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The same type of products include highlighters lanes. In recent months, Michael J. Bender has been very successful. Their size and species range is also quite broad. The most widespread they were, if necessary allocation of lanes for public transport, tramways paths, bike lanes, etc. Extractor can be installed as a continuous strip, and fragmentalno at a certain distance from each other. Along with linear deliniatorami and highlighters are widely used dot separators in question, with the greatest distribution of these products were to install them on the turns and bends. Dot separators differ from each other diameters, thus expanding the scope of their application. In addition, in Spain articles similar point separators used in the lane in the areas public transport to reduce speed and designations of these areas.

Installing highlighters bands motion and point delimiter is preventive in nature. For better visual perception deliniatory equipped with beacons, landmarks, and highlighters, and lane separators signal columns with different height, which allows the use of products not only for its intended purpose, but also for the need to allocate any area or areas of roads and territories. Should be separately identified signal poles, pylon and the cone. These products are also elements arrangement of roads and are designed for visual orientation of road users. The bars are available several sizes; pylon mounted on support; cone designed for temporary use and for greater stability fitted density. In addition to all these products are available retroreflective elements. Useful products for traffic management are road reflectors.

They installed various types of optical elements. Reflectors mounted on the roads as separate items or in combination with other means of traffic management to improve the visual guide drivers to determine the direction of movement or location of the obstacles on the road, especially at night. Enclosures reflectors can be manufactured from both metals and alloys, and from flexible polymeric materials. Format paper does not allow to tell about all the variety of products under review segment used for abroad, but nevertheless it would be wrong not to say a few words about the products intended for the organization and equipping of parking lots and parking lots. In this case, used a substantial number of products, ranging from a variety of wheeled strikers and ending with the protection of walls, ramps, gates, etc. A very important factor influencing the use of these products is that due to the elasticity of the materials of polymer products significantly increased traffic safety. Shock-absorbing characteristics of the products, when running over them or hitting vehicles, soften and dampen the force of impact, speed and prevent other potential adverse effects. This article is perhaps the first attempt to have a brief analysis of the situation in the use of flexible polymer products in road construction and to enable readers and the wider community firsthand introduce yourself truly boundless field of activity in this direction. This article describes is not an exhaustive list of flexible polymer products, but nevertheless, summing up this review can say with confidence that products for the organization and regulation of traffic from polymeric materials obtained abroad becoming more widespread, and their widespread use can significantly improve road safety movement.

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