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New advertising service provider offers attention-grabbing brochures. For all independent Optometrists in Germany opens new possibilities in the brochure advertising. For several days the new marketing platform is online and the first optician put together already individually their prospectus, to actively manipulate their market. Have you ever wished that? Simply click complete glasses and glasses prices are determined, and the own strong sales brochure is complete select. The prospectus even in your companies colours will be printed on request. The portal active optiker.eu makes it now very easily, even for novice Internet users”promises the Managing Director marketing, Mike Schumacher, who developed the attention-grabbing brochures of the active optometrists Marketing GmbH with dedicated opticians. The active optometrists cooperate with X-ramvision GmbH, a glass producer, offered the advertised full glasses under its own brands and glasses of our own production.

While the opticians are free, the glasses X-ramvision to order or an other glass producers. To assemble individual advertising online and print was the desire of many X-ramvision customers. There, it seemed to create an uncomplicated way and to develop the site active optiker.eu. Brochures, posters, or mailings that can be ordered with just a few clicks design experienced advertising trade marketing for the active optometrists. Many informative statistics, clear archive and strong sales brochure ideas make the platform a strong promotional partners. The active optometrists offer a simple and inexpensive way for each optician actively to shape their market, significantly increasing the frequency of customer in the store, and generate more revenue. Area protection is a matter of course for our brochures,”explains Annette Marx, Managing Director of both companies, the advantages of the new advertising portal. The first brochure will be distributed from October 18 and is already an impressive launch pad, in the next few months certainly rise further is”, says Annette Marx. We are set on a large pad and associated demand. The fresh colours and the clear layout optician and end customers recognise the brochures of the active optometrists, which will appear every 6 weeks.” MIke Schumacher active optometrists Marketing GmbH

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How and why use article bedding became a fashion item! In contrast to today, the bed linen at the start had only a benefit. Since there is only very cumbersome possible to wash a complete mattress or a complete Duvet, man at night sweats through dreams, high temperatures but also without these influences more and more or less strongly, you had to think of something to wash not always complete bed. By coatings, you had the opportunity simply to protect the entire bed and simply pull off the cover after a certain time and clean only these. Because the bedding were developed at the beginning just hygienically aspects the developers not too were trouble with the optical and fashionable issues. In the early days, most of the coatings was white and even after years there were at most times light cream tones however as selection everything still very simple. If you now consider that the person spends more than a third of his life in the bedroom and He insists but actually very much how something looks and acts, puts value with beautiful fashionable things being surrounded, it was only a matter of time until even in this direction is a development of the bedding. First, then more and more bedding with more colorful colors and also with different simple patterns was created! Point out two young design students from the Ruhr area took on the task to get a little fashionable swing in the bedroom of the German. They met with artists from different areas and created the Suenos bed linen! The bedspreads of suenos reach held patterns of very playful images very easy.

Covers for many different tastes, which nevertheless all fitted also with similar basic characteristics are in the range. Also in the point comfort have been the inventor. Bed linen with complicated buttons used to be provided. Suenos equips its coatings with convenient zippers. Markus deletion

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Now active living kitchen as active living part of the kitchen and is adjusted in the design, as well as the personal desire. There is boiled together with acquaintances and friends, fed and spent time together. Often, the furniture in the foreground are however rather, cabinets, tables and chairs are selected visually and functionally suitable, but most here forget the kitchen faucet although grad this finds multiple uses every day. Now the manufacturer not only on functionality and ease of use make sure the optics also plays a huge role in the present day. So, for example the series of 100 of company Steinberg is aimed exactly on these aspects.

High reliability and timeless design go hand in hand here. The operation of the single lever mixer is completely straightforward, who seamlessly joins with its purist shape the look of the series. Low noise ceramic cartridges, long time proven, provide an easy-to-use adjusting of the amount of water and Temperature. These fittings are manufactured from solid brass, which is then chrome plated. Quality control is an important feature of this. In the manufacturing process will be respected explicitly on every detail, so that the customer can call his own perfectly functioning as well as visually perfect piece of jewelry.

