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Basketball is definitely a sport that attracts more and more attention from people around the world. They want to practice, but before doing so, you first have to know the basic rules of the game. Basketball is played by two (2) teams of five (5) players each. The goal of each team is to introduce the ball into the opponent’s basket and prevent the opponent gets the ball or basket. BASKET: PROPIO/0PONENTE The basket a team is attacking the basket and the opponent is defending their basket. MOVEMENT OF BULLET “N The ball may be passed, thrown, rolled or patted launched in any direction within the constraints of the relevant articles of the Rules. WINNER OF A MATCH trachea team most points at the end of the playing time of the fourth period, if necessary, one or more extra periods will win the match. BASIC RULES OF BASKETBALL. 1.

The ball can be thrown in any direction with one or two hands. 2. The ball can be cast in any direction using the palm of the hand, never with the fist. 3. A player can not run taking the ball, the player must pass or shoot the basket from where the traps, unless the catch while running but it has to stop. 4. You must keep the ball in his hands, you do not ever use the arms or body to maintain it. 5.

It is prohibited to blows with his shoulder, pushing, falling or in any way affect an opponent. The first violation of this rule implies a fault, the second player sent off the field until the next basket. 6. Hitting the ball with the fist is a fault in accordance with the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 and such as that described in Article 5. 7. If a team commits three consecutive fouls (without the other team commits any) must be counted a basket for the opponents. 8. Basket is called a ball sent into the basket from the field. If the ball stays balanced on the edge of the basket and defenders move the basket, give points to the attacker. 9. When the ball goes out of the limits of the court, should be put back into play. The player in charge of making the kick has 5 seconds, if it exceeds the deadline, the ball will be for the opposing team. If both teams play with the clock, delaying the game, the referee pointed to the players lack guilty. 10. The second referee, fouls and will indicate to the referee three consecutive fouls. Shall be empowered to disqualify players under Article 5. 11. The referee is the judge of the ball, has laa responsibility to keep track of points and time. Also need to decide who owns the ball, when it comes off the field. 12. The match will be played in two parts, each separated by an interval of 5 minutes. The duration of part two quarters will be 15 minutes. 13. The team that will bring more baskets become the winner. if the game ends tied, is extended until a winner EAM. basketball is definitely a game worth learning, if you want to know more about basketball visit: Edgar Perez Lucas, an engineer by profession and research of various topics in all areas. author of the ebook that makes you all a mathematical genius: aprendermatematicas. info

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