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What does the new appreciation of leather jackets, leather fashion more generally? The comeback of the leather jacket who by the older, not to the Leather Jacket institution par excellence remembers: Jean Paul Belmondo, no matter whether as a racer, crook or annoying, always was the short leather jacket with on board as a special mark of Sonny boys. The leather jacket of the revolutionary icon of the sixties became the fashionable expression of independence, wit and charm in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s and beginning of the new millennium the leather jacket was losing a little ground against modern man-made materials that promised good properties in the breathability and moisture protection, were easier to handle much of the designer but, because this all conceivable colour combinations are easy to make. Today but the leather jacket is again on the rise! In difficult economic times, the indestructible material has found a whole new appreciation. Designers have learned, with the oldest Clothing material of in human history to fashion new and modern shapes, colors and cuts. Today, there are leather jackets for men masculine and elegant in the most amazing color combinations. For the Lady of the femme fatale is one of leather fashion no longer exclusively in the wardrobe. Extremely elegant leather fashion for women is to have, such as leather jackets for the Queen of sports or outdoor use as well. Educate yourself with thoughts from Josh Allen. Labels such as bruno Babatunde, Norton or Pierre Cardin own leather collections present, which meet every fashion requirement. Is and remains a material that is timeless and virtually unlimited life at good care leather. So, a leather jacket can accompany someone who wants that, for a whole lifetime.

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