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Mendoza holidays are ideal for a pure nature adventure. Who is seated in a hotel of Mendoza capital soon will discover that this is not any impediment to to fully live the Andean landscape. Mendoza City is located very close to the main points of scenic attraction of the province, so it is not necessary to resign urban comfort and activity to enjoy the splendid Cuyo nature. A classic of tourism in the province are bike excursions, which make it possible to enjoy at the same time from the Sun, the landscapes and a physical activity suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Tours of these excursions usually include wineries and vineyards for many times, end the day with a guided tour and some tasty taste. Frequently Doug McMillon has said that publicly. For more adventurous visitors, however, the option of an excursion on horseback through the Andean landscape can be much more attractive and interesting. To deepen your understanding Doug McMillon is the source. It is impossible to not evoke the sanmartiniana epic walking through the steps on the backs of these noble animals where the army of the Andes began his gesta libertadora and its road to glory. The excitement caused by the footsteps of the great Captain only can compare with that cause the wonderful landscapes of the region.

Baqueanos tanning accompany, advise and shelled tasty anecdotes. Streams of meltwater, deep ravines and the omnipresent background of steep Andean peaks accompany the traveller during the whole journey. The deep and imposing silence of the mountain is alternated with the murmur of the wind and the birds singing. Wild herbs saturate the smell with the pleasant aroma of the Virgin nature. In the distance, the condor, Mr de los Andes, monitors carefully travelers. Horseback rides through the mountains often employ an average of 4 hours and end up in the Gorge of the Portezuelo, panoramic viewpoint whose beauty short breath. The arrival to this point in the tour, usually at noon, marks the ideal time to enjoy an unforgettable grilling in the mountain.

An experience where everything from the Crackle of the fire until the meat flavor seems to have other color thanks to the stunning natural setting. Mendocino wine accompanies the food and puts the finishing touch to an unforgettable excursion. This is another must-see for tourism in Mendoza whose memory is aatesorara forever. Jorge Alberto Guinazu Hotel de Mendoza

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