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It is possible that this possessed by demons never professed no religion, never went to a church, never fast nor prayed, sure that the man was a tremendous sinner, possibly a criminal, but look at this writing as it recognises Jesus and tells him: you are God’s Holy what do you see?. 6 MAT. 12-24: These Pharisees doctors of the law which were believed to be saints, said: this not casts out demons, otherwise by Beelzebub Prince of demons. A) the Prophet said: a possessed by demons, is much more spiritual than a Dr. In theology believed to be holy. The devil is more theologian than any studied man, is Christian Science psychology, etc. why? Because they were there before having been thrown here on Earth, they know God is like.

But that they tremble. 7 SANTIAGO 2-19: says: that the demons believe and tremble, we continue with the demons that know you. 8 Facts 19 – 13 – 16: itinerant exorcists could not eject, but well, they ran, naked and injured, because the devil know you read your Bible brother. A) here comes the text that I put as a base. 9 MAT. 8-16: With the word cast out the demons. 10.

LUCAS 4 – 1 – 13: have the ahem. When Jesus confronted Satan writing, written is. 11 HEBREWS 4-12: the word of God is like a double-edged sword. A) which Word? 12 MAT 10 – 1: writing this Satan. My Lord gave us authority over the unclean spirits, so we echasemos them out and heal every disease. 13 MAR 16 – 17 – 18: these signs shall follow you them that believe, in my name cast out demon. A) but first I recommend to do as Jesus said. 14 MAT 12-29: because how can one enter into the House of the strong man and loot their property, if you first do not tie it? And then he will plunder his house.

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