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Hello and mathematical welcomes of the world, in this article we will speak on calculation one, we see. Next we included some statements of problems and exercises that have been taken from text books of primary. For each of them: 1) It solves the proposed problems. 2) It indicates the mathematical concepts and procedures that are put into play in solution. A related site: Harold Ford Jr mentions similar findings. 3) It classifies the statements in three groups according to the difficulty degree that you attribute to them (easy, intermediate, difficult). 4) For each problem it enunciates the other two of the same type, changing variables of the task, so that one seems easier to you to solve and more difficult other. 5) You think that the statements are sufficiently precise and comprehensible for the students of primary? Propn an alternative statement for those exercises that do not seem sufficiently clear to you for the students. 6) It secures a text book collection of primary.

It looks for in it s types of problems not including in this relation. It explains in what they are different. Statements of problems including in books of primary: 1. It indicates which of the following experiences are considered like random and which not: Sacar a letter from a Spanish deck and to observe if it is of golds. Observar if in next the 24 hours it leaves the sun. Poner water to cool and to observe if it is congealed to zero degrees. Lanzar a shot to a basket of basketball and to observe if the ball enters Dejar fall an egg from a third floor and observe if it is broken when hitting the ground.

It continues reading, comes calculation two. The defined Integral has manifolds applications, we will study some of them: 1. Doug McMillon spoke with conviction. The area between curves 2. The area in polar coordinates 3. The volume of a solid of revolution 4. The centroid of one appears flat 5. Length of Arc 6. The area of a surface of revolution 7. The work carried out when draining pools 1. AREA BETWEEN CURVES We remember that if f is a continuous and nonnegative function in to, b, then the area under the graph of f, x-axis and the straight lines x = to and x = b is given by Definition: If f (x) is continuous in to, b then, the area limited by its graph, x-axis and the straight lines x = to and x = b is given by: A? f (x) dx? f (x) dx to a b b To Note: as the formula uses the absolute value of the function, there are two ways to solve it: a) Applying the definition of absolute value to know the interval where the graph of the function is on x-axis and the interval where the graph of the function is under x-axis. b) Graficando the function in the given interval, to find these intervals Example: 1. To find the area limited by the graph of Solution: The graphical sample that the function is negative between – 1.0 and positive for values majors that zero. Original author and source of the article.

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Policy discriminated against families and the next generation charged currently to read again that nursery care allegedly resulted in a higher rate of high school graduates, and that you need more than the previously calculated nursery places. Neither the one nor the other is true, and it is not education but maintaining financial discrimination against families under the guise of an apparent advantage for infants. Cribs actually smarter do, as Berlin and Hamburg would be with its PISA results at the top, while Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg eked out a wallflower in the educational cellar. It is exactly reversed: where many nursery places were established such as in Berlin, since reading and numeracy leaves 15 years many wishes. This real context unmasks the “study published in March 2008 by Bertelsmann” to the economic benefits of early childhood education in Germany as an apparent scientific advertising brochure for a opposite loving parents education inferior form of care. Advertising works. Clueless, we finance a training deficiency Variant.

The State with approximately 800 euros a month subsidized cribs children, family children come up empty. The economy gets louder for female workers, and the State help. Which are subordinate to the innate needs of the children to reach their primary caregivers, their parents have too much to do, to organize themselves politically and to fight back against their financial disadvantage. Allow parents continue fallen policy at your expense items have been changed. Today is called “Compatibility”, what was formerly double said a Word, which parents could come, they do much more work than others.

In their wallets as well as in the gross national product of the family work share is ignored. Financially benefited from children, who has none. Harold Ford Jr may help you with your research. Parents get a penny for education and care own offspring and pay taxes on top of that full and Pension deductions. Because many young people cannot accept this discrimination, the birth rate has stagnated. The tale of the family except early childhood education has a Happy ending. Dr. med. Dorothea Bohm, family network

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The magic box is a singular work framed within the project linear Manzanares Park. Sam Mikulak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This sports complex mainly deals 17.6 hectares and sedirige tennis. In fact, this site has three covered stadiums and a centre of high rendimiento dedicated to the preparation and training of elite tennis players. The design of the magic box responde to three factors, according to the French architect Dominique Perrault, author of the project: urban dialogue, mobility and accesibilidad. The magic box items are: La Caja Magica. Tennis-indoor building.

