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One to rethink of the teaching Prxis. When we think about education soon in them comes the mind classrooms, school, university; but the education in itself goes moreover, everything how much says respect the supply to know or same knowledge we are speaking of education, we have heard the much time of an unbalanced education, but while educators or exactly future educators what we have made for the transformation of the education who we have seen/participated? We speak of one ' ' hole negro' ' , we worry in them in pointing the imperfections, but when we have the chance to be transformation agents, and to change the reality we omit in them and we carry in them as those to who in such a way we criticize exceeded education, exceeded professors, so said educational traditionalism, and in full century XXI, where we have lived deeply one after-modernismo, of innumerable technologies our disposal, we have the sad habit to appeal the done things already, we in such a way accustom in them with ready answers that we finish for not wanting to try the new or exactly to rethink daily practical ours. The change which we have of worrying in them goes very beyond the change of pertaining to school systematics, is about a behavior change, in the thought of each one of us future educators. We must considering in them to not only rethink all and any form of education metodologicamente, but yes in the objective of education. So said the pedagogia one of the negation where if it denies educating the chance of time and voice, we act not as transformation agents, but as agents of ' ' facilitao' ' , we try to facilitate to the life of our pupils not considering alternative ways of evaluation, but ways for we differentiate which them of the others we exclude, them from the reality we more deprive and them of the social convivncia, becoming them each time distanciados of the reality and different of this perspective implanted for the society, inclusion without pertinent methodologies and to rethink of ours you practise pedagogical is the same that to deny the existence of the learning difficulties. In our comments we say everything how much professor has made of made a mistake, credits to this the incompetence of the same, but we do not think how much the act to plan is difficult, we do not think about the difficulties of if having 35 or 40 pupils in room, or same in the difficulty of if only working, without the aid of our pedagogical team. The critical one is an important moment of our prxis teaching, from the moment where we reevaluate our results daily, when the same ones based in our objectives previously planned, the said reflective professor who ' ' it acts in the urgency and I decided in incerteza' ' (Perrenoud), mixing it with disqualified professionals who do not prezam for planning and they do not act in the urgency of if giving content and I decided in the urgency of if having ' ' notas' ' to be presented the pedagogical team. .

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