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In the second edition of the mountain bike race in the Sellagebiet manages the Italian Mirko Celestino at the 82 km distance to gold and second place leaves the young Juri Ragnoli. Selva – he was considered a favorite and has fulfilled all expectations: Mirko Celestino WINS in the South Tyrol Sellarond HERO Mtb Marathon, which was held today for the second time and has 1600 means bikers an unforgettable experience. The winner of the team visit shark bike Semperlux has exceeded the target in Selva di Val Gardena with arms raised. More medals go in the 82 km race on the HERO route on the originating from Bergamo Juri Ragnoli of the Scott team, resulting last before the superiority of Celestino and after 2 44 “follows the winner by the target. Bronze team, goes to Alexey Medvedev by the Elettroveneta Corratec which after an initial flight to a medal place fought and after 4:35 06 “the race completed and it has surpassed the South Tyrolean Johann Pallhuber. The success of Celestino, bronze winner World Championship, breaking Marathon After a single flight by Medvedev, which beabsichtigthatte to the GPM of Dantercepies win and succeeded the to the Campolongo pass to maintain a lead, as the chasers led by Celestini, caught up with him in the next downhill finally. The absence of Massimo De Bertolis was palpable; He belonged to the betting Kamp Favorites and was forced to withdraw due to a double puncture during the first downhill at Gardena pass. The race continued under Ligurian quotes by Celestino, which from then on was the rhythm and more and more of the group closed off himself until he finally pass alone beat the Duron. In the last downhill, accidentally collides the race leader with a spectator and repeated a strong contusion on his right knee in a crash: We are plunged both, as soon as the Lord told me that was all right, I’m right back up and continued,, commented Celestino at the finish, I am I really happy, to have won a race for such beautiful.

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