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To start talking about psychoanalysis, either for or against, we must begin by discarding some prejudices: 1 a “today weighs about psychoanalysis being considered by many an ancient discipline, ie, old-fashioned. In a Western world that produces and consumes new psychotherapies at breakneck speed, many of them ephemeral existence, this relative antiquity means that if you’ve survived is because many people have found benefit in psychoanalysis over time, clinical results incontestable, so we could consider this more extensive career as a virtue rather than a defect. 2 a “is often confused with psychoanalysis with its external attributes, widely disseminated by film and literature: the couch, the analyst silent, the long duration of treatment. But psychoanalysis can do without so much as the silence of the couch, and its duration is only necessarily long in some cases, especially those who aspire to become psychoanalysts.

There are other treatments that analysts call rapid therapeutic effect, or applied psychoanalysis focused, brief psychoanalysis, psychoanalytically oriented brief psychotherapy, according to various schools and currents. a So what differentiates psychoanalysis from all other psychotherapies: 1 a “Psychoanalysis, Freud since its foundation, aims to wipe out the rigid boundaries between health and disease. A leading source for info: Michael J. Bender. For him no one is quite healthy or totally sick of deriving some consequences: a “To become a psychoanalyst is to practice psychoanalysis in advance analysand condition (ie, patient), a demand that exists in no an alternative treatment.

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