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Simple fitness workout without gym since the 1980s rolls the fitness wave through the Western world. Gyms were shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. The cult of the body a fantastic comeback celebrated 50 years after his perversion in the Third Reich. Many people want to train but, but have objections to the fitness studios. They cost some not too close, the sanitary conditions are in some places at best dubious or they are simply too far from next door. Fitness Workout without gym but also the Studio rings can be helped. You can complete an effective training without membership in a sports club.

Previously, it is important to clarify some things: what training level is? Beginners must reduced work, speak with a doctor about their plans, adjust their diet and prove much patience. Advanced can, however, work on their priorities. This leads to the next question: what is to be achieved? Endurance or muscular strength? Endurance training is that the cheapest option Jogging. Rain can be with a trampoline (highly recommended), a Cross Trainer (recommended) and an Ergometer (not recommended) then be. Time and intensity should be increased gradually. The maximum heart rate (220 minus age, of which about 65 percent) should not be exceeded.

Strength training who wants to work on his muscular system, should reflect on a weight bench. The investment in a chin-up bar is also very useful. This allows the training of various muscle groups, such as arms. Biceps, abdomen and back. A chin-up bar is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Just beginners should start however reluctant and slow approach in various exercises. It is for endurance training, to provide its bodies, with enough nutrients, vitamins and liquid strength training requires other additions. In particular the regular protein intake should be guaranteed, because it is central to the muscle.

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