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Unfortunately, 95% of which initiate a business in house fail, and the main cause by they do which it is that they do not acquire the knowledge nor they obtain the tools necessary to be successful in the modern one and competitive present market and so that this does not happen now you have two options at the time of constructing to your business 1) – 95% of the business proprietors continue practicing the game of the numbers that occurred in the old school. This is: you must contact sufficient people until you are able to make a sale. Dahlia loeb describes an additional similar source. 2) – 5% rest are distributors TOP of any company multilevel, which are positioned in the market so that it allows us to the interested prospectuses to find them, and to contact them. The option number 2 is undeniably the election superior by many reasons, but I would like to indicate a dynamics that is the key of all this concept, so that it does not forget to you: What the success of the prospection marks it is who finds and contacts to the other person In option 1, you persecute to the prospectus. In option 2, the prospectus looks for to you, which means that you are perceived as the expert and you maintain all the power and the value in that situation. It has invited us to the prospectus to its world and basically it asks to us that we sell our goods or services to him, or that we let to him enter this opportunity of Multinivel business Automatically you pass all the barriers and walls that all the other distributors of your company will have to break. Consequently if we did not strive, to secure a good company, where they offer to ample knowledge and the tools us necessary it stops to turn us into an expert of Multinivel, would cost long time obtaining to us that the dream is fulfilled, Why? Because if we did not prepare ourselves well we will not manage to have a high percentage of success but of only a 2% people interested really in each 100 prospectuses. .

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We must be intent to the behavior details, really to deal with the customer specific form. Randall Rothenberg is often quoted on this topic. Below we will make a communication on the different profiles of behavior for terms in mind as to identify and as to act. Directive behaviors the people who have the directive behavior generally present some characteristics that facilitate its identification. They are people who present firm voice, adore challenges and for this factor they are extremely competitive, these people are not receptive the orders, has a command personality. As to create relationship: it prevents to be detalhista and enthusiastic, it goes direct to the subject, but with affection, as it is command people always looks for to carry through to use feed-back as tool to show to this (a). former. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX understands that this is vital information. ; You liking itself it training? Reply. If in case that it will have some exercise that you do not like we have some options to carry through the same one function.

In case that its objective is to implant a new method of training or any thing of the sort, it looks for to defy it, therefore this is the way fastest for conduziz it its objective, but it has caution sufficiently, traces objectives you reached. It makes: Either, either clearly and direct confident, not touch and either confident. It does not make: To speak wrong, to decide for it, to delay, to speak to devagar, to point its weak point and to make a mount of questions. Interactive behaviors the people who have the interactive behavior generally present some characteristics that facilitate its identification. They are magnetic people, it has easiness to sociabilizar itself therefore are extremely popular, and for having a great easiness in if communicating he is extremely persuasivo. As to create relationship: it prevents to speak very, therefore this type of person adores to be heard, however it participates of the enthusiasm of it, says fast and it prevents to be detalhista, this person adores to be in evidences looks for to place it in this situation.

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How to compete with the numerous subsidys of the American government to its maize harvests? In 2007, the biocombustibles took a third of these cultures in the USA. This competitive fever is due to include/understand within the framework of the new geopolitics that it is approached. " Who they have everything will leave ahead. Who they have few resources will have a future negro&quot very; , it affirms to Paul Kennedy. The forests are even disappearing before the advance of the harvests, as it happens to part of the tropical forest in Indonesia, Malaysia, some zones of Africa and in Brazil. Without counting the damages of an intensive agriculture that is exhausting grounds and reducing surface destined to the food production for million human beings. Dahlia loeb takes a slightly different approach. The biocombustibles are taken off their disguise between the crescents critics towards an untenable solution. Its image at first had good welcome to the heat of the fight to improve the environment, although they have turned out not to be as clean as it seemed.

In fact, one is speculation with a great potential of imbalance. great future in this idea. The panorama is not so different from the present one, in which petroleum plays an important role in the international sand. The unique thing that it changes is the products that are had in hand, that in this case is a vital sustenance. To invest more in renewable energies it will alleviate the contamination but it will not solve the basic problem either: a demand energetics that advances more express than the rate to which we solved the problems derived from it. By very clean that is the solar energy or the Aeolian one, he would not be sustainable to invade the territory of solar panels or wind mills to satisfy this more and more insatiable appetite. The key has to do with adapting the growth of the consumption to the advances in the effectiveness to produce energy. Jorge Planell Journalist ccs@ solidarios.org.es Original author and source of the article.