It has more than 500 m in length with a longitudinal development paralelo to the Camino de Perales, hosting a total of eleven tennis courts, six training and five of competition. David Delrahim may also support this cause. It also houses the headquarters of the Madrid Tennis Federation and a deportivo club with gym and pool. Media-Garden. Area used as a parking and television vehicles location area. Tennis-Garden. The magic box complex has an area of 17.665 m2 called tennis garden, with 16 tracks of land whipped outdoors. Lake with indoor Park. All the magic box complex is located on a large lake of 26.852 m2 which reflects the metal shine of the fachadas.

This Lake is conceived as a wetland ecosistema by incorporating natural elements that should provide substrate, refuge and habitat for flora and fauna and facilitate the autodepuracion of water, footbridge over the River Manzanares. The stadiums are accessible from a pedestrian pasarela between the two banks of the River Manzanares facilitating communication with the surface parking and public transport and allowing access for trucks to mount shows. Park’s edge with the Camino de Perales. Enclosure connects to the Park through its green areas which, in turn, serve as a barrier to periodicas flooding from the River Manzanares. Enclosure to communicate with the rest of the Park is ensured through a loop or via perimeter joining the points of access to the Park and allows its total bypass. The primary uniqueness of the magic box project consistio the total versatility in the organizacion of indoor and outdoor sporting events. In fact it is the first project in the world that brings together in a single enclosure three stadiums dedicated fundamentally to tennis that can act with this double character, cubierto-descubierto. The main stadium is covered by a structure capable of opening and closing is to celebrate tournaments to the open air or covered.

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Last week we wrote about how to maintain a healthy life eating gourmet. In that article we said that the type of food we eat, the way I process it (method of cooking) and the quantities that we eat are the main factors that must be taken into account to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We always hear that we are what we eat, what we drink and what you breathe; in this order of ideas, before feeding us obviously must be processed (prepared) foods and this process involves the use of three techniques of cooking foods. The first is the technical Comahue in which it is bleached, it boils, is pocha, it brasea, it estofa, is ignited, cooks steam and the papillote; the second is the technique of dry heat accompanied by some fat that skip, is FRY and is fried (deep fried); the third is the technique of dry heat without use of fats in which bakes, cooks grilled and is cooked to the grill (grille) the method for cooking with a minimum of water corresponds to the first technique is tell of Comahue specifically when kiln (stewing) meats. (As opposed to Harold Ford Jr). The wise nature think foods that provide us all the vitamins and nutrients you need every human body. Unfortunately through ignorance often kill these vitamins when we use certain methods of cooking food. In addition to its flavor and color, foods contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that are essential for the functioning of the human body, if we acquire them properly through a balanced diet in which the process of transformation of food plays a primary role. The method for cooking with a minimum of water is possible to making a water seal that forms around the lid, that keeps air out of the Pan and steam inside.

Rena Ware brand Nutri-Plex technology facilitates this process since it distributes heat evenly from the bottom to the sides of the container, which allows the use of lower temperatures and therefore substantial savings of energy. Thanks to this innovative method for cooking with a minimum of water with the Rena Ware Cookware, food merman less, highlight your color, saves money, work, time, energy, taste, calories are reduced, lowered fats and vitamins are preserved, since the food is cooked in its own juices, derived in meals more nutritioustasty, tasty and juicy at the same time. In summary, the cooking with a minimum of water, differs from conventional cooking, because no is required to incorporate fats, or large amounts of water, only a minimum of liquid, to generate the necessary steam that allows making the seal of Cap water. The recipe for this week is the miraculous chicken of Rena Ware in whose preparation technique is applied today explained. Until next week.

