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Horacio E. Experience from 1989 to 2000 Camors Hector M. Construction Real Estate Sales Camors House for rent, home made and third parties. Sales of lots for enterprises of rural housing construction management of municipal approval of survey and subdivision. Sale of fields throughout the province. Holiday homes, apartments, offices, warehouses and shops, with corresponding risk study of customers based on information supplied by the customers, antecedents of the services obtained from credit risk and that of our real estate network. Valuations of land, houses, shops and offices for rent and sale. SALE RENT Camors 2000’2007 Holder Signature Dedicated to the sale of properties UrbanosAlquileres Sub Urban and housing estate offices and commercial premises ruralesTasaciones sales and rental of housing and commercial property class electrician Technical Education 1988 ENET n 1 Gral Manuel Belgrano completed 4th year of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UNNE. Professional Registration 506/1997 auctioneer auctioneer and Realtor, Faculty of Law at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral 2005.

Certificate of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS Agents Real Estate Appraisal Certificate courses in the province organized by the College of Martilleros, Real Estate Chamber and Buenos Aires organized by the Real Federacion Argentina. Courses Sales, Marketing and Customer Care organized by the Chamber of Commerce Chaco Court Appraisal Course Appraisal of the Nation 2008 Interest Socio Camara Inmobiliaria del Chaco. Integro conduction as Vice Chairman of the House Property Partner Chaco Chaco Martilleros College .. Participate in meetings of the College of Martilleros del Chaco. Participate in meetings of the Federation as a delegate Property Argentina CICH.

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Here's how I look at advertising cottage village "Marienburg" on local tv, in a magazine or on billboards and tear, as they say, vague doubts. By historical German names in the field, I'm neutral. That is do not call me back, but also to "double" in popular speech'm more than quiet. Koenig – Koenig is, I myself called so, depending on the situation, the city can be called Kaliningrad, may be Koenigsberg. Yes, and Friedland causes more historical associations than Pravdinsk (Just quietly, I am a St. Petersburg-Leningrad, both names are eligible, depending on the context). Michael J. Bender may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

But this one Marienburg makes me God knows what, not understand the feelings. That kind of houses, cottages beautiful beach, all that elite, European And I would not want to live in this Marienburg. In Koenig – live and in Marienburg – do not want. Wrong. Wrong to call for Russian city on earth "European manner". Historic name – it is one of those historic names – the aura and the seven hundred years of history. And from the modern "Marienburg" – nothing but contempt for domestic pret.

This, incidentally, to many of Moscow Region "Switzerland" concerns. Housing estates – it's good, I'm not quite revolutionary, and even approve. Just dress is not necessary. French with Novgorod combined bad.