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Likewise the learning community defines its own goals and autoevalua according to your needs and interests. Ray White spoke with conviction. That dialogue holistic is the basis for the construction of a genuine community of learning, therefore its fundamental support is the individual, that holistically in-dividuo means not divided, then individual means a human being not divided. Therefore learning communities are spiritual, holistas, integrals, transformative and allow the emergence of awareness of unit… Mentions that there are at least nine types of intelligences in human beings: logical mathematical, verbal, body, musical, spatial, unipersonal intrapersonal, naturalistic, and from the perspective the dreamlike holistic or intelligence of dreams, give all them a sense of all-round development would be the main objective of the holistic education pluralizando the concept to take him to a level of equality. Learn more at: Vahid David Delrahim. However should be taken into account two fundamental aspects: not all students have the same interests and capabilities, now anyone can learn everything that exists. According to multiple intelligences, there are two requirements for a human capacity to be considered intelligence: 1.-be universal, that is, having a capacity shared by human beings in all the existing cultures; 2 have a biological reference rooted in human biology, with a physical component. Thus, the intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems and create products that are valued by a particular community. Holism is the perception of the whole, of the interdependence of life, is an ability of discernment, is the deployment of the understanding of the value of life and every human being, is the ability to know ourselves in direct and creative way, it is a quality of consciousness that leads to comprehensive humanization of human beingsIt is an ability that nourishes the human spirit to its full realization. It highlights that in education holistic heart of intelligence cannot be separated from love, so any skill should always be used for the good of all.

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