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The chapter an unequal world, deals with the situation of poverty in relation to consumption in the world, the areas of misery in developed countries, pandemics, or the behavior of the large pharmaceutical multinationals in countries in which a third of humanity lives on less than a dollar a day. Path of extinction will talk about global warming, the loss of millions of species and the alarms of the scientists around the world. The century of the people, is the seventh chapter which closes this series, and focuses on events in Seattle and Genoa and the Social Forum of Porto Alegre and Caracas, and raises if do other Is world possible? And as it should be. Series voices against globalization combines the shooting in different parts of the world, with the documentary archive, Chronicles of the news, or cinematographic works of directors such as Win Wenders, Avi Lewis, Pino Solanas, or Jorge Drexler, Mario Benedetti poems and the actions of the pampering of Loucas da Pedra, in Pernambuco (Brazil). Other voices in the series will be the Economist Jeremy Rifkin (USA), ecologists as the Spanish Ramon Fernandez Duran, the Rapporteur of the United Nations for hunger in the world, Jean Ziegler, the former spokesman for the Social Forum of Genoa, Vitorio Agnolletto, the Prince of Asturias Award for social sciences, Giovanni Sartori, the specialist in atmospheric chemistry, James Lovelock, or the social analyst Jose Vidal Beneyto, among others. These documentaries, one achieves more find out more about the reality of a world that has been uncontrolled, unbalanced and where injustice, manifests itself increasingly inequality, abuse of power, distortion of democracy, infringement of freedom, hunger, misery, exploitation, deterioration of the environment, ideologies that do not resolve the sad reality that we live in, due to insecurity that at any moment deteriorate completely this planet. These documentaries manifested very valid questions that require answers and that specialists in their field try to contribute their knowledge, views which assist in obtaining one answers that will allow us to glimpse what has represented the globalization.

Questions like: who governs the world? What is the real power of politicians? Do know that the turnover of a single multinational is greater than the GDP of many countries, including Austria or Denmark? What is the role of tax havens which give shelter to the money of the crime or the corruption? Why are allowed the existence of this lawless territories? What the real role of agencies such as the International Monetary Fund, the? World Bank or the World Trade Organization? What happened actually in the Argentina that its economy come down? Definitely, the voices against globalization series, with the subtitle is another world possible? It combines filming in different places of the world, with the documentary archive, with Chronicles of the news, or cinematographic works of directors such as Win Wenders, Avi Lewis, Pino Solanas, Eric Gandini, Hubert Sauper and musics of Manu Chao, Jorge Drexler, Monserrat Caballe, Jose Manuel Alfaya, Mario Benedetti poems, recitals with Daniel Viglietti, work against poverty in the world of Live 8, or mimes of Loucas da Pedra de Pernambuco (Brazil). Economist as Jeremy Rifkin (USA). Environmentalists such as Ramon Fernandez Duran (Spain); the Rapporteur of the United Nations for hunger in the world, Jean Ziegler (Switzerland), among others. A. via the Internet, (video Google.com, for example) can find and stop to see them, and especially to understand the scope, relevance of your messages that allow us to understand the sad reality of our experience in a world that increasingly more deteriorates.

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