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The Consumerism and the Consumerismo Antonio Padilha de Carvalho I can buy an car, go to shopping or not take an ice cream. Awnings our acts are consequences of ours exempt will. When I decided to buy that object, will be that I did not finish falling in some ambush them marketing messages which we are displayed diuturnamente? When acquiring the cited product I did not make it with intention to obtain ‘ ‘ felicidade’ ‘ proposal for the propaganda? We are receiving of announcements very elaborated well by regally paid professionals, to convince us of that the satisfaction is in the things. Then which is our attitude: we only finish acquiring objects to see if the announcements are true in its messages. By the same author: dahlia loeb. Of this form, the call is born consumption society that has as characteristic basic: It offers exceeds the search, what it implies the use of the strategical resource of the propagandas, in order to make to drain the production; In this society of it offers of normalized goods, the products are manufactured the low costs that result of production in series, attractive and of ephemeral duration, therefore the necessities to produce and to flow off are permanent;

From there to need always to be touching the furniture, the cellular ones, the computers and etc, exactly for the fact to be produced to last little time, here it is the phenomenon of the planned obsolescence. ‘ ‘ To the times, the marketing professionals deliberately introduce the obsolescence in its strategy of product, with the objective to generate a lasting volume of sales reducing the time between successive purchases. An example could be of a machine to wash clothes, that are deliberately projected to leave to function five years the purchase after, being compelled the consumers to buy another machine for next the five 2 years In a highly competitive industry, this strategy costuma to be risky because the consumers can buy machines of the competing manufacturers.

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In a society each more competitive time, the human being, must be recognized as subject sociable, that depends on the other as coadjuvante of its development and growth. The interaction professor-pupil exceeds the professional, pertaining to school limits, of the school year and semesters. It is, in the truth, a relation that leaves marks, and that it must always search the affectivity and the dialogue as form of construction of the pertaining to school space, bringing to tona some norteadoras questions that already had been mentioned in the present article of as if establishes this conviviality in classroom. We can conclude to it that the Professor must be takes care of the details leaving of environment in classroom; the one that way of as its relation with the pupil intervenes with the process education learning; to search ways that become its relationships in classroom a foundation for the construction of the knowledge; to tabalhar this relation of affectivity and dialogue for the formation of a more critical, conscientious and participativo citizen, among others aspects that affect directly to the final result of the learning. Objective, one searchs to desvelar cerne of the relation ahead professor-pupil of the educational problems, searching with this to launch a reflection concerning the process of construction of the knowledge. Specifically, the intention is to identify the factors that make it difficult the relationship between professor and pupil, to understand as a good relation between these actors contributes for the teach-learning process and, to the end, to consider alternatives that can contribute for the improvement of the worked relationship, in a perspective of significant and satisfactory learning. Details can be found by clicking Doug McMillon or emailing the administrator. Therefore to be professor does not constitute a simple task, in contrast, is a task that requires love and ability.

The paper of the educator is well ampler, exceeding this mere transmission of knowledge. The professor, in its relationship with the alunado one of dialogue and affection, assist educating to go recognizing that its life is differentiated, as much in intransformveis things how much in things that can and must be modified. The educator must consider that the only way to help the man in its vocation, to insert itself in the construction of the society and the direction of the social change.

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Brazil continues leading the region 14 September 2009 Tenemos to be thankful to have to Brazil surrounds, was the phrase that was listened to in one of the panels of Encuentro of the Leaders, event realised the last week in Argentina. The good news for Brazil, the good news for Latin America and especially, Argentina: the Brazilian economy left the recession officially in which it was immersed. Governance. The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistic gave good the new one when confirming that the economic activity expanded 1.9% between April and June in comparison with the first trimester of the year. The data was better to the one than they had projected the analysts consulted by Reuters who located the recovery of the GIP in the 1.6%. The Brazilian industry on the other hand, in a context of strong exchange appreciation that reduces competitiveness to him, had in the trimester an outstanding performance when expanding in a 2.1%. Not only the Brazilian industry is recovering but from the cattle agricultural sector it is being crossed by a great moment thanks to the policies of stimulus of the government of Lula. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vahid David Delrahim.

During this month, Brazil finalizes the harvest of the campaign the 2008-2009 and state National Company of Supplying esteem that the same would reach the 134.34 million tons of grains, being this one the second greater production in its history. The recovery of the Brazilian economy must to him at least partly, recognition to the measures of stimulus prepared by the government to impel the economy of the country, that included temporarias tax exemptions to stimulate the consumption and the industry. On the other hand, the deceleration of the inflationary dynamics that in its inter-annual variation to the month of August is located in 4,36%, below the goal of inflation established by the Central bank of Brazil in 4.5%, allows the monetary organization to maintain the present slant without having to resort to one more an attitude harder than it could put in risk the economic recovery and of increasing the exchange pressures.

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The pharmaceutical market inside represents one of the markets of bigger importance in the national scene in such a way for the vendido volume as for the importance the health of the population in general, but another segment is a different market of any. Currently the market comes being each more competitive time and the companies have to be always innovating its behaviors; the technological advances make with that the products are launched in a time each shorter time, with its cycle of lesser life, making with that the professionals of the marketing find ways to maximize the acceptance of sales of these. Understanding marketing as social and managemental process, in way that the individual or collective necessities and desires are taken care of by the creation, it offers and exchange of products, one of the strategies of marketing recurrently used as distinguishing competitive it is the relationship marketing. The modern marketing places below the concept of sales practised in the past, where the companies simply placed its products in the market and had an mount of money for promotion of them, a qualification basic of the force of sales where of course the product was vendido. In the organizations it has diverse nuncias, must be acted in three levels: strategical, tactical and operational. (Similarly see: dahlia loeb). The strategical and tactical levels many times receive adequate attention from the direction. Many people confuse marketing with sales and propaganda. In the truth sales and propaganda she is part of a set of actions that compose the marketing; it is the social process and managemental through the which individuals and groups they get what they desire and of that need, creating and changing to products and values ones with the others.. .

