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THE 07 L.D.B ' ' it establishes goals and parameters of the organization of the education nacional' ' , (Saviani, Dermeval.2008.pag.1), I teethe of it we find sancionada Law 9394/96 in 20/12/1996 that it guides the education. In the article 1 prayer that: The education encloses the formative processes that if develop in the life familiar*, in the convivncia human being, in work, in the institutions of education and research …, the too much articles and interpolated propositions is fit inside of the C.F, and already mentioned. In section III, of Basic Ensino, article 32 interpolated proposition IV prays ' ' the reinforcement of the bonds of family, of the bows of solidarity human being and reciprocal tolerance where if social.&#039 seats the life; ' (pag172), the LDB, C.F, come to corroborate with the professionals of the education, being traced goals and assuring the full exercise of the profession, also it standes out that the family is co-responsible for the education of the child. The ECA, under the Law n 8,069 of 13/07/1990 goes up Heading I of the Preliminary Disposals, in the article 4 prayer: ' ' It is to have of famlia*, the community, the society in general and the public power to assure …, the freedom and the convivncia familiar* and comunitria.' ' (pag.7). We observe that in all pertinent legislation the education, the familiar seio is salient as the biggest supplier in the act to educate, State has its well established abilities, the professors, and pupils inside have of the Laws its assured rights. (GRIFOS OURS) 08 Aproveitamos to insert the stretch of the report of the teacher Isabel Sandalla Grispino, removed of the Internet, where it explains through statisticians, the variety of factors who today take the children to this emotional disarrangement, and generators of violence, having as base a research carried through for (UFPR) the Federal University Paran.

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