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TOPIC: TECHNOLOGY IN THE MEXICAN EDUCATION. SUBJECT: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY. STUDENT: Light YANETH ENRIQUEZ CANTUCon new technology the educational task could support to achieve their educational goals higher. In the vast majority of the educational institutions you have computer equipment, but they are used exclusively for administrative staff and rarely allowed students access them. Currently with the help of the Government and with some companies to support the education program it makes them reach computers for students, which in a few occasions are used by the.

The administrative staff has been responsible for taking care of more this technology and with the intention that lasts more, no access is allowed to any person in the area of computation of a school, without realizing they are in a very serious mistake, since if the Government is worthy to equip a school, it is so used in a didactic way and is one of the tools of the student to enrich their learningUnfortunately the Government can not equip each student with a computer, but if he sends to schools computers necessary to equip and train a classroom of media. Teachers need that is you use to new material, we must not forget that it sends to that this student to contact with the increasingly that has this concern are present or your activity so requires. Teachers should be the first to accept the use of technology and the proponents of their use in the community that surrounds us; they should be guides, counselors, advisers, and guardians of the good use of the information in the training of its students. The computer sometimes can be of difficult to manage, is necessary to be able to respond to all questions that arise to the student. Students must adopt a much more active role, starring in their training in an environment rich in information and training activities, in which the teacher will be instrumental to guide. It is necessary that learning is student or pupil already that in the majority of occasions young people are more skilled in the use of new technologies.

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