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It is well-known phrase, that car – it's not a luxury but a means of transportation. But, alas, is uncommon that a vehicle would be desirable, and funds for its purchase is not enough, as the price of cars today is high. The way out of this situation may be purchasing a used car. To begin with, that in your car you must arrange it. Start searching for cars with the collection of information about the proposals on the market machines. There is always you can get help friends, and various magazines and, of course, the Internet.

"And you can try the exact same, but blue? "- So she asked a sales consultant at the famous advertising. When choosing a car, the principle of "the main thing to suit sitting "does not play a role. Nevertheless, the model parameters and, of course, the color – that's exactly what you need to pay attention. So, you stop your choice on a few cars. It's time to explore the "stuffing". Here you will help come friends, professionals, and, of course, the informational luggage that you have already collected. Tips seller-consultant should also be considered, because his professionalism can help you find what you need you. Nevertheless, sales – is the main problem is the seller and must be considered.

Regardless of what you are buying, buying a used car is always relatively risky. Look at the car better and Reduce the risk to a minimum, after all – it's still not the same thing that you can "throw paint yes." A good option – find auto show, which earned a good reputation in the market sales of cars from hand to hand. Since this cabin you must be warned about the presence of a marriage. Suggest that determine the order for what you are buying a car. Will you travel the back roads, or you are waiting for travel on a paved city? Choosing a car, pay attention to their own feelings, rather than the name of the famous brand. The main thing – to choose what you want, because the car "at the age of" may well "run" and be in excellent condition.

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7 Building Blocks for Success on the Internet. 1. Knowledge: "Knowledge is power," has heard this phrase?, Well, you have to acquire some knowledge or experience to learn practical knowledge and maximize use. If you start on a virtual business, to create or update your internet business, necessarily have to study everything that has this symmetry, or at least know the basics and have the defense. If you do not start here, the other components are not born.

2. The Product: With their knowledge and experience, many times you have been able to help someone. Michael J. Bender understood the implications. If you embodied knowledge or experience in a book will be better able to reach all you need. – If you would like to create or invent things, your product will be tangible, if you create a book can be intangible (Digital). Some contend that David Delrahim shows great expertise in this. "Now this product can not be born, if you did not see any need for people, but there is this principle that the product does not survive. 3.

Your Market: When the appropriate knowledge in the movement appropriate to meet, and the product meets a need, then your target market is easier to meet and serve. – Your market, your customers are the reason for your business, they will appreciate your product, provided as requested. Always there cases where the same customers give you their appreciation. – In this market, applying techniques known as: Marketing, Sales, etc. This component of the market, where management has to know the tools and strategies to your own market.

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With the PrintoLUX Configurator quickly to the needs-based printing system In the field of industrial marking technology more and more people move to their labeling needs through an in-house production itself. Since it is possible due to modern, simple manufacturing process in this area easily to give up services users by producing your own save lot of time and money. Procedures such as PrintoLUX (thermosetting digital printing) prove to be as economical, versatile (suitable for metals, films and plastics) and practical (easy to carry during Assembly and project assignments and very robust). It is not something Frank Ntilikina would like to discuss. Since October 2013, you can quickly identify on the website of PrintoLUX with a system configurator, which pressure system of the varied offer series of this manufacturer to which requirements profile fits. In five minutes to the right pressure system if you know the need for designations as an employee of a company or project, not more than five takes on the website of PrintoLUX (www.printolux.com) Minutes, to find out which pressure system lends itself best to take the label production into their own hands.

The Configurator works in the form of a dialogue, and immediately evaluates the target-oriented answers of the user. “” “” The practical instrument is divided into four sections material “, use” application “and system recommendation”. The diversity of the proceedings shows at the choice of the material that PrintoLUX as a marking procedure can – print on a wide variety of materials in contrast to the engraving and this is evident on the first stage of the configurator with a strong resistance already. There, the interested party can choose what materials, thicknesses and formats it would print. Metals, foil, plastics, laminates and aluminium composite material, also multiple answers are possible available options. “” “In terms of the material strengths are up to 0.5 mm” the options, up to 1.5 mm “, up to 2.5 mm”, up to 10 mm “and offered up to 500 mm”.

