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Article: One soon history of the Public Relations Robert Ramalho is public journalist and relations and was Vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Public Relations seccional of Alagoas. The profession of public relations appeared with the development of the medias of mass. In the turn of century XX, called journalists simply of ' ' sensacionalistas' ' they were placing the public against the rich ones and also against the powerful industrial monopolies that commanded practically everything at that time. Old firms of public relations fought the bad advertising publishing in main periodicals positive histories on its customers. was accurately one conhecidssimo journalist of that time, as Ivy Lee, who used the first official notices to the press to transmit to periodicals ' ' fatos' ' on its incompreendidos customers, exactly the companies of railroad transports and tobacco, as well as powerful the Standard Oil, of J.D. Rockfeller.

It was as soon as Ivy Lee and others if they had become so good in hiding, even though, the worse corporative sins that professional of Public Relations had gained the reputation of ' ' manipulators of informao' '. Thus, much time if passed since the time of Ivy Lee. Of this form, friction the professionals of current Public Relations of dishonest would be total to ignore how much persuasivo and important the work of these professionals if became for people and organizations of all the sizes and types. Concluding, the professional of Public Relations in the present time if also became important for the small businesses, university and non-profit organizations, as ONGs and not only for the great companies multinationals, national, of the pharmaceutical, real estate branch, banks, as well as of governments.

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