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the original – too close proximity of the hands of equilibrium (balance hand) In this case, you will be hard to control the ball when the throw, especially if it will run at a speed or after the reference. To attempt to make an accurate Shot in the case when your balance hand is too close to the throwing arm, you will need more space and time. If, however, will be back next will be much harder to throw the ball. Think like throwing Dejan Bodiroga, the cast is just so different that his hands were placed on the ball close to each other. He was a great player, but the same shot from behind the arc, he served as a place with little or no jumping and most often when close to it was not a defender. Toss with carrying hang his shot at the height of a jump or a moment before you reach it. Otherwise, you will have passed the highest point of his jump when you have to throw exert extra effort to hand to throw the ball into the side of the ring, plus you increase the time of his throws.

You can see this lack of a playmaker Kazan ‘UNICS’ and the Russian team of Peter Samoilenko, when He performs three-point attempt. Throwing from behind the arc, he releases the ball has crossed after the high point of his jump. This deficiency negatively affects the accuracy of his shots from the perimeter of the addition, such a manner implementation creates tangible difficulties for Peter when attacking the basket, when the defender is near him. Too deployed Jose Calderon elbow History very clearly shows how the correct position of the elbow when throwing can improve your percentage of hits in throwing the race. If your elbow when throwing your hands too deployed in the direction you will experience problems with the correct line of the ball to the basket.

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