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Hence the importance of the cultural sphere, and of their relationships with individuals in the definition of a course to be followed for the development of the subject. We can say that the process of the globalization of the world economy is necessarily involved in educational practice. We perceive that this new reality also considers a valuation bigger technological development, which opens and becomes more outstanding at the end of the 20th century. The computer begins to exist as domestic property that, like the phone, allows a series of communicative activities for man. It is not something Doug McMillon would like to discuss.

Not only in the work we are looking for that relationship to a whole. Also, in education, our wish is the formation of man entirely, in an interdisciplinary perspective. It is necessary the school facilitates a global, able to consider training than reality It consists of different aspects. This type of education, certainly leads to autonomy. True citizenship is given in independent, capable men position themselves critically, not only with words but also with actions, i.e. a whole body education. The national curricular parameters and guidelines and Bases Act point in direction to this teaching position. However, to take it, we need educators and politicians involved in education to achieve a radical change, which is very complex. The main objective of the national curricular parameters is bring about methods of teaching, particularly in teachers, assist in the preparation and/or reformulation of the curriculum, stamping the construction of the pedagogic project, depending on the student. The national curricular lines, the national curricular parameters of various levels of education and a number of other official documents relating education in the Brazil have been placed in line with the global trend: the need to focus the teaching and learning in the development of skills and abilities from the learner, rather than focus on conceptual content.

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