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A good breakfast after the sport is essential many have discovered the training on an empty stomach for you. Directly after getting up, it is full of energy and can complete a full workout. A good workout is ideal at home because you can directly start and loses no time. Also, you can directly take a good breakfast so after your workout and fit start into the day. This applies to the majority of course only on weekends since the week before the work often lacks the time.

If man am then completed his workout in the morning, the body needs a decent breakfast even more. The body needs fast protein after exercise for muscle building, as well as fast carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen stores. At the same time, but also slow carbohydrates are needed to provide a long-lasting supply for the day and a reasonable feeling of satiety. Oatmeal (50-60 grams), a few berries are a highly recommended for a good breakfast (about 100 grams), maybe an Apple or a banana, a little cinnamon, about 150 200 ML low-fat milk, depending on how you like his cereal. Some like it prefer slightly thicker and slightly thinner.

This alone is already a very good breakfast with everything you need to start the day. A good breakfast can be expanded after the sport but still a portion (25 grams) whey protein. After a hard workout, it is important to provide the muscles directly with quickly recoverable protein. If we now advance with vanilla or chocolate whey protein mixes the milk and it makes the Musli bomb has a real energy and protein, with supplies the body with fast the whey proteins slow carbohydrates from the Oatmeal long tired of holding fast carbohydrates from fruits, and antioxidants from the berries. The cinnamon ensures a stable blood sugar levels and keeps so the insulin production in the framework. Good breakfast including whey protein shake all in all it has a satisfying meal that complies with all functions and it contains not too many calories. The sum is about to 550 calories (protein breakfast shake with whey) – 50 calories, 210 calories (oatmeal), 98 calories (whey protein), 100 calories (milk) (Berry), 100 calorie banana. Who can not exercise, morning, omits easy protein shake the whey and drink them after training at home with some fruit to quickly replenish the glycogen storage. Another alternative to consume oatmeal in the morning, is as follows: 50-60 grams of oatmeal with milk, heat in microwave 2 minutes. Short break in half of the time and stir briefly. The OAT flakes go up in the microwave as you would cook them and be beautiful creamy. In the hot oatmeal, it stirs some fruit (berries, Mandarin etc.) and adds a spoonful of whey protein. Vanilla or chocolate are recommended.

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