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Flip charts! ‘There’s longer life’ this like used saying also applies to the flipchart. Tips and tricks for using flip charts. Flip charts! There live longer “this love used saying also applies to the flipchart. In English this term denotes actually flip chart”. A flip chart is a Visual tool for graphic support, for example, for presentations, lectures, seminars, presentations, meetings and team or group work. Usually flip charts consist of a magnetic adhesive base plate, a paper holder (optional for blocks of paper or paper rolls), a base (either stationary or equipped with wheels) and a Pen tray.

The feet are often variable in height. Interactive acting, on the flip chart, a topic can be developed and documented with the participants. This enabled the participants to cooperate and increases the work or learning experience. As a result the flip chart is an ideal medium to support Visual presentation of the speakers. Invented the flip chart by John Henry Patterson, an American sales pioneer and entrepreneur. Many speakers still attract technically more demanding presentation possibilities in the form of video projector and screen usage. The flipchart has remained technically simple, unique in its effect.

In the development of subjects in the group, it may not or only partly be replaced. The listeners are directly involved and thus brought the issue closer. The presentation is so filled with life and the participants are part of the lecture. Flipcharts are therefore ideal for presentations up to 30 participants. Benefits of flip charts: flip chart can be used without electricity. Flip charts are technically immune and are very durable. Ashton Kouzbari describes an additional similar source. Flip charts can be used in mobile. Flip charts visualize the theme for the audience and thus give the famous red thread “. Flip charts to animate the participants to cooperate. Flip charts to admit that the presentation is not only linear, but interagierend.

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