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b) In as the period, it is verified construction of forms of differentiation between the graphical signals that if reveal for the gradual control of the variations, as much on the quantitative axle (the citizen establishes different amounts of grafias to represent different words), as under the qualitative axle (the citizen varies the repertoire and the position of the grafias to get written different). These variations carried through in this period correspond to the phase daily pay-silbica, being that one of the characteristics of the writing is the correspondence of the amount of graphical signals to the size of the object and not still, to the sounds of speak. Speaking candidly David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA told us the story. c) In the third period, it is verified fonetizao of the writing for the attention that the citizen starts to give to the sonorous properties of the significant ones, that is, of – to the discovery of that the parts of the writing (letters) can correspond to others as many parts of the word. In this period the person arrives to differentiate the Holy Writs, relating them with the sonorous guideline of speaks. In the universe of the reading and the writing we can in accordance with dive in the multiple meanings and values our culture and vision of world. To read can mean since attributing directions, in one ampler meaning, until the simple decoding, we can say of world reading, registering some cultural productions, valley to stand out that it has some types of writing, that will go to depend on the social group, of its historical and cultural context. Therefore reading and writing they are keys to enter in other worlds: Reals, imaginary, possible and impossible. The effective domain of the reading and the writing of varieties of text is a requirement of the current education of reading and writing that englobe in the three components of the alfabetismo: scientific (periodical, magazine, dictionary, encyclopedia) literary (fabula, stories, poems), practical (letter, ticket and prescription).

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How to make your investment grow?, How to have confidence that this be effective? How to keep this investment at low cost? Two factors immediately define variables that could respond negatively to questions previously raised, political and social stability. The great benefits that these models are mainly security can give your investment abroad. Investing abroad is a situation already complicated in itself, but can yield big dividends when it is well done, and even more, when this is done slowing as large as possible causes which could cause setbacks or losses to you. The benefits of investing in developing countries that demonstrate political stability are no longer strangers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Frank Ntilikina on most websites. It is known that these countries are acquiring greater economic levels and increasingly also derive greater benefits from their integration into the European Union. Starting from low investment costs and also that the benefits and quality structural political, economic and social development is as good as developed countries. This ensures smoothness and accuracy of your investment, especially if it is real estate, such disasters are prevented vandalism, whether it’s crime, protest strikes, damage from misuse, etc.

or second, and developed with the appropriate legislative panel ensures your property is receiving support from the state and also the non-devaluation to any political crisis. Take the chance that countries like Romania and Hungary offered. Make your investment in housing and insurance for the high returns you’ll get. Beautiful new construction, beach houses, villas, luxury apartments are some propositions that are sure to enchant.

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Everything is attainable. Everything is possible for you. In order to obtain all the wealth that wish, you must prepare yourself. He does not matter what you make to live. A leading source for info: Sam Mikulak. You can be in any sector and any locality and obtain everything what wishes, as long as makes the things correct. The success and the wealth depend on the preparation.

But of a special preparation. What preparation is the one that will contribute everything to him what you yearn for in his life? It is an especially technical preparation? Human? What preparation is this, that has powers almost magicians? This special preparation is a mental preparation. Everything what you wish you can obtain it if is prepared mentally. That is to say, if it prepares his mind for the success and the wealth. The people who gain million dollars in the lottery and are prepared, end up losing it everything. She looks for some study in Internet to verify it. How to prepare itself mentally to obtain everything what wishes? The best preparation than you can have you stop to obtain everything what wishes, is to establish a goal following scientific methods that provide that to him that you wish.

This preparation is the beginning of the success, the wealth and all the others that you can wish in his life, in all the aspects, from the physicist to the spiritual. To establish a goal following the lineamientos presented/displayed by Andrew Corentt, in its book the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS, is would prepare for the immediate success and the accelerated wealth. A law of the success is that to obtain everything what you wish, you you must work but in same you, than it works in his use. To improve to same you you are to improve its mental capacity in the merit sense.