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Hips are permanently fixed between the seats and the rollers, foot rest on the floor. Lumbar Strain muscles and relax them before the end of the set – they provide retention of the torso upright. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. Squeeze your lats and, taking his shoulder, pull the bar straight down. Elbows move strictly in parallel along the sides and sent back and sides. When the bar is on the shoulders, pause and even more tremendous strain. Gently return the bar to its original position. At the top of the steps again Pause – This will help to stretch the lats.

Proceed to the next repetition. Tips Every time she starts craving, check yourself: hands and torso should be fully extended and shoulders raised. Such a starting point provide a full range of motion and focus the pressure on the top of the broadest. ck here. The wider the grip, the more involved the upper portion of the broadest, whose development is precisely determines the width of your back. With a narrow grip load is aimed at low lat.

The optimal distance between your hands should be 50 cm wider than your shoulders. To concentrate the load on top of shirochay large, always keep your torso and pull the neck straightened straight down (not diagonally). Leaning the body back, you send the load on the rear of the delta and lower lats. Holding the breath during traction helps keep the torso straight, allows us to develop a more powerful force, and makes exercise is more secure.

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