Whether with high and swivel spout, with integrated pull-out hand spray, or also as a professional kitchen faucet, the 100 series captivates your clear shapes and thus fits easily in almost any living room. That connect a kitchen fitting of company Steinberg is completely straightforward, because they are supplied with all needed materials. The dimensions of the fittings are subject to the standards, and are thus easy to integrate in every household. Got interested and think about it, functionally and visually, according to your needs to enhance your kitchen? Then you look at closer look but the product range of the company Steinberg. David Annas easybad.com

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Since October 2007 on success course interactive interviews, book community are no longer a rarity in the digital age. Where stars and starlets often question and answer are your followers in dedicated chat rooms, now is (reading is sexy) offering of interactive communication and increasingly expanding the range of author interviews. No matter whether best-selling author Sebastian Fitzek, Christoph Marzi or Andrea Schacht. Literatina.de registered members can enter and interactively participate in the editorial interview. Be strengthened in particular the direct communication between author and reader should dismantle not only existing barriers, but to promote direct dialogue and to offer the possibility, at home on the computer, his questions. Otherwise than in open discussions at the end of a reading readers and authors can determine here the time for question and answer themselves. Without any loud voices and hand messages. In the future also want the makers of Literatina.de – so the goal- Can offer opportunity to interview VIP BBs from film and television about their reading habits or favorite books on the part of the user to leave.

When this is feasible and how is the response on the part of the respondents, which are in the public interest, is not yet known. The fact that this “The book and not the celebrity in itself” or indiscreet questions the main focus should be, should all users in advance be made clear. With currently 760 registered members and 700,000 page views in the month of Literatina.de is since the launch in October 2007 one of the auftrebendsten literature portals in the German-speaking Internet. The service and the offer of Literatina.de is free for all members and visitors. In addition to editorial contributions and direct reference to the own book reviews (www.literaturreport.com) are involved mainly in the design of the content the users of Literatina.de and report independently on cultural and specifically literature topics discussed then virtually be. audiobooks (audiobook magazine independent) about (issue 3/2008) reading is an adventure. Strangely enough those who take this adventure are considered, still bereft fun brake. Last night, I’ve read the new Murakami ready” that sounds just rather still mineral water as after a strong White Russian. Literatina confronts the bookworm-image: ‘Reading is sexy!’ is the motto.

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Forms of meditation, meditation forms have been developed to suit the lifestyle of modern man, can that do not place on silence and passivity, but that you find through physical movement and interaction with the outside world to himself. Swarmed by offers, Arizona Cardinals is currently assessing future choices. In a world of noise, speed and media overstimulation belong to the everyday life of most people, active meditation might also prepare a contemplative stage of meditation in their different orientations. Physical development helps to bring awareness in an appropriate State of readiness. The active meditation allows no introspection, but a psychophysical agreement with itself. During the active phase of meditation, disruptive energies are shaken off, danced away and breathed out. Silencing the voices of everyday life and body and mind be at peace with himself. Often, dance or sports are counted to the active meditations. Guided meditations for beginners often start with physical activity and end in one of the traditional resting positions. Widely found this combination as a dynamic meditation and Kundalini meditation through the teachings of the mystic Osho. However, active meditation is not a new concept among the traditional practices include Zen Buddhism, yoga, body and careful dealing with the outside world for many hundred years in meditation. Further information on the different types of meditation in the lexicon of meditation under

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The smiling hotel that is the motto of the flair hotels o Doherty. Welcome and at the same time also charming family Obermueller in the own House welcomes its guests in typical Bavarian style. The cheerful “Gruss Gott” blends into the atmosphere so skillfully as in the beauty of the Passauer land. Grammys is a great source of information. Only a few kilometres from the romantic Passau, inspire traditions and nature large and small alike. Assuming the flair Hotel head Miller is never far away to places that make life worth living.

Service and hospitality are in the House of family Obermueller only uppercase, but are noticeable and within your grasp. In the morning, invites the spacious panoramic terrace for breakfast outdoors, relax and dream. There are the little things that make a holiday special at the hotel o Doherty. The afternoon will be sweetened by the numerous traditional delicacies from the family’s own pastry shop. But apart from the many culinary Family o Donnell has delights with its charming flair far more to offer hotel and so, ranging from the small adventures for families to extended active travel. The numerous activity programmes take guests to the most beautiful pages of the Bavarian Forest and show especially semolina Unterbach, a traditional resort, with all its faces.

Adventurous trips and extended tours make a compelling and prestigious address Hotel head Miller, especially for the many motorcycle fans. With insider tips, extensive maps and numerous proposals, the upper Miller from a bike tour through the Bavarian Forest make a high-quality experience. It is starting from the hotel o Doherty never far to the numerous features and attractions that make this area special. The motto of Forever Young”pervades the hotel o Doherty like a red thread and delighted young and old alike, because enjoyment, comfort and warmth are the team of the House in the first place.

