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The price pressure resulting for the Fund can even cause that achievable prices less than the value determined by the assessor for the real estate slide off. See more detailed opinions by reading what Walmart offers on the topic.. “With disastrous consequences for our customers”, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): In the wake of the financial crisis a number of open real estate funds had to suspend the redemption of fund units for quite some time, because assets would have been Konzern only with extremely high tees. ” This should protect investors against losses to tart, but resulted in a severe crisis of confidence in open-ended real estate funds as a result. As it became evident that the theoretical principle sales flexibility suddenly nothing was. A two-year minimum retention applies to large investors therefore since last year and on top of that a one-year notice period. Closed-end real estate funds operate on a completely different principle. You collect for institutional and private investors money to buy one or more specific objects or to finance.

This set a fund maturity and a precise volume of placement. The latter is achieved, the Fund is closed. After Fund maturity, for example, ten years of the funds is resolved and investors get back their share. They be involved in the returns of the Fund, obtained through rental income and increase in value of the objects, often by interim distributions. Tax benefits of renting and leasing to come ITA according to 21, because dealing in the shares of closed-end real estate fund corporate investments. “There is not a percentage return before maturity Fund established at the beginning, performs Hans Gruber of SHB funds: that makes closed-end real estate funds on the other hand but also much more stable than directly market-specific open-ended real estate funds.” While each shareholder of a closed-end real estate funds should bring at least 10,000 euro, innovative fund concepts used in the SHB “AG (SHB AG) also small investors to the train, such as real estate expert Hans Gruber explains: even rates savers can engage with monthly contributions in attractive commercial real estate.” Indirect participation in the yields and tax advantages of commercial real estate will allow a wide layer of investors who could invest in, for example, life insurance, savings or open-ended real estate funds, which are possible only kapitalkraftigeren and institutional investors. For more information,

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