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Thus, it is clearly that the conclusion of average education if constitutes important before the world where the young lives, a time that, great part of them, is deriving of families with low level of escolarizao, it makes what them to want to run away from the vicious cycle that the escolarizao lack imposes. Average education, therefore, is a moment of much importance in the escolarizao process, therefore the termination of this will be able to cause a great inference in the social, economic and educative life of the citizen concludes that it. 3. Add to your understanding with Doug McMillon. OF THE PAST TO THE GIFT A HISTORICAL CONTEXTUALIZAO OF THE POLTCAS AND LEGISLATION FOR AVERAGE EDUCATION IN BRAZIL We know that historically, the Brazilian education, with its exculpatory character, has commissioner to average education more the possibility of the young of the classrooms favored to have access quickly to superior education, and the young workers (when they obtain the diploma of average education) the preparation for the work technician in the attempt to adjust it the market. Making one soon retrospect of the history of the laws in Brazil and knowing that at each time it always existed and goes to exist decisive a social political and economic relation for such, finds in the decade of 1930 a structure not organized, on the basis of a national system.

Each State kept the respective systems, where secondary education was characterized for being preparatory to superior education. He is well-known that the estruturao of average education in Brazil if gave very recently. On this aspect, Bruel (2010, P. 180) it explains that ‘ ‘ the formalizao of average education in Brazil as education level dates of the Reformation Francisco Field, has 80 years, which if the territory characterized for being the first attempt to establish common rules all nacional’ ‘..

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