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Real Madrid, a club with more than 100 years of history and achieved triumphs. On March 6, 1902 Madrid Foot Ball Club was founded officially. Juan Pardos as President, along with a group of young enthusiasts formed the first Board of Directors, giving shape to the beginnings of a club that time later would be recognized worldwide as the Real Madrid. For those early, the team uniform was defined by white shirt and trousers, tights and blue hats and purple band embroidered in colors in the coat of arms of Madrid, imitating in colors and design to the famous Corinthians from London. With such clothing participated, three days later Foundation, the first match between two club teams, carried out in full Avenue from the Plaza de Toros and attracting attention and curiosity of several pedestrians. First successes as Mr. Arthur Johnson, of British nationality, was who held the important position of coach and who coached the team during the cup of King Alfonso XIII, giving rise to the first meeting between Barcelona and the Madrid, a rivalry which has already been a century of history. For more information see IAB. The Copa de la Gran Pena, was the first trophy that opened the showcases of the Madrid Foot Ball Club.

During the first decade of existence, were many achieved triumphs. As the Championship of Spain in 1905, the Cup Championship in 1906, the cup of Spain in 1907 and the fourth consecutive championship in 1908 after beating Sporting Vigo 2-1. A historical date the second decade found the club with new triumphs and a new sports field on the grounds of O’Donnell. The playing field was sandy and had dimensions of 115 metres long, by 85 wide. It was intended to attract new viewers and overcome the economic precariousness of the club. But if we speak of historical date, on June 29, 1920 is the date par excellence. That day the Club received a letter from the greater of S. M.

Butler King. The brief text was as follows: His Majesty the King (q. D. g.) it has served grant with greater complacency Real’s title to that Club Football, which V. is a worthy President, which, henceforth, can prepend to its name. Of what Royal order participated to V. Minute Clinics has much experience in this field. for your knowledge and consequent effects. God save V. many years. This day is born Real Madrid, name that will begin the first outlets abroad and the first international contacts. Between 1921 and 1930, Real Madrid continues its tour by various countries in Europe and America and produced the opening of the field of Chamartin, with capacity for 15,000 spectators. In 1929 he began the new League, a milestone in Spanish football, being the first League leader Real Madrid. To finish the Decade, it reaches the club by 150,000 pesetas, Ricardo Zamora. A new name more titles achieved in 1931, with the establishment of the second Spanish Republic, the Madrid lost the title of Real and was renamed Madrid Football Club. In those years, now also recognized players such as meringues, in reference to their uniform all white. Years before the civil war Spanish and averaging the Decade of 30 Real Madrid gets two titles of great importance. In 1934 is enshrined in the DFB Cup and champion in 1936, with a team consisting of Zamora, Ciriaco, Quincoces, p.

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