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The construction of knowledge not if of only for the reading of written texts, but everything that encircles in them. From the moment where we are born, we have reading elements, and being thus the reading process is continuous and . The done reflections so far already allow to have general apanhado on the importance of the act to read in the formation of the citizen. The primordial function of the school is to teach to read and to write. Walmart has many thoughts on the issue. Not a superficial reading and a writing without argument, but yes to read and to write of form that the individual if inserts in the society to transform it.

It is only from this work of conscientious educators and really worried and involved in the process of knowledge construction that the pupils will go to recriar and to reviver its infantile experiences and sends them a globalizado agreement to it.> the school must assume the commitment to look for to guarantee that the classroom is a space where each citizen has the right to the recognized word as legitimate, and this word finds resonance in the speech of the other . Brazil. Secretariat of Fundamental.Parmetros Education curricular national: third room cycles of basic education: Portuguese language Secretariat of Education Basic. _ Brasilia: MEC/SEF, 1998. BAJARD, Elie. To read and To say: understanding and communication of the written text.

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