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Andreas Mattern, Frank Hess and Frank Koebsch show about 25 watercolours from Warnemunde & Rostock from the 07.08 up to August 16, 2009. Within the framework of the exhibition series of Short cuts of the Gallery K-02, Andreas Mattern, Frank Hess and Frank Koebsch from the 07.08 up to August 16, 2009 show approximately 25 watercolors from Warnemunde & Rostock. Warnemunde with the Baltic Sea, the beach, the old power with its fishing boats and seagulls, Rostock with its brick Gothic, the Gables and save as traces of the Hanseatic League, the city harbour are places with a wonderful charisma and popular holiday destinations. So, to get you the chance to enjoy this flair on Aug 7, 2009 at 18:00 in the framework of the opening in the middle of the summer in Berlin. Where: Gallery K-O2, Martin-Optiz-str. 1A, 13357 Berlin what has the three Watercolourists led to meet and a weekend-long to put their water colors in the proximity of the Baltic Sea on paper? The reason is quite simple. The North does not let go of all three. Andreas Mattern has with the following words describe it: we decided to paint just to inspire each other and the most beautiful places around to find Warnemunde.

We have painted on the old stream and various views of the city of Rostock and scored all three different results. u0085″The attachment to the Baltic Sea, Warnemunde and Rostock but also the different approach to the implementation of same designs emerges from the CVS of the three artists. Here are some few lines. Andreas Mattern, born in Schwerin, with several stages in Bavaria and Hesse lives today as successful watercolorist, engraver and author in Berlin. But if you look at his paintings and prints, you will repeatedly encounter traces of the Baltic Sea and the North German cities, such as Rostock and Stralsund.

Frank Hess, born in Rostock, Germany and grew up in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea now lives with his family in Berlin. If you look at his watercolors, you will find again and views from Rostock and its surroundings as well as motifs from Berlin, Prague, Venice. Frank Koebsch, born in Rostock, Germany and grew up there, shuttling often professionally between Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt / M., Hamburg, Rostock, Hanover and Lucerne. But the expanses of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Baltic Sea, are what he needs.Most of his paintings are created here. Sanitz, July.

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