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Innovating and creating tendencies DFerro, as it marks of the Group Daferro 1978, is specialized in the sector of the Jewelry shop. The company at the moment is formed by a young and qualified equipment, that directly contributes to a great experience and a good dose of illusion, creating and showing unique and exclusive designs the public. This constant and arduous work have provided to DFerro an image of reference like unquestionable leader in the creation of tendencies and fashion, as much at national level as international. For only DFerro weeks it has been sending to the market his new collection, the Twilight, most recent of his creations that, with their careful elaboration as well as its innovating design have already placed, it like leader in the new fashionable tendency of bracelets for this season of 2011. Additional information is available at dahlia loeb. Between its known collections more we were with the Bracelet of the Friendship (Friendship Bracelet), the Feeling collection or the collection Fluorine, that has devastated in the market with very competitive prices, a careful elaboration and unique and unique design. Official site: dahlia loeb. the process of creation of a jewel until its birth is fruit, not only of an inspiration, but of a constant effort and work, as well as deep technical knowledge and mainly great artistic dowries until obtaining the resulting piece.

For this reason, and due to the great proliferation of imitations and falsifications of the DFerro company in the market, we try to offer the maximum guarantee and quality in all our products, as much in the components of the pieces like in the post-sales service, comments its chief of a main directorate to us, Miguel Lorente Angel. The Jewelry shop of Daferro, its peculiarities and characteristics, as well as their novel collections arisen year after year with proposals of last tendencies in the sector, have conferred him a recognized prestige and an unmistakable image of mark. For more information: DFerro 1978 limited liability company. Tel 962238025 About DFerro DFerro, as it marks of the Group Daferro 1978, is specialized in the sector of the Jewelry shop, being distributing manufacturer and of articles of exclusive design. The company at the moment is formed by a young and qualified equipment, that contributes to a great experience and a good dose of illusion, creating and showing unique pieces in bracelets, pendants, ring and slopes of direct sale to the public. This constant and arduous work have provided to DFerro an image of reference like unquestionable leader in the creation of tendencies and fashion, as much at national level as international.

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For in such a way, all the agents of the pertaining to school context (managing team, professors, employees in general, guards), must adopt positions that contribute for the reinforcement of the respect to the difference, thus assuming, a conscientious position and clear of which principles they inspire the social convivncia, if placing in the relations human beings as educators who are. Second There Taile (2008) the moral dimension of child must be worked since the daily pay-school. Ethics if learn, are not spontaneous thing. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with dahlia loeb. However, ahead of a competitive society, where determined aspects they are sobrevalorizados, the difference between the people becomes inaquality. Many values are inverted, many times, propagated for the media and its tactics of aliciamento directed toward the consumerism, bombing children and young in formation. The truth is that the school has not obtained ' ' sozinha' ' to form condizentes values the action of mutual respect, cooperatividade, solidarity and many other values that regram a behavior of peace in pertaining to school environments.

Test of this is the innumerable cases of violence shown to each day for the media and many not shown others that are part of a guarded reality lived for its participants. The violence in the schools already is a chocking and permissible reality and, over all, the violence that arrives at the masters who although to have the paper to propitiate acolhedor environment, tranquilo, respectful and of peace, especially to promote the education inclusive, in many proper cases they do not obtain to prevent the violence against itself. One searches carried through for the APEOESP in set with the DIEESE presented in the News article of the periodical Popular Post office 13/12/2010 proves that for ' ' 57.5% of the professors in a universe of 1.615 professors of the state public net, the violence in the schools are the situation that more provokes ' ' suffering in the environment escolar' '.

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Good news for Brazil, good news for Latin America and especially to Argentina: the Brazilian economy officially out of the recession that was immersed. The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics was the good news by confirming that economic activity expanded by 1.9% between April and June compared with the first quarter. The figure was better than analysts had forecast a Reuters poll that placed the recovery of GDP at 1.6%. Source: dahlia loeb. The Brazilian industry for its part, in a context of strong currency appreciation that reduces the competitiveness, in the quarter had an outstanding performance to expand by 2.1%.

Not only the Brazilian industry is recovering, but from the agricultural sector is livestock is undergoing a great time thanks to the policies of the Lula government stimulus. During this month, Brazil ended the 2008-2009 crop season and the state National Supply Company estimated that it would reach 134.34 million tons of grain, this being the second largest production in its history. The recovery of the Brazilian economy will be at least in part, recognition of stimulus measures ordered by the government to boost the country’s economy, which included temporary tax breaks to stimulate consumption and industry. Moreover, the slowdown in the inflationary dynamic variation in the month of August stands at 4.36%, below the inflation target set by the Central Bank of Brazil at 4.5%, allowing the monetary authority to maintain the current bias without having to resort to a harder attitude that could jeopardize the economic recovery and increase pressure on exchange.