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That on the subject of online TV in the truest sense of the word, took the opportunity Pferdefernsehen.eu and horselect.com, to create added value horselect the search portal for their customers is moved a breed cross-Internet platform on the studs with their stallions in a representative environment can list themselves. horselect has a high range, continually rising thanks to closely interconnected advertising measures. Visitors come from all over the world and take advantage of the comfortable search functions to find every listed Stud easy. In addition to the possibility to enter pictures and texts is taken great importance to present each Stud and Stallion with a video. The Internet TV Pferdefernsehen.eu media group, which operates various platforms in addition to the specialization in marketing and PR is part of the Printis.

.Eu, which currently is launched equiflirt.fr in France under the name, other Internet platforms and a publishing company include amongst the news portal, the dating of the Exchange. Through the The studs reach cooperation of the two service providers with your video presentations and other information a high. The videos provided at horselect, which are developed in collaboration with Pferdefernsehen.eu, can be seen also on the portals Pferdefernsehen.eu and horseworld24.com. These cover opened another market where they present themselves can., studs, Ursula explains Kuhn. Studies have shown that the perception of products on the Internet by 80 per cent will increase if in addition with a film it is advertised, so Kuhn.

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