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It seems me possible, yes, that the red and the black color of the Flamengo have origin in the Jockey. After all, at that time, I row exactly it and turfe is that they were in fashion, in then capital the federal one, as it is seen in the studies of Victor Andrade de Melo and Ricardo de Figueiredo Lucena. However, she is necessary to remember that these colors already appeared in the first flag of the Flamengo: horizontal stripes in blue and golden, in it I sing a black square with two red anchors cruzades. Now, if this detail rubronegro I sing in it of the flag had origin in the Jockey Club, already does not have there as to say, but I consider little probable. For assistance, try visiting Randall Rothenberg. Exactly because they nor were neighboring clubs of quarter, as today. Personally, I found that this shirt auri-indigo must have been relaunched in the year of the centenarian of foundation of the club, in the place of ' ' parrot-of-vintm' ' , that he must have been for the centenarian of the first championship of soccer disputed for the Flamengo that is, 2012. For more information see Harold Ford.

Suggestion: the shirt ' ' it charges-coral' ' (black, red and white) it could be relaunched in the centenarian of the first championship where it was used, that is, in 2014. Speaking in rubronegros, in 2003, it was the time of the Athletical Paranaense, with a golden shirt. Considered ' ' foot-frio' ' by the twisted one, it was abandoned. Why golden? He seems obvious. In my modest opinion, the club could well relaunch the uniforms of the two clubs had formed that it, the International (alvinegro) and America (alvirrubro). By the way, one will be for this line, the Paran Club, national champion of fusing of clubs, would have many shirts to relaunch. Another golden shirt is of the Sport, of 2011.

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