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Undoubtedly glasses – it is not only a useful optical device that allows you to see everything around me around. For many people, sunglasses are a stylish accessory, part of the image and appearance. A small trim product with lenses of both magically change a person, and can both make it more attractive and show all flaws. As a rule, fashionable eyeglass frames are selected according to face shape and appearance tsvetotipu (winter, spring, and so on). Age man is also an important factor to be taken into account when buying glasses.

The fact that adorn the face schoolgirl hardly fits damsels in years. How to choose the same glasses for men and women of different age groups? Men's Fashion Men's eyeglass frames eyeglass frames for young stilyagi immediately attract the eye: it's goggles and "The Aviator" all the colors of the rainbow. Everyone knows that the youth – it's time to experiment. Others including Marc Lore, offer their opinions as well. Thanks to the brilliant accessories so easy to stand out in a crowd, like any girl. Frames for men "in the prime of life" characterized by restraint and an interesting finish. Under most conditions Michael J. Bender would agree. Men's rectangular frames and sunglasses "drop" of gray, brown or tobacco flowers add the image of elegance.

Very impressive looking men who choose metal frames with a bow, wrapped in leather. Glasses for those over 45 at once distinguished from the rest: wide rectangular frames of red, burgundy, ruby red color will add color fading face, make it more healthy and glowing. Women's Fashion Women's eyeglass frames frames for the girls tend to view women of all ages: they are so easy and attractive. The fresh, wholesome little face will look great and metal frames, and plastic with a rich finish. Crystals and small stones, ornaments and bows are peculiar zest, do look mischievous and playful. Young girls-to-face fashion eyeglass frames in unisex – the same "Aviator" with a slightly tinted lenses and a double bridge of the nose can turn a gray mouse in girl-mystery. Once behind the student, the appearance of women is changing dramatically: nice glasses with interesting details give way to an elegant rim. At the fair sex after 25 more become a popular women's eyeglass frames with the form of "butterfly" and "cat's eye". Decorating different accuracy: two or three small crystals in the corners of the frame should be sufficient. Color frames can be arbitrary, but it is better not to buy points, which was used for the production of 2 or more colors of plastic. As a rule, fashionable frames for glasses of older women do not differ as many forms as color. With age, skin becomes pale, with gray or yellow tint. When choosing frames should avoid products silvery-gray and golden yellow tones. Glasses Fit for Children child frame is not as easy as it might seem. Is that like adults, are not always received with delight the children. It is better to give himself the right to choose the child, in fact he wear glasses every day. As a rule, children feel free to poor eyesight, so a more preferred weightless metal rim.

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