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Pupils, apprentices and students can be supported financially in the training unfortunately nowadays many young people studying cringe, because they fear the financial burden. Just children from social vulnerable families strive to stay on the labour market or training as soon as possible. But the popular training places, e.g. in the financial sector, are usually quickly forgiven. It come to train, that have the better grades or even the higher school certificate. Others including Jack Nicholson, offer their opinions as well. With a bad school, dwindling the chances of an education or work. A way out might be catching up a higher school or an additional qualification, which increases the own market value. So that young people and their parents financially not taking over years on the basis of the Bundesausbildungsfordergesetzes was brought in the 70s a financial support of those affected on the way.

Since this law under its abbreviation “BAfoG generally known. In the course of time, it was BAfoG-Act amended several times (most recently at the beginning of the current winter semester 08/09). In the promotion is to distinguish between pupils, students and trainees. Students receive a full grant funding and must therefore repay nothing. Students and trainees in colleges and academies receive funding only for a grant and the other half as interest-free government loan. Repayment begins usually only five years after one has completed the training or studying.

Furthermore, there are numerous rules which the redemption amount may be lower. Unfortunately, but not everyone is entitled to BAfoG support has and not every measure is immediately eligible. This means that a failure of financial support can be justified in the person of the applicant, but also in the measure. It is very difficult to keep track as a layman. Therefore, no one should hesitate to take a consulting. Applies in the case of doubt, dear free fill out an application. Despite some problems of understanding the BAfoG as an integral part of the German education system has proven itself sufficiently. Christian Schlender

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