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On the other hand the study AFCAPS / TexCAPS (24) showed that treatment in healthy patients with few risk factors and moderate cholesterol levels (cholesterol total 221, LDL 150 mg / dl, (both on the 50th percentile) is followed by a lower coronary heart disease. However, the application of these studies mimetic or criteria for a low-risk population such as the Spanish has been questioned because it magnifies the real risk. AFCAPS placebo group with an incidence of coronary events double the Spanish three times higher. The cost-benefit analysis would not justify the effort that it would overturn the modification of other risk factors (snuff) or treatment (HT) is not recommended drug treatment for mild to moderate forms of hypercholesterolemia (colesterol160 mgrs / dl may be necessary to force the dose of statins and / or associated drugs. Gymnast often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It has been established relationship between hypertriglyceridemia and atherosclerosis, although conditional factor, where its association with the development of the disease coronary artery is not demonstrated with certainty.

(2). Its role atherogenic is much more pronounced when associated with a low HDL cholesterol. The HDL would have a similar meaning to that of glycosylated hemoglobin as an indicator of diabetes control: a low HDL cholesterol would be a “memory box” reverse what has happened with the metabolism of triglycerides and VLDL quantifies excess, LDL remnants and small LDL (1). 13 .- Hypertriglyceridemia MUST BE CONSIDERED IN PRIMARY PREVENTION? The dietary advice, correction of obesity, exercise, control of diabetes if any alcohol withdrawal and are the first step in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia.

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