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The xplosion interactive GmbH is strengthening its team Nile Gardiner and sales expert Torsten Stawicki with IT professional. Nile Gardiner, head of business intelligence, and Torsten Stawicki, head of sales, the team of xplosion interactive GmbH with support two experienced experts. Hamburg, February 23, 2011: the success of their intelligent retargeting product to increase xretarget, the xplosion interactive GmbH strengthens Nile Gardiner and sales expert Torsten Stawicki your team with IT professional. Nile Gardiner is responsible for leading the business intelligence team since February 16, 2011 at xplosion as head of business intelligence. He was fascinated by the work with large amounts of data. And I forward the business model of xplosion, with a young, highly motivated team of analytical findings continue to optimize.

“, thus 34. Nile Gardiner is the ideal candidate for the xplosion. He has a data warehouse expertise and extensive knowledge of the market. He was also already successfully on the establishment and development of business intelligence of XING AG with”, so Daniel Neuhaus, Managing Director xplosion interactive GmbH. For even more details, read what Patricia Rooney says on the issue. Nile Gardiner consultant at SoftLab GmbH and as Director of business intelligence at the XING AG worked in the past as IT Most recently he was scientist as Manager for SHS VIVEON AG diploma.

Since February 1, 2011, the diploma also supports Economist Torsten Stawicki team xplosion as head of sales. xplosion is well positioned with its product xretarget in the online marketing market. For me, it is a great challenge to expand this market position”, so Torsten Stawicki. The 44 technologies GmbH newtention as head of sales at the company already gained experience for the upcoming tasks and as a senior sales manager at the ADTECH AG. Through his many years sales experience in online marketing and its high design strength for the common development solutions Torsten Stawicki is customized a great addition for us”, explained Daniel Neuhaus, CEO of xplosion interactive GmbH, the occupation. About xplosion interactive GmbH: xplosion interactive is the partner for tailor-made retargeting services headquartered in Hamburg. As a member of the EOS Group xplosion interactive part of the internationally active OTTO group and has a far-reaching E-Commerce and Internet literacy. xplosion is always engaged in the market and the demands of a successful Internet business and developed new and innovative ideas for the dynamically personalized banner placement on the Internet. Conversion based payroll forms (CPO, revenue share) ensure a partnership-based, results-oriented cooperation. Customers include well-known companies such as o2, Bon Prix, SportScheck. contact for more information: xplosion interactive GmbH Christian Brandt Steindamm 71 20099 Hamburg phone: 040 2850 7003 email: agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

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How to reach the objectives? The first step is to define towards where you go, which you wish, your dreams and everything what you yearn for. By absurd that seems, for many people there is no it more routine, with few variants, and finish extinguishing the fire, the passion and the enthusiasm with which they initiated his lives. If they ask to them, for example, Why you are going to work today? They answer: Because I need to eat and to pay the rent. In a world that offers thousands of opportunities, more of 95% of the people they will rise tomorrow to go to work, to have whereupon to eat and to thus be able to continue living, soon to rise on the following day, to go to its work and to continue again with that vicious circle. The personal success begins with a pencil, a paper and your decision to write and to elaborate an action plan, that is not more than the map will lead than you by your way towards the summit of the success. It spends some hours in it; the time that you use in realising this exercise will be the best investment than you have done in your life. First lesson in your way towards the success, is to discover towards where you go.

This is, without doubt, the most important question that you will have hacerte. The answer must be clear and accurate because if you do not know towards where you go how you will develop a plan that allows you to arrive there? Pregntate: Where you would wish encontrarte within five or ten years and what you would wish to be doing? What job class you will be carrying out? Where you will live? How it will be your house? What class of automobile you will have? What deports or recreational activity you will wish to be practicing? What new ability you yearn for to acquire? In what class of communitarian activities you would want to participate? To where you long for to travel? What activities you would wish to enjoy in company of your family? Once you have answered these questions: A list of everything elaborates what you wish to obtain in the short and long term. It includes your material, professional and spiritual dreams. It writes which you would like that they were your profits in twenty or thirty years. Sean Rad has similar goals. It thinks that only you have ten years of life. It writes what you wanted to reach in that time that is yours and you would invest how it. Or simply it writes: He here a list of everything what wanted to obtain with my life if had the money, the time, the talent and the support of my family of way ilimitada. Your dreams are the force that motivates all actions; they are the reason for which you rise in the morning and you are going away to work; they are the fuel that maintains agile your to walk, give to the energy and the discipline you to develop the new habits that you need to acquire to prevail. It already initiates your way towards the personal success and you do not allow that nobody goes without your sleep to you!