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It appears with this the perception of that it is not being said of a system strict delimited, circumscribed and closed, but opposing to this, defends something ampler and complex, formed for diverse elements that they constitute a teia of action and interactions, responsible for the construction of the Education. In such a way, the thought is not only remained in disciplines and contents, but also in the reason of if working them. All is about one that leads in consideration: objectives and goals of practical educational, the didactic ones, methodologies, formation and basements making of them pedagogical. To think this scene sends the quarrel to the necessity of if understanding resume as an essential document to the school that very if longs for, being thus true pillar to reach itself so desired quality, understanding itself as quality its power to develop the educandos, making possible to these the construction of its autonomy, a critical and reflective thought, as well as the exercise of its rights and of a harmonious and successful life in society. Being thus, this elaborated theoretical and practical building exists front to the necessity of that it has guided and it directs the educative exercise in the most diverse scopes, as docncia, discncia and management. The idea is sent thinking of that all the processes of the school obligatorily must associate one something bigger, that it will cause the prxis pedagogical, front to the fact of that he is in this something that theories and thoughts as well as practical and to make converge, being materialize in the daily Real of the pertaining to school life. In this context, the word can be understood resume of some forms, but it is being directed its literal meaning and etimolgico that if reaches necessary an essential understanding and to the present study. Its meanings ahead the etimologia send to the sliding act or to one cut, a shortcut, that related to the educational universe it all gains a direction to the point where the Resume must inside be something alive of the school being in constant movement and action, being lived deeply by its actors and being present in the processes and relations that occur there.

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