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Behavior and personality are two terms that place us in the field of psychology. The relationship of this discipline through education could understand how the application of the principles and explanations of psychology theory and educational practice. Even before the emergence of scientific psychology psychological knowledge has played a leading role in the development of educational theories. The first steps of scientific psychology in the late nineteenth century increased the expectations placed on it. We can, to illustrate this, take the example of Thorndike, who stressed the need to base educational proposals with the results of psychological research of an experimental nature, as it supports the views of distrust that lacked basic educational psychology.

It must be said that these two concepts, behavior and personality in psychology are consistent with the object of study of two completely different directions if not totally opposed to conceive Psychology: "The first term is considered the object of study of psychology for an orientation that is based on the empirical philosophy, which had some of its leading representatives to J. Locke and D. Hume, who used the famous metaphor of the "tabula rasa" to refer to mind at the time of birth, ie, that the mind was considered as a blank slate (the mind of a person at the time of birth is as a tabula rasa, a blank slate on which experience knowledge-print) in which the experiences of children in contact with the medium, the stimulation it receives, will be what determines at any time the contents of his psyche. .

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