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DeDICIT OF ATTENTION DISORDER WITH AND WITHOUT HYPERACTIVITY INTRODUCTION In recent years, parents, teachers and scholars have paid particular attention to those children who by nature are considered pesky. Restless, impulsive, aggressive, etc. Some of you have begun to enter the subject and there has heard of ADD Attention Deficit Disorder with and without hyperactivity. Anxiety, fear and ignorance generally have often lead to uncertainty about both for educators and for parents. Home and family dynamics you have noticed that the child usually can not sit still. Seems to be no quiet moments at home. You begin to worry about the reasons that cause the condition.

Questions like: – What is the disorder? – Whom to contact? – How is it diagnosed '- Why do some children develop it and others not? – What will happen in the future? – How you can help in school and at home? WHAT IS ADHD? It is a complex neuropsychological status. There is a change in the way of information the brain nervous. No single cause simple. And is characterized by: – Short Term Care. – Frequent distractions – impulsivity – hyperactivity AD may occur associated with other problems which include: – Emotional – Behavioral – From learning: academic difficulties – Family – Social. ORIGINS OF AD This is a trastornogenetico-inherited.

padreslo one or both suffer. 1 .- CHARACTERISTICS OF ADD Hyperactivity: Excessive motor behavior or movement. – They are in constant motion. – They stand. They sit down.

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