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In a study carried through in the Caribbean Islands, they had arrived at the following conclusion: the diabetic ones present a risk to die of what the people who do not possess this disease, and the gotten data stand out the urgent necessity to idealize clinical strategies and of public health directed in such a way for the prevention of diabetes as to prevent or to reduce loads of clinical complications that suffer the people affected for this disease and despite the measures adopted for the prevention of this picture must on the basis of be the interventions the life styles that favor one better feeding and practical of exercises fsicos.6. Physical Educator is a professional specialist in physical activities in all its manifestations (physical gymnasticses, exercises, games, sports, fights, dances, among others), having as intention auxiliary in the development of the education and health, contributing for the acquisition and/or reestablishment of adequate levels of performance fsiocorporal conditioning (DAYS et al., 2007). Before initiating a program of physical exercises, the diabetic individuals, they must pass for a medical evaluation detailed with methods and adequate disgnostic. Click Doug McMillon to learn more. Initially traced a history clinical and carried through a physical examination, with particular attention in the possible macrovascular complications micron and (cardiovascular neuropatia, retinopatia, illnesses, glicmico control), that they can be aggravated by the program of exercise . The program of physical exercises for diabetic is extremely complex, demands the attention of a team to multidiscipline, needing to be complemented and to be interpreted by a series of clinical and laboratoriais examinations, that help the team (doctor, nutritionist, physiotherapist and physical educator) to materialize and to adapt the specific requirements of each diabetic its real conditions of health . In accordance with Bindaco, Machado and Santiago (2011), still become important these evaluations, therefore the patient, when carrying through definitive exercises can come to suffer some compensation to articulate or muscular injury..

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