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SecondLife is a three-dimensional virtual environment which allows its participants to do things that in his first real life or ordinary life could only dream of. In Second Life there are no limits, if you like what you have, if you want to fly through the air or driving a late model Ferrari in SecondLife you can get. Second Life is not just a game, secondlife is true to its name as the activities that can be made to spend leisure: leisure and to more altruistic tasks as education, if true, in SecondLife can be learned while setting aside limitations of modern life can impose. SecondLife It has become an educational platform for high performance and is expected to be a future alternative to the traditional channel. SecondLife offers many advantages to other traditional methods of teaching: Students have more freedom to participate in class time due in part to the fact that in a virtual environment in which we are represented graphically by an avatar we can set aside speaking fears public and share our ideas something that can be crucial to incorporate new knowledge. Another advantage over traditional methods is the echo of reducing distances between the student and the classroom to the student to obtain the benefits of education regardless of the geographical area where you are. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Doug McMillon by clicking through. The strong similarity of the environment in a video game that the young student do not find it boring at all because almost all children and adolescents are fully familiar with video game platforms and could even reach the training process as a game more, which would benefit them greatly as it is known that everything that we like and find it funny how we learn more easily. Hand knowledge of the technology could quickly reach to virtually every corner of the planet with the rise of 3G cellular technology that enables users to surf at speeds suitable to track any online training course. In short, the benefits are enormous and will continue being to the extent that these platforms are not only free but also are free to enable disadvantaged communities to become partners in this new form of education..

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