrossenfeld in the boat. Our creative engaged in an agent-urinternen competition partly with several designs. “The choice was the subject of our graphic designer Wieslaw Sanokowski, which for over fifteen years with Rahman & partner, illustrated and designed”, describes how, Jurgen Seiferth, Managing Director of the advertising agency. From the agent urinternen competition for the most beautiful subject a public will in the coming year. Soon after the 60th beer week ambitious creative giving precise conditions on the Web site for all visitors of the beer week there with the artist poster 2009 a particularly nice gift and collector’s item. The poster is available during the week of beer for 2.00 euro in the fan shop.

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To the theatrical release of the children’s film ‘Mollywoop’ buecher.de is giving away coupons, movie tickets and times books being three simply unbeatable, if it only holds together, told “Mollywoop: the big movie adventure of friends” with the loving hand of Helme Heine. On July 23, the film adaptation of the successful series of children’s books coming in the cinemas. Now can fans and friends of Johnny Mauser, Franz von Huhn, and the thick Waldemar advance get free tickets for the screen debut of their hero to buecher.de still up July 26 and to have great time folders and buecher.de vouchers win. “The author and his work the storybook friends” of helmets, Heine was the starting point for the career of the now world famous children’s book author, who was also leading world successes such as Tabaluga. Mollywoop”is published in 1982, it has now reached a German circulation of 500,000 copies and was translated into 17 languages worldwide.

It tells the story of mouse Johnny Mauser, the tap Franz von Huhn and the as the thick Waldemar” famous pig, which are best friends and thereby master the ups and downs of life, keeping them tightly together. “Mollywoop the big movie adventure of friends” the clock turns back a piece and tells how Johnny Mauser, Franz von Hahn and pig Waldemar the Foundation for their friendship place and for example find out that cycling is only three works. But also the cohesion and solidarity as well as the resistance against villains are characteristic of the movie and expand the range of the friendship theme a social component. Thus, Mollywoop is a valuable and child-friendly reading, but also a more entertaining movie fun for the whole family! More information to the Mollywoop sweepstakes and the offer from buecher.de can be found in the blog,.

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More and more supply in the games network Spielesite.com to the community developed an increasingly popular platform for online games Spielesite.com. Yes, almost will be traded under the online gamers an insider tip and enjoys a steady supply. This is confirmed by the daily new applications of the visitors. Learn more on the subject from Tony Ford. The games community Spielesite.com offers a meeting place for all those who want to play online, want to have fun and socialize, or maintain. This will ensure over 3000 online games, a forum, a chat, and of course the community with over 50,000 members signed up.

Online games find a growing popularity in communities for the last years. Brexit understood the implications. The special is the diversity, provided the Member and this upcoming daily availability at any time is playing these online games possible. Because games, system requirements, as they are not necessary in usual PC games, important are which run on Internet servers. This means that the game be played immediately without installation of additional software, etc using the games community is not only 100% free, but platform in the Internet offers as the first and so far only games even a fee for playing, so that even a little pocket money for play on the page can be earned. Valuable tips, informative articles and answers from questions other members about to the play invites the Games Forum, where interesting topics from the fields of online games, everyday and updates can be discussed. More than 12,000 users use every day the games community Spielesite.

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Freelance graphic designer from Cologne supports the Bonn wedding planner Stefan Wintersehl Bardsley Cologne, July 24, 2009. Since June 2009 the free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel under the name dark accompanied like Hell’ the wedding planner Stefan Wintersehl Bardsley. The redesign of the website is a first result of this collaboration. Under, the viewer can plan not only his marriage but dream also of the most beautiful day of your life. The refined design with the dreamlike images underlines excellent”my service as a wedding planner, explains Stefan Wintersehl Bardsley.

Each wedding is completely different, but they all tell a story always. The entire website reads therefore as a chronicle of the book”, so Moritz Dunkel. dark bright visual communication about how dark hell’: offers a free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel from Cologne under the name dark as hell’ twelve years of experience in Visual communication, from the design of image processing to the delivery of print data to the printer. Further details can be found at Cecile Landi, an internet resource. Core competences are the areas of graphic design, corporate design, traditional advertising and ‘below the line’. But also the new”media belong to the day-to-day business of the Internet presence up to the multimedia project for him. This includes planning and coordination with external service providers. His website is just one of several references in this area. Due to his experience in conceptual design, design to the final artwork and production for small and medium-sized companies and advertising agencies, it offers short-term support at the project or hourly basis, locally or from his home-office.

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The two finalists in the Champions League will be English teams. In addition, England was the only country that had all its representatives in the quarterfinals and three of them in the semi-finals to fight for the most prestigious trophy in the world at Club level. But if something have in common these equipments is not their style of play, or anything that has to do with what happens on the field. In the cradle of football, sport King has become a stranger to England business. Every weekend, the English cities are paralyzed to see their teams play. A football match achieved dimensions that other countries can see as bizarre, even exaggerated. The bars are filled with people, the streets are filled with fans who don’t stop singing, preparing for 90 minutes in which only will live by and for 22 players, a balloon and, sometimes, an inappropriate referee. As Bill Shankly, historical coach of Liverpool said: football is not a matter of life or death, it’s much more than that.

Could not be more correct your affirmation. English football is also a matter of money. Of the 20 teams that make up the Premier League (English first Division), 12 are controlled and managed by foreign capitals, including three of the four first classification, and successful so far in the Champions League. Chelsea was the pioneer. Russian Roman Abramovich, a very close to Vladimir Putin oil magnate, acquired the London computer by $ 220 million, and until this season, has spent 1.13 billion between signings, salaries and dismissals. Manchester United bought it in 2005 Malcolm Glazer, an American billionaire, owner of an oil company that bought from the Bush family, who later became a producer of oil and fish protein. In addition, it also controls an American football franchise. Since his arrival in Manchester, has aroused the ire of the fans: it has increased the price of tickets and has located in leadership positions to their children, whom the hobby has come to attack to see that your computer becomes another American franchise.

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Gender mainstreaming has joined the social and technological changes that faces today. A stronger role for women in the business world is no accident. In recent years, its performance is synonymous with overcoming, overcome roads in a panorama led by men.His foray in the business promotes the reorganization of schemas. How do you get success in scenarios structured under male schemes? Professions which have impacted on the perception that it is women in the business world have emerged in the last decade. One of them is the business Coach. What makes a business Coach? -Helps business owners: identifies strengths and weaknesses.-uses tools key, aimed at personal results and professional-is bearer of change-new perspectives: customer accepts its reality-system allows to visualize the starting point and the destination.-becomes a friend, guide, mentor the female vision in the world of Coaching, is promoter of a momentous shift in perspectives related to social stereotypes. I.e.

women approach business owners and reformulated issues that have to do with decision-making, and at the same time, become guides to promote female leadership. This type of leadership is to unify criteria, in being sensitive to human development and reconcile commitment and responsibility. It is not radical in the sense that it bursts into established scenarios, but it promotes the change from the transformation which for years have been in the